Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Andrew lives a simple life

You know what I mean, right? Okay this is what I meant to say. Because all he ever does is eat, pee, poop and sleep. Oh, and cry... alot. (Repeat) That's something we as parents know all too well. If you're wondering, that's all he does right now and if you were to ask me how he's doing, I think he's doing good based on the above.

This picture below was taken on December 20th, 2013. Andrew was 2 weeks and 4 days old.

 photo 06eea3e3-7f29-40c4-a568-7acf9cba8780_zpsb455f995.jpg

Last week, he gained 2 ounces. He'll have another checkup on his weight tomorrow. I never thought I would ever want him to gain weight and grow... well, now I want that for him. Because he is so little, he fits in preemies clothes. I'm hoping he'll make some progress.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby Andrew is home!

Thanks so much for your prayers! Baby Andrew was able to come home this past Saturday, December 14th. He had to pass a certain test to see if he can handle the stress and he did!

So far, he has some good reports that came back from the doctor. Here are the tests reports for the following:

Heart- Normal
Liver- Normal
Thyroid- Normal
Stress Hormone- Normal
Jaundice- isn't a concern right now so will keep an eye on him

He has two follow-up on Tuesday. One with his pediatrician and the other for GI or something.

Also, a good report on his brain being fully developed but the doctor still has a little concern and wants to make sure that his pitituary gland is working properly. So they want to follow up on that check on that just to be safe.

Also,  in the FUTURE - baby Andrew needs to take MRI test.

This is by far what I know of at the moment. God is good all the time! Through good and bad times.

Andrew seems to be doing good. Although, he's a little lazy in his feeding. We have to keep waking him up. He also spits up a lot. So I do a lot of diaper changing, washing clothes and waking up every 3 hours to feed him. I still use the pump, he is still being bottled fed.

As for me, I am doing better. I have been able to walk around and do some things after having a major surgery but I am slow.  Just being careful not to carry anything heavy. I'm told nothing more than 10 pounds. That's pretty limit. Joanna and Peter are about 30 something pounds and I can't even carry them like I want, you know?  I rather heal properly so that I can do all the things I used to do.  Matt does a very good job in helping me with everything.  I'm thankful for him.

Please keep those prayers coming... I know there's power in prayers.  Thanks so much!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Missing chromosome

We visited baby Andrew today. The doctor saw us and gave us bad news. Yet again. The doctor said that they found a part of missing chromosome 18p deletion.  Having to go through this is emotionally draining for both Matt and I... not only emotionally but physically and mentally as well.  Please keep both of us in prayers. We are in need of them. Two person reminded me today that God is in control and makes no mistakes.  How true!

I feel a little bad for Matt.. I didn't think this has affected him as much as it has affected me. He told me that just because he doesn't show it doesn't mean he doesn't need me.  I know he also needs a "male" friend besides me. He has made those comments before.

Now, baby Andrew has to stay a couple of more days at the hospital to take a couple of more blood tests. Get his thyroid checked. Also, to get his heart checked again. I don't know what else but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Andrew

Today, marks a week since I gave birth to baby Andrew. He was born by c-section at 7:37pm on December 3rd, 2013 at St. David's Hospital.

Andrew's Birth stats:
Birth weight: 4 pounds, 10 ounces
Length: 17 inches long

It does my heart good when I was able to visit and hold my newborn baby.

Currently, baby Andrew is in NICU. He has been there for a few days already. We are ready to have him home. It is hard on us. They want to make sure that his liver is okay. The doctor said that his live is irritated and wanted to keep him a few more days to do more lab work. We were hoping that he'll be released today but that's a concern that just showed up. They wanted to double check to make sure it isn't serious. Also, the doctor mentioned his pituitary gland seem out of place and wants to examine that as well to see if it is causing anything such as hormone changes. Please continue to keep him in prayers.

He has been told that he had some bleeding in his brain. Then his genital were small. His hands were small. His head was small. His nose bridge was wide and said that it could like to who knows what? So baby Andrew had to have a lot of blood work drawn. He even had to get another ultrasound on his brain. He also had to go through MRI testing and has been pricked a lot to get his blood drawn for a lot of other testings. They moved him to a room alone to check and see if he had herpes. They also checked to see if he had meningitis. Oh, and to check for infection virus. We had to wash our hands for 3 minutes before we can enter the room. The soap and scrub they provided for us to wash with made our hands dry. They are strict. To begin with, his blood sugar was low and he is said to be lazy when being fed. Yes, I have a hard time breastfeeding him. I am now using a pump and bottle feeding him. It's a first to bottle feed my baby. I didn't have to do that with Joanna and Peter but with Andrew.

I am thankful that Andrew seemed to be doing better with his feeding. Although, we still have to help him get his feeding going as in waking him up for him to eat. He falls asleep when feeding. NICU is a sad place to be. I hated it. It makes me sad to see all the helpless babies that are having problems.

About my 3rd pregnancy birthing experience:

Let me started off by saying it is the scariest I have ever experienced. I don't even know if I want to go through this again. In other words, this may be my last pregnancy but then again... I really don't know. That is just how I currently feel about it. After having c-section, I used to tell myself that will be the end of it. I'm really confused. I don't know what the Lord wants for me. I would like to have another child but that's not up to me. If you are wondering...

So, I headed to the hospital at 5AM but they didn't start inducing me until 8AM. I ended up having contractions but they weren't really doing anything to cause me to have strong contractions. They kept giving increasing my pitocin drug through an iv to get things moving but I was just "hanging out" in the hospital bed with little contractions. Eventually, my doctor came in the room to check on me and see if she could break my water to speed and get those contractions moving. Before doing so, she checked my cervix to see how much I have dilated and I was like a 3cm but then she felt fingers. She then brought an ultrasound to see where the baby is positioned. Well, she found out that he turned in a breech position. Just the week before, he was facing head down already in his birthing position. He just turned. I figured great.. now I can go home and that's what I told her. So, she said okay she'll let the pitocin die off and check on me again before releasing me. So, they stop the pitocin. I stayed a couple of hours. Then the doctor came back to check on me again. This time, things took a turn unexpected. She was quiet at first and I could tell something was up and that the baby hasn't moved. Although, she didn't say that... I just knew. My contractions started getting worse as I was being weaned off the pitocin drug. My doctor told me that she would like for me to go with c-section and even begged me to go with it. I was quiet. I didn't really see the need to have c-section since I was only 3 cm dilated. She didn't leave my bed. She begged me again. I stayed quiet. I was not happy with her decisions. I was trying to think of a way to kindly tell her I just want to go home and come back. Before I made a decision, I wanted to make sure how much I was dilated first. So I asked, "How much did you say I was dilated?" She then replied, "You are 10 cm, you are dilated all the way." I said, "Are you serious?" She said, "Yes, that's why I don't want to leave the room. I'm afraid that your water could break anytime and that you'll have to be rushed into emergency." That explains my strong contractions I have having and the pressure down below as I got up to go to the restroom before she came in. She said, "Please, I have never lost a baby. If your water break there is a chance that the you could squished the cord which is what gives oxygen to the baby's brain. If he loses oxygen, he can have permanent brain damaged or even death." She then added, "You have two options, either wait until your water breaks and be rushed to ER or to go the smooth way. Either way, you'll end up with c-section. I know you don't like it but... you will be priority and the rest of the pregnant women can wait. Please... (she begged)" SIGHS. That was it. I had no choice. It was like having a life or death situation for my baby. At first, I refused to have c-section but then knowing that I was at high risk... I decided to go with it. There's just no way that I could do that to my baby. I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I hadn't made that choice. I'm thankful that God allowed her to see what needed to be done. She showed she cared. If she didn't care, she could have let me go and all. Right?

So, they took me to OR. I was already scared. Shaking the whole time. They wheeled me to a different room. I saw a lot of nurses or doctors in there. My doctor was present too. She held my hand for a little bit then the nurse took over while someone else got a needle and poked my spine (to numb my waist down). I've been shaven, how embarrassing. Then they put a cover from my below the breasts up. I couldn't see what they were doing. I was shivering. Matt came in later and held my left hand. I felt them work on me but all I can say that it was uncomfortable because I moved while they try to take the baby out. You know what I mean? After all is done, they stitched me back. I was still shaking as they were doing that. This is my first major surgery. Ever. The nurses were cleaning baby Andrew so I was able to take a small glimpse of him. Then they moved me to another room. They gave me some strong pain killers. I was helpless and pretty sore. I'm amazed at everything the nurses do. I have such respect for them. They cleaned me and changed me. That's something not many of us wants to do. I had to stay in bed. I was wondering.. how was I going to go to the restroom? They put a catheter to empty the bladder of urine. I know it is gross but... that's what they did to me. I was helpless. I stayed at the hospital for 5 days. It is a much longer stay for c-section than it is for natural birth. I understand that they want to make sure that I heal properly and that nothing leaks out from the surgery or is infected. I was released on Saturday, December 7th.

Every day since my release, Matt and I have been visiting baby Andrew at NICU. It's tiring and we're ready for him to come home. Lord's willing, hopefully soon. He has to stay a few more days for more testings. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week by Week Pregnancy photos

Here are a few pictures I am able to upload. I didn't have time to do the rest but I hope this helps you see how much I've changed week by week. Sorry for the delays. I'll try to finish the rest sometimes afterwards.

Excuse my ugly pictures.

Monday, November 25, 2013

My attorney friend, Bro. Jerald Finney

I just wanted to share with you about my attorney brother in Christ, Jerald Finney. I haven't seen him in over 9 years. I found him on Facebook when he has commented through another friend's post and got in touch with him. Funny thing, he said he doesn't remember me except for my grandparents.  It wasn't until the beginning of this month, when I walked up to him,  he'd finally remembered me!  That was the day that he and Matt decided to meet up to discuss legal stuff in how to run a church correctly.  Only in person. Heh. But hey, at least he'd remembered, right?  Anyway, I greeted him with a hug. I wish I had the time to catch up and talk with him but I couldn't stay because I had to watch my kids in the van so that he and Matt can meet. Matt doesn't know him but I've introduced them to each other via email.

It was a good hour and a half that they've talked. I was playing with the kids in the van. Actually, they were asleep for a good hour.  So for 30 minutes we just played while we wait.

I never knew that Bro. Finney wrote books. I only knew one thing about him... that he is a lawyer. It's pretty cool that the Lord allowed me to meet many people in my life and they all have different work ethics.  What I love the most is that he is a Christian.

After they were done meeting, Bro. Finney gave Matt four of his books.  You can find out more about him at his website:  click

Below: I found this picture of him on his website. I forgot to take one of myself. I have to admit, he's tall.. taller than Matt too.  So Bro. Finney, if you ever come across this post and see these pictures, let's just say...I'm promoting you!  :)
 photo 2bfd871f-3b26-423a-9efa-a11505c762a3_zpsb7b0e707.jpg

These are several of his books that he's written:
 photo c76854d1-937d-4d14-9cbb-e9cf8e6f285d_zpsee3e0f06.jpg

Sunday, November 24, 2013

One of these days, she'll get back at me for this...

He he, and this is why.  (gulps)

Joanna is no longer wearing diapers. *sad*  I can leave the room and let her call us when she's finished. Of course, Matt has to let me know when she's done.

Sometimes she takes forever to "go", so she'll ask for a book to read, games or toys to play with. What's funny is that when we all leave her alone... she'll call Peter.  Haha. So, Peter brings his toy over and keeps her company. This picture is proof.  I had to share for you to believe.  :)

 photo c62f4ec8-b519-4e42-9a63-3dd901ee6034_zps5b7b4201.jpg

Friday, November 22, 2013

December 3rd it is

Well here's an update. I will be induced on December 3rd. The baby isn't growing as it should. He is still small but only gain a few ounces. I asked how much. He was 3 pounds and 7 ounces 2 weeks ago and now he is 4 pounds and 2 ounces.  Just a little change.  The doctor showed me a chart where he should be and sure enough he was under.  My sonogram doctor and ob/gyn did talked this over about inducing me early.  So, at 2 pm, with my ob/gyn, I know I'm going to hear the same news and that's to induced me on December 3rd at 5 in the morning.

What are the possible reasons for being induced early? Again: 1) it could be of genetic problems. 2) it could be that my blood flow isn't flowing as it should

Didn't I mentioned that she said there should be a tissue in the back of the brain? Whatever she meant by that. I asked why? She doesn't really know. Could be a delay in motion or walking or it could means nothing. Some babies just have it and born just fine.

All in all, the longer I wait for the baby to come, the greater risk of still birth. That is the whole point why she recommends me to be induced early.  I didn't want to take any chances so... I'm going to listen to the doctor's advice.

Of course, I cried again. I'm emotional.  It's like... what are the options?  There isn't one for me. Either have the baby or have a stillbirth baby.

Prayers appreciated. Thanks.

Love you all.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Induce me before my due date?

I don't know what is going on but that's the phone call I got today. Matt told me the nurse said my doctor wants to induce me on December 3rd at 5 a.m., seriously?!  We don't know why or for what reasons other than to wait until Friday for her to explain to us.   It made me sad because I don't know what's going on and wondering what's wrong with the baby.  Because I cried again, Matt wants to call the doctor tomorrow just so that I won't get stressed out.  I know he's just trying to take care of me and of course he wants good reasons why the doctor wants to induce me before my due date.

 I'm thankful for his encouragements.

Matt even said that if it was an emergency then I should already be in the hospital by now but since they picked a date and time already, it just doesn't make sense. I noticed on December 3rd, I'll start my 37 weeks (considered full-term).  In other words, he's saying there is no reason for inducement unless there is some medical reason.  Just a though, I'm beginning to wonder if she has other plans because once I think of it, my due date is December 24th, which is on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve!!  Most people are traveling to and fro and off for the holidays.  Again, that's just a thought.

All in all, please continue to pray for me and baby Andrew.  Thank so much!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update on baby Andrew

Last Thursday, I finally had another sonogram check-up on the baby. On October 1st, I saw the doctor for my glucose test. So that was the last time I've seen the doctor. Before the glucose test, the news I had of the ultrasound (in Georgia) was that my baby had fluid in his brain and that his heart has calcium. The doctor wrote down on my records that I was carrying high risks. They suggested that I do a following check up.

Doing this follow-up, I was somewhat at peace knowing that whatever the outcomes was, it is out of my control. I was trusting in Him.

Picture below: You'll see baby Andrew covering up his face, only see his left side and ear.
 photo ee4497e4-1b96-4bfa-b11a-6e3ba115b374_zpsfc64dbf4.jpg
Picture below: you can see part of baby Andrew's face.
 photo 269e7a50-dc2a-4d33-915f-56164de85195_zpsf3a231cb.jpg

Here's an update on baby Andrew:
Here in Texas, I just went in for a recent follow-up on the baby. The sonogram doctor said that the baby's heart and brain is fine. PRAISE THE LORD!

However, she wants to see me every week from now on because I'm carrying small at 33 weeks (now I'm 34 weeks).  I'd asked her why was I carrying small?  I can't remember word for word but she said something like this:

1) It could be because you are small.
2) Genetic problems
3) Something about my blood isn't flowing as it should.

She did asked how much both of my previous children weight at birth. I said 7 pounds.  The baby was 3 pounds something. I didn't understand what she meant so I went home and I looked up on the book and it said that at 33 weeks I should be 4 pounds.

Please continue to pray for the both of us. I greatly appreciate it.  

Besides that, I'm thankful that I took care of some priorities. That's why I haven't been able to update lately.  If you haven't known, I didn't have any insurance all throughout my pregnancy and paid out of pocket.  It was very expensive but God took care of it financially.  I don't know how but He did!  While in Georgia, I was recommended to apply for Medicaid for Pregnant Women as I told them I was going to have the baby in Texas.  I took care of that as soon as I got here. I wasn't sure if they'll accept or not because of all that's going on with Obamacare and all, you know? But... Praise the Lord! I've been approved.

Anyway, it's been crazy busy with us setting up the church every Sundays, potty training Joanna, visiting the doctors, Matt building an office at his parents' garage... on and on.  So please, be patience with me. You'll eventually hear from me and like always I'll keep you updated.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Friendship Baptist voted...

YES!  Wow, who would have thought?!

Matt is now Friendship Baptist Church's Interim Pastor.

We are both excited to be able to help this small church until they find a pastor.   Yesterday, they were a total of 25 people during the morning service including my family.  A few weren't there that morning.  Remember, I mentioned that two churches drop our support? Well, unbelievable...God gave it back through Friendship Baptist Church!  What's crazy is that... it's double from the two churches we've lost!   I'll never understand why we've lost our two supporting churches but I do know one thing... God is faithful!  To make things a bit clear, Friendship Baptist gives love offerings to their guest speaker every time someone comes to preach.

We are now going to be busy busy busy.

I apologize for this short post. Last Monday, I just started learning to make jewelry at Hobby Lobby.  I want to be able to make my own. It cost a lot for the ones I like, you know?  Anyway, I go every Monday nights from 6-8pm.  I could never have done this without a babysitter.  The cool thing is the class only costed me $25.00 and the rest of the time I just show up every Mondays until December. Of course, bring my own materials. The day I started I've been finding materials at 50% off! Affordable. I give thanks!    

Bear with me, as I am still in progress potty training Joanna. She's been having a lot of accidents and not saying anything to us. Still working on that. Patience. Patience.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friendship Baptist Church voting tomorrow

We'll find out tomorrow if Friendship Baptist Church wants Matt to be their Interim Pastor. I really don't know what they'll decide on. Tomorrow we'll find out... in the meantime, Matt and I decided that we are still going to have the baby here in Austin no matter the outcome.  After the baby is born, if all fails, we'll seek a church in need elsewhere.

This week, I started potty training Joanna. It's no easy task. The first two days were not successful. However, the third day, she has informed us that she needed to go to the restroom but she didn't make it in time then again a few hours later she made it.  The next few days, it's been so-so. I have to be patience and be reminded that's she is just learning.  Overnight, she wears pull-ups and there were no accidents the last two days. One day, she told grandma, "we gotta run." Grandma was puzzled. Then Joanna said, "we gotta run to the potty." Off grandma went to help her. Pretty neat that she's letting us know other times she forgets.  Patience. I know. All in all, I expected the accidents to happen and yet I am proud of her. 

I was supposed upload my baby shower pictures but I lost track of time and got busy.  I went through some of Joanna's and Peter's baby clothes and got rid of a few that I no longer needed but kept most of them for the baby.

Also last night, I was cleaning out my laptop to make rooms for a video program. I also replaced my battery now I don't have to charge it every 30 minutes or less. It was that bad.  Anyway, I need to get back at it posting pictures. I don't want to say when because I kept saying the same hopefully I can take care of that soon. 

I've been pretty spoiled lately. Why? Because I was able to go shopping on my own without my children and used Peter's and Joanna's baby gift cards that I have saved since their baby showers. Yep, that's right.  That's how long it's been!  (Not to mention that the gift cards given to us for baby Andrew, thanks so much to FH@MV!) I'm very grateful. It's been a blessing to be able to buy them something. I got some sippy cups, LeapFrog Reader to help them learn to read and write, shoes, clothes, and ABC blocks to help Peter learn his alphabets. It's amazing how Peter just started to repeat words and letters after I showed him using those blocks. I'll have to videotaped it so you can see for yourself. 

You know? It's really nice to have a break every once in a while. I'm thankful for grandparents. I've missed being able to go out and shop alone. I enjoyed myself.  I'm guessing grandma and grandpa are also enjoying their quality time with their grand babies.  I'm just grabbing and taking advantage of this opportunity before it all changed.  You know?

Pray for us as we just found out another church dropped our support. So far, two churches.  It is discouraging but I know that God is in control. Matt was down too when he found out because he doesn't know the reason why, there were no reason other than it's because we've changed ministry. Just so you know, Matt is never worried about money. Strange thing is, I am. I shouldn't and I know that. Do I ever get discouraged? Sure. Who doesn't?  I'll just keep trusting my Lord.  

You'll be hearing from me again soon. I'll be posting about tomorrow's vote. I'll tell you this. I don't know what they'll decide on. It could be they'll want us or they don't. I might get discouraged again but then again I might not. I've been through the valley before and if I have to go through that again, then so be it.  God knows.

Well, I have to get going now. I am going to make some short bread again for tomorrow. Matt and I will rise and shine early to set up the table and all before church members show. Then I'll head back home and get ready then back to church.

Anyway...if you ever think of us, please keep us in prayers.  God is able, He is faithful!  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Made it safely

I know I know... but here I am! Hooray for internet access! I'm back to blogging, checking emails and all. Whoo hoo!

Long story short. We left Snellville, GA on October 7th. We took a three day road trip back to Texas. Stopped in Mississippi and Louisiana for the night at an RV park. Noticed with two small children it is hard for us to drive over 6 hours. We've drove 14 hours before and the kids were just... MISERABLE. I don't blame them at all. So, hence the 3 days trip.

Funny, as we've crossed the Texas border, Matt felt like we're almost home. I don't know why but my mind at the time must have been programmed differently. I didn't even felt like we left Georgia. I guess living in Georgia for a year does that to me. Yesterday, was different because I didn't see everyone that I am used to seeing. It finally dawned on me that I am no longer there. I sure do my my sweet Georgian friends at Forrest Hills! I am at the start of readjusting...

I haven't been able to settled in completely yet but I'm getting there. This past Saturday, I was busy baking and cooking for Friendship Baptist Sunday's Potluck. I've baked carrot cake, pecan pies, shortbreads, then I put together two different crock pot meals. Three are recipes that came from friends at Forrest Hills. Thanks! Did I not tell you... I got heartburns from my own cooking! I haven't had any throughout this pregnancy until yesterday! Ugh. Matt told me to drink some milk. I don't know if it helped or not. Maybe for a few minutes then it came back. Off and on.

Anyway, Matt preached. Next, we had Potluck then a short afternoon service afterwards. Again, it was different for me because I wasn't at Forrest Hills but I sure did had a good fellowship with Friendship Baptist. Just to give you insight, we meet at a clubhouse because they don't have a church building of their own yet. You can look at a picture of the building we are meeting through their website (still in progress). It is

Hopefully, I'll remember to take pictures to share with you to give you a better view. Well, I better get some of my other pictures uploaded on here. One of them is from my baby shower at Forrest Hills. I'm hoping to upload them today.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Family Cookout

Enjoyed great food and fellowship with my Forrest Hills @ Mountain View Baptist Church friends!  I love them!

 It was hard for me to social with anyone for a few minutes because my kids needed my attention. I just can't let them wander off, you know? Matt ended up helping Tim fried some onions, pickles, and jalapenos.  I thought he was going to help move a chair or something and then come back and help me watch the kids... nope.  Thankfully, a few people helped every now and then. By the time everyone was done eating, Matt was able to watch the kids so that I can finish up my meal and social a little bit before heading home. I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

I wanted to take some pictures of the Fall Family Cookout.... just because.

cornerstoneguerra's Fall Family Cookout album on Photobucket

Monday, August 26, 2013

Taken after morning service...

... my babies have grown! I have posted this on Facebook and a brother in Christ told me to enjoy them because time flies. Trust me, I know! I blinked and POOF! I think I understand by fast forwarding what others have to say about their children. To me, I don't have to wait until they are teenagers and adults to understand. I simply go by.. well, they are no longer newborn babies, you know what I mean? I used to held them when they were helpless. Now they are both sort of independent by walking and talking. You get it, don't you?

I have a couple of more pictures to post. Be on the lookout. Just a reminder, if I take a while to post on here, I've been busy.

Here's a few news... we are no longer a part of Cornerstone Baptist Builders. We have changed ministries. We are excited to see what God has in store for us. Next month will mark a whole year that we've been on this building project at Forrest Hills at Mountain View Baptist Church. Craziness, right? We grew to love the people here. The church is going to have a baby shower for me on September 29th. They even announced to give only gift cards, not gifts. I think it's because they are afraid nothing will fit in our small 5th wheel home and that gift cards will give me the options to pick what the baby needs. Not a bad idea. What do you think? Oh and guess what else is happening on that same day? Yep, Joanna's birthday! They'll even celebrate her birthday, that's what I am told. So, we'll see! One of the ladies offered to make Joanna's cake. She did my birthday cake and I loved it! I don't know if Joanna's cake will actually be a cake or something different like... cupcakes with dolls? Not sure but who cares?! She'll get a cake and a Cinderella barbie! I think I heard her say that. Pardon me if I heard wrong. Well, it is 1 in the morning and I need to get some beauty sleep. BUT I'll try and finish up my other pictures and post it. I haven't been doing too good with my pregnancy photos either. I did take some so I'll share those too. If you look at me from the front, it is hard to see my baby bump. From the back, you'll never know I'm pregnant. It's only when I turn sideways that you'll actually see how GIGANTIC I am! haha

Okay enough for now... toodles!

cornerstoneguerra's August 25 2013 album on Photobucket

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I'm very disappointed in myself lately. I've failed my children. Well, I say that now because I saw what looks like a cavity in one of Joanna's teeth (bottom back right tooth). I thought maybe it was from the Tootsie Roll lollipop that I gave her. Nope, because I have been brushing it hard for 2 weeks and the color brown is still there. I'm so mad at myself. I don't give her a lollipop anymore. Instead I give her candies that are soft and chewy. Even though she always asked for a lollipop, I've ignored her and give her something else instead. She isn't even 3 years old yet! You see why I am mad at myself?? Anyway, we have already set an appointment this month to get her tooth taken care of.

And today, Peter had his 18 month check-up and vaccination shots. (although he is now 19 months.) Everything is good except his private part. The thing that bothers me is that he might have to get circumcise again. The doctor said his foreskin is starting to close. Sighs. She did prescribed us with a cream and suggest we try that first. If not then schedule him to get re-circumcise.

I felt like I didn't do much to prevent either one of those things. If only I brushed her teeth very well and if only I'd cleaned him and pulled his skin back correctly... if only, if only... Please, pray for me. I don't feel like I did such a good job and I blamed no one but myself. I admit going through this helps me to take better care of my babies and that's what I want to do. I will try to do my very best. I just love them too much.

Not only that, it doesn't help when they mentioned about my third baby still having a little extra fluid in the brain. I know that God is in control and that He will take care of my precious little one inside of me.

I could use a lot of prayers right now. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 2013 Photo Album

I'm always a bit late but here are a few pictures I haven't shared.  I already shared the diaper box picture but then you'll see that Joanna and Peter are laying down next to eat other watching a movie.  The rest is when we were invited to a friend's cookout here in Georgia. They had the teens come over too after they just got back from Teen Conference in Tennessee.

cornerstoneguerra's July 2013 album on Photobucket

Philip, James, Andrew...

... those were the first three names I had down on a piece of paper out of the 12. Matt liked the first three names and thankfully we both ended up picking a name!

 His name will be...


I had 17 middle names to choose from. When I showed it to Matt, it didn't take him long to pick one that he likes. I was quite surprise. I thought I had to do more searching. 

Although I like the names: Philip and James, I didn't want to have another "J" and "P",  you know what I mean? We already named our daughter, Joanna, which her name starts with a letter J. And our son, Peter, which his name starts with a letter P.  I wanted to avoid that. I know that will not always work but it did this time. Yay!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some mornings...

Who knows what some mornings are like around The Guerra's. I was about to throw away these boxes. But my children ended up playing with them. So I let them. I think Joanna pushed her box close to Peter's and ended up playing side by side.

As soon as they got bored, I broke down the boxes and threw them away. It takes up too much space around here but I sure didn't mind them playing with them all morning.

Monday, July 22, 2013

FH@MV's Annual Music Recital

Matt hasn't played the trumpet in years but he has decided to participate in Forrest Hills at Mountain View Baptist Church's Annual Music Recital anyway.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's a BOY!

cornerstoneguerra's July 17 2013 album on Photobucket

The Lord has blessed us with another boy.

If you were to ask me, I would say I would like to have another girl but I told myself it isn't want I want... it is whatever God wants. The Lord saw fit to give us another boy. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to have another boy. The reason I wanted another girl is because I grew up without any sisters, you know? I wanted to do a lot of girly things. I am very thankful the Lord gave me Joanna! Just so you know, I've learned that it is not always what I want or hoped for... it's whatever He sees fit for my family. The fun side of having boys, I like to think of them as being my body guards when they get older. Something like that, crazy I know. I know they'll be daddy's helper in many areas: mowing, driving, all that manly things us women don't do. Heh. See? It's fun to think that way! You know, Peter is already active... I can only imagine when he and his little brother get older. I just might stay fit for life having active boys! ;)

Please pray for me and the baby.

As I went in for my 17 week ultrasound today, the doctor said my baby boy's heart had a calcium spot and showed a slightly larger than normal ventricle or ventricles in the baby's brain. To know 100% for sure if there's something wrong or not, I am recommended to see a specialist. I am really scared. The doctor also said it may resolve on its own and that it is probably nothing, or it could be a symptom of a chromosomal defect. I know I will love him no matter but I'm still scared and full of emotions. I just want my baby to be healthy.

Experiences, stories and definitely prayers appreciated.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Finally, set up an appointment...

...for my prenatal care. First off, Praise the Lord! It is usually hard to set up an appointment to see the doctor as a new patient. I have experienced this when I was looking for a Pediatrician for both my kids. They wouldn't accept new patient or out of state patient for whatever reasons. My first call, I was a bit nervous. I did pray a short prayer and did my devotion before calling. I was happy to know that they'll be able to see me next week, Wednesday, July 17th at 9:30am. The only problem I have now is to find someone to watch my kids. I just texted the Pastor's wife to ask... but we'll see. Even if she can't, I'll just take my kids with me. I'll buy some Tootsie pops or Tootsie rolls just to keep them calm and occupy eating candies. Not a good choice but hey it will work. I just know!

July 12, 2013

It is Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day! Because Matt didn't want to go to Chick-fil-A for a FREE entree just for wearing the hat, or even a FREE combo for dressing like a cow... we just took pictures at home. What a total waste! We could have gotten FREE food!!

Grandma, next time... we'll go with you because I know you'll take us! We'll have some fun, what do you say?

cornerstoneguerra's July 12 2013 album on Photobucket

Photo Album from May 6 thru July 8, 2013

You'll first see a picture of the kids drinking hot milk in the wee hours of the morning. Then, there's a few pictures with daddy, the kids enjoyed the letter magnets stuck to daddy's eye sockets. He seemed to be enjoying the fun. Of course, I had to take a picture of Peter eating spagetthi, he was a total mess! Joanna did good though, not as bad as Peter's. Joanna found a good use of our laundry basket. She likes to sort of hide herself in there, you know? I gave Joanna her candy necklace and she loved it. I had to teach her how to eat it, she's a quick learner... Peter then wanted some. Next time, buddy... you'll have your own boyish necklace. A good thing, Joanna shared her candy. The last few photos were taken at a friend's house. We had dinner and then fellowship. The guys had the most fun, playing pool. We joined them a few minutes before heading home.

cornerstoneguerra's May 6 thru July 8 2013 album on Photobucket

Monday, July 8, 2013

My pregnancy: Week 15

I know you've been itching to know what I look like by now, right? RIGHT. Haha! Well, here I am at 15 weeks pregnant. I am feeling the same as I did when I was pregnant with both of my babies. No morning sickness. However, about a couple of weeks ago, I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. My energy is back though. I haven't felt the baby move yet but it won't be long! Also, I plan on finding out the gender of my baby hopefully the end of this month or early next month. We'll see! I'll be sure to keep you posted, as always.

 photo cf5b3a9f-4ca1-4e96-b9a8-b1144461a0b4_zps6736f882.jpg

Independence Day Retreat at the Bill Rice Ranch: July 4th, 2013

My family had the opportunity to attend the Independence Day Retreat at the Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee. Even though our truck has its problem, we took our chances. Just after Matt told Pastor Ray Warren about our whereabouts, he offered us to take his car. Yep, just like that and we didn’t even ask. What a blessing! To me, when I think of it, that’s pretty impressive because I don’t know of many people who would loaned their car (besides family) to take a day trip… especially to another state.

cornerstoneguerra's Bill Rice Ranch album on Photobucket

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mommy, my butt hurts

Well after we got back home from Abi's birthday party. The kids took a nap. Later, they woke up and I fed them. They both were playing and right before I decided to give them a bath. Joanna started saying her butt hurts. She told her daddy first. Which I didn't know until later. Then when it was time for me to give her a bath, she told me "My butt hurts." As I was getting ready to take off her clothes and diaper, she'd suddenly bent down in a squat like positioned. (I knew she was hurting but didn't know what was causing it.) I just found it odd that she didn't get too excited like she always does when I take off her clothes so she can run to take a bath.

Finally, I proceed to take off her clothes and diaper. I told her to lay down so I can take a look. Then, she screamed, "My butt hurts! I need some medicine!" Matt came in to tell me what she said. I told him I know and then took a look and her butt. Well... guess what I saw? A half pointed grass!! My goodness!!  The pointed part of the grass was... yes, in her vagina.  It was poking her and hurting her. I hurried to get my tweezers opened her and work my way to get that grass out.  She has tighten up her legs, I had to tell her to not move and gently took out the grass! Praise the Lord!  I got it out!  Goodness!

Matt and I was so proud of her for letting us know that she was hurting down there. I'm glad I took a deeper look and found the problem.  Earlier, I remember wiping her and I saw that grass but I thought I cleaned it and it came off. Apparently, I missed it.  Point is, I'm thankful it didn't go all the way in where we couldn't get it out, you know?

Next time, I'll be sure to rinse my kids off completely with the water hose making sure all that grass is off them. As crazy as it sounds, it can do some harm... just like it did to Joanna.  Who would have thought?!

Joanna has random thoughts after napping

Random thoughts after napping
It's really fun to hear what Joanna has to say after her nap. I think she was dreaming or something because there are two different sayings that she has mentioned right after waking up, they are:

"Daddy, where is my Nemo?"
"I love Abi's birthday party!"

I mean, come on... she has to be thinking about Nemo and Abi's birthday party. Don't you think?  I am curious what she has to say after her next nap.

Bow down like the girls in Cinderella 
Every time I changed Joanna in her dress, she puts her hands on her thighs and pull her dress out then take a bow!  She has learned this from watching the movie, Cinderella

Sing, sweet, nightingale
There's this song that plays in the movie, Cinderella.  Again, I know... anyway, we find her singing one of the many songs... well, she didn't quite catch the words correctly.  It's too cute not to share.

See below:
Cinderella's song:   "Sing, sweet, nightingale... oh, sing, sweet, nightingale... High... above me"
Joanna's version:    "Sing, sweet, nightingale... oh, sing, sweet, nightingale... High... a puppy"

Bath, Bubble, Bye
Those are the words I am hearing from Peter lately.  When he wants to take a bath, he'll get excited and says "Bath. Bath. Bath" over and over.  When I blow bubbles, he'll say "Bubble", smiles and pop 'em.  When he sees daddy leave for work, most of the time he'll always wave and says, "Bye, Bye, Byeeee!"

My finger is broken
"My finger is broken." Joanna always say that when her fingerNAIL is broken. Then she'll say, "I need nail clipper." So, I went ahead and got her nail clippers and clip off her broken nails. I do that everytime she shows me her broken nails, but when I forget... she'll remind me.  "Nail clipper. I need nail clipper. Mommy, nail clipper."

ILY sign
Lately, Joanna has been signing the "I Love You" signs. It is so precious!! I will have to take pictures of her doing that. She's always brighten up my day when she does that.  It's nice for a change to know that I am loved by my own daughter. My baby girl.

I'm ready to go
Just because I get ready, doesn't mean I am going anywhere. Sometimes I put my shoes on just to go throw out the trash. There are times when Joanna thinks she's going out too... so she goes and find her shoes, puts them on (yes, she can put her shoes on by herself now... velcro kinds only) and says, "Mommy, I'm ready to go."  Yes, that girl loves to be outside!  Just like her daddy.

What's that?  What's that?  What's that?
Over and over she'll ask me, "Mommy, what's that?" To just about anything that she wants to know about.  If she doesn't know what it is... that's all I am getting from her, "What's that?"  I know, I know. It's all about her learning the names of things and all.   But hey, it's better than constantly hearing the word "Why?" Although, that may come later... right?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Video of the kids at Abi's birthday party

Sorry for the video quality. I will have to try uploading it again... later. Not right now because it takes forever to upload! Try to click on a symbol that looks like a star or wheel next to the letter CC on the video (just scroll over and it and you'll see that it'll say CHANGE QUALITY), then change it to 480p to view the video quality a little better. You will have to PLAY the video first to view the symbol to click on.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Attended Abi's birthday party

Well this is kind of like our first children's outing, attending Abi's birthday party! She's a little 3 year old who attends church with Joanna and Peter.

I told Matt that we need to attend birthday parties if we're ever invited. This is our second time being invited by a different person. We couldn't make it to the first one. Just so you know, I thoroughly enjoyed watching my babies have fun! Even though it wasn't too much fun for us adults, I admit the smiles and laughters of my babies just made it that much enjoyable. I took pictures and videos. I'll post the video tomorrow. It's pretty fun to watch!

cornerstoneguerra's June 15 2013 album on Photobucket

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pictures with my two children

As Matt was outside talking to someone from church. I decided to take pictures with my babies. Thankfully, I figured out how to use my camera's self-timer. Joanna and I was actually saying, "cheese". You can tell that Peter got distracted with our voices. It's hard to get him to face the camera. At least, I have one picture of him looking directly at the camera. Hooray!

Besides that, we made it back to Georgia safe and sound. Praise the Lord! Thanks for all who prayed for us. It was a short trip but hey it won't be long until it's time for us to head back to Texas. Yee-haw! I can't believe we're actually planning on staying in Austin for awhile!! Yay!! It's a blessing to be close to all our families, both mine and Matt's! For sure, I'm going to have to cherish this opportunity as much as I can because we'll never know where God wants us next, you know? I thank the Lord for allowing us to be home with our loved ones until He calls us elsewhere.

Well.. I better get some rest. It's crazy that I stayed up until 2 a.m. I'm going to post some of my cousin's wedding pictures later.

cornerstoneguerra's self-timer photos album on Photobucket

Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Album: April 25 - May 18, 2013

cornerstoneguerra's  album on Photobucket

Road trip this coming Friday!

We are on taking a road trip to Texas this Friday! Yay! I. CAN'T. WAIT.  I'm about ready to head back HOME just about... NOW.  We wouldn't even consider taking a road trip that far unless it is important or necessary.  Because my cousin Khai is getting married, it is a once in a lifetime thing.  It's all good because we always like to see all of our families! And friends, too!  The wedding is on Monday, so we'll leave Tuesday back to Georgia.


Peter lost his diaper
So, I was picking up all of the diapers that were on the floor. Peter decided to open the closet, and within reach found diapers then threw them on the floor. Just like that.  As I was picking and putting them away, I came across one diaper with loose handle (latch). I didn't think much about it and just thought that was odd. I've encountered a loose latch before. Anyway, I look over at Peter and saw that he was naked from the bottom down!  That explains the loose handle on that one diaper!  I don't know how but he has managed to take off his diaper!  What's worse?  He peed!!!  SIGHS.  I'm just glad he peed on the chair and not the carpet, otherwise, Sandy (dog) will start sniffing and "marking" her spot, too. Let me just say... boys are nasty!!!

Joanna lick chapped stick
Sometimes I put chapped stick on Joanna's lips. She likes it. Usually, it's the regular ones not flavored. Well, one day she found the flavored one and asked me to put it on her lips. I did, and she noticed the flavor, licked her lips... she wanted more.  I put it away, she found it... opened it and started licking off that flavored chapped stick. Of course, I told her it wasn't candy.

Peter climb a toy handle
We have a "car" toy that the kids can sit down and ride. I catch Peter's feet on the tip of that handle hanging on to the table waiting to be rescued. He was able to climb but not get down. That poor boy was scared that he screamed.

Peter is stubborn
He just is!!  For example, I'll tell him to turn off the water, he kept turning it on. I'll tell him to don't drop his cup (spoon, fork) on the floor, he does it anyway.  Really??

Peter is weaned off and sleeps in crib
It's been almost a month since I've weaned Peter off! Praise the Lord! Now he drinks his milk in a sippy cup. It was really hard to break off with this boy but it was time. He's the longest I've ever breastfed! I only breastfed Joanna up until she was 9 months, with Peter it was 15 months! Let me just say, it was an unpleasant feeling for this mommy. My breasts hurt so bad for almost two weeks!  I'm thankfully that's over with... for now.  Until baby number 3 comes, then it starts all over.  Whoopeedeedoo!

I am so thankful that Peter is finally sleeping through the nights. The past couple of weeks has been hard but now it's quiet. Yay! At first, of course...he'll cry and cry, he didn't know how to fall asleep on his own. I even caught him standing up sleeping (holding on the crib).  It bothered me that I picked him up, rocked him and lay him down on the floor. I learned not to do that again. Good thing, he'd figured out to lay down on his own.  What about Joanna? Well, now that she's sleeping on the floor. We'll eventually find her on our bed. She'll wake up around 2 in the morning and is up sleeping with us... again.  This morning, she did it again at 5 a.m.  Sighs.

Design, Design, Design
I've been doing some graphic design work for the church. Helping with the Deaf Ministry's certification, and now trying to design a cover for Pastor Warren's E-book. I have been keeping busy with my babies and designing. I like doing this to be a blessing to the church and ministry.

Joanna what do you want to eat?
This is a conversation I was having with her for... BREAKFAST, not lunch or dinner.
Me: Joanna what do you want to eat?
Joanna: Um... (puts fingers under chin and taps it while thinking)  PIZZA!  I want to eat some pizza, mommy.
Me: (thinking fast since we're out of pizza) We don't have anymore pizza, baby, we ate it all. It's all gone. Do you want some Nutella? (sometimes I give her toast and spread Nutella which has a chocolately taste that she likes)
Joanna: (paused thought about it then said) Okay.

Whew! I was relieved because I didn't want to have to deal with a fussy toddler. She knows what she wants.

I sat Peter down in his highchair and always start the same prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the food we are about to eat. Bless it to our body. In Jesus name we pray... Amen!"

I guess Peter got used to the same routine over and over. So when I saw him down, he puts both hands together and before I even said a prayer, he said, "Amen!"  That's just precious!

Mommy, I want to take a bath.
Every now and then, I'll hear Joanna say, "Mommy, I want to take a bath." She just loves to play in the water.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joanna escaped her crib

This is the second night it happened. Matt and I couldn't believe it! We both thought one of us let her out and about. NOPE. The reason? She was quiet and we never heard a bang or fall, you know? Anyway, we were sleeping! Then about midnight, Joanna opened our door and came up to our bed room... smiling! Yep, she was beaming like she did something great on her own. Well, she did! She was happy to be free and up on our bed.

So today, I had to capture her actions on video. I decided to put her back in her crib and let her play. After jumping and playing in her crib... you've guessed it, she climbed out of it! Escaped. Geez!!

Now, we are letting her sleep on the floor but we need to buy a mattress for her...soon. Well, it is Peter's turn to sleep in the crib anyways. In fact, he did last night. It was hard because Peter cried all night. But heeey, it sure felt good to have our bed back! He takes up most of the space. No kidding either!

Please, excuse Peter crying in the background. He just woke up from his nap, fussy.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

VIDEO- April 10th, 2013

We are parked right outside an open space where I let the kids out to play. It has a little mount and goes to the street but I'm always watching them. You'll get an idea watching this video.

VIDEO- April 8, 2013

On this day, I was cleaning and then I turned around and saw Joanna taking out all of her clothes, opening one bottom drawers. She piled all the clothes on top on the couch. Peter wasn't interested, he walked away to look outside.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another December baby...

So, I've miscalculated my due date. How is that so?  Well, I was too quick to post my announcement. As soon as I found out I was expecting, I quickly emailed, texted and called my families first then posted on Facebook and my blog. Yes, I did it that fast!  I didn't even budge to double check the correct due date before posting.  I assumed it was January.  But after a lady from church here in Georgia said I should be due in December.  I went home and re-calculate my due date.  Sure enough, it says my due date is December 24th, 2013!  Nooooo!  Not a Christmas baby!!  Okay, granted... the calculation is merely only a guess.  Remember, both of my children were about 2 weeks early. So, maybe we are looking around December 10th??  We'll see!!

I know I've caught some people off guard with my 3rd pregnancy.  But Matt and I have already been planning. Of course, we don't go out of our way telling people this. That's too much information to share, you know what I mean? But heeeey, I do tell my personal stories here! And that's basically to keep you up-to-date!  How's that?  :)

How many children do you want?  That is a question several people asked me. I'll always tell them about 4 - 6 children.  I never told my mom this but I like that my mom said I should have about 6 children!  Crazy, right?!  I agree with her though. I think it's actually a good number. It doesn't mean anything though. I'll take it (birth) one baby at a time. I don't even know if that makes any sense!

What are you hoping for: a girl or a boy?  Well, first of all... Praise the Lord for allowing me to already have one of each!  I wanted to have another girl but then after having Peter, I didn't care. Having boys are just as fun as having girls!  They're very different.

My dad thinks I'm going to have a boy. Even a deaf lady from church feels that I'll have another boy! Really?!?!?  Haha, I mean... okay even if I did, that's fine with me! Peter's clothes will fit him perfectly since Peter was born in December.  Yep, then I'll have two December babies. I might as well celebrate their birthdays together... eventually.  Poor babies!  If it's a girl, then daddy will be in trouble.  I even think his hair will turn gray quicker!

Someone said "Let's pray that you have twins!" Um, NO... thanks!  Then I'm done!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We're expecting baby #3!

Thank you, Lord!

I got too excited that didn't get to add "Thank you, Lord!" on my Facebook page. But here, I am determined not to forget.  First, I give thanks to my Heavenly Father!  He has answered my prayers!
To make a very long story short, I have been trying for another baby for a couple of month. Discouraged and all, nothing came back positive until this morning!  THANK YOU, LORD!

I know that it was all in His timing.  I just need to keep trusting in Him for all things.

We are very excited that we're going to be a family of five!  January is the magical month, when the baby is due.  But who knows, right?  Both of my babies were born 2 weeks early. Sooo... we'll see!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Video: Matt sings "My Tribute"

Last night, Matt sang a special (My Tribute) for Sunday Evening service. A church member always video their song specials. I was able to copy and paste the video of Matt singing on here... so that you can enjoy it, too!

I told Matt that I've posted this video on my Facebook wall (and on here) so that everyone can watch and hear him sing. Of course, he didn't like that. Knowingly that he doesn't like the attention. Yep, he's that humble! But heeeeey! There were people that enjoyed hearing him sing and complimented him.

Like always, Matt gives God all the glory!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Video - March 29, 2013

Everytime I give Joanna something to eat, Peter wants to join in her menu of the day.

Peter is always climbing up the chair, just to taste her food. Imagine all those times I have to get him away from her. This particular day, I decided to let him climb up and bug her. I also wanted to see what Joanna would do.

Surprisingly, she has decided to feed him, to share. It was sweet to watch! Just so you know, this is not an everyday occurrence because there are times when Joanna won't share and she'll even brush Peter away. "No, Peter, No!" (she'll even smack his hand) So, the best thing for me to do is to move the chair away, that way he doesn't climb and annoys her. Heh.

Video- March 10, 2013

Some days, we'll find ourselves in the nursery waiting for the workers to show up. In the meantime, the kids always play with toys while we sit. Although at times, we'll even join in their fun.

Video- February 28, 2013

Wow, this never gets old... playing in the food pantry! Who needs toys, right?!

It looks like Joanna and Peter were having fun... well, sort of!

Video- March 2, 2013

Some mornings, I'll find my children having fun in the most simplest ways-- spinning in circles!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I've got another climber!

Aaahhhh!!  Peter is climbing everywhere now.  I can't even leave another room for long because I am afraid that he'll fall off the chair or whatever it is he's climbing on. *sighs* It is that time where I have to go to him and put him down. Sometimes, he'll squeal in fear when he can't come down.  After doing that same climb, it becomes funny to me but not him!  Hope to captured him in action.

Yay! It's about time Peter is saying a different word and that's "nana" for banana.  Peter saw a banana I was giving Joanna and said, "nana!" while pointing.  Too cute!  Of course, he wanted one, too.

Don't touch it, mommy.
Joanna had a blister on the left side of her mouth between her lips. After eating, I'll clean her mouth and once I've touched her blister, it hurts. Poor baby girl. She'll tell me, "Don't touch it mommy. Be very careful."

Undress = runaway child
I'm not kidding. There's something about undressing my kids and they'll think it's a game or something and decided to runaway?  Really?!  The frustrating part is when I'm trying to get them ready for church and all of a sudden they'll be running away from me once I get their pajamas off. They like to feel their torso/tummy.  Vrroooom and off they go!  Can you imagine how often I have to chase them. Especially, Peter.  Goodness.

Who needs toys when we have a food pantry?
You know, it's the simply things that kids love to play with and those are pots, pans, and foods in the pantry!  It never gets old.  They love to go there and take everything within reach out. I don't mind opening the pantry for them to play but that's once in a while. It helps me get my cooking done.  Which is really nice, such a great distraction instead of having them constantly tap me.   But then of course, I have to clean up after them. That's more than okay with me!

Two different shoes
Joanna gave me two different shoes of the same foot and says, "Mommy, put my shoes on, so we can go." She was ready to go outside just because!

Stroking Peter's hair
There are times when Peter cries, Joanna will stroke his hair just to soothe him.  Precious.

Rinse toothbrush with drinking water
As I was brushing my teeth. Joanna decided to join me. She got the stepping stool pulled it to the restroom sink, stepped up on the stool while I was fixing her toothbrush. Then, I gave her toothbrush for her to brush,  she brushed as I was rinsing my mouth. As soon as I dried my mouth, she was quick to dump her own toothbrush in my drinking water. Then she went on brushing her teeth as if that is the way for her to rinse. (imagine, it was a repeated cycle-- brush then dunk.

Changing pad
Most of the time, I'll get ready to change the kids' diapers. As soon as I lay down the changing pad on the floor, Peter recognized it, comes to it and sits on it.  Like he's ready to be changed.

"You ate it all, good girl!"
That is what Joanna tells her daddy after he finished up his dinner.  Too funny!  Joanna hasn't learned the differences in labeling "he" and "she" yet.

Where's my Dory?
Joanna named her toy fish "Dory" after the movie Nemo. Her fish almost look like Dory, the only difference is the color. Dory is blue and Joanna's Dory is yellow.  When it's time for her bath, she wants her Dory and says, "Where's my, Dory?"  Ha-ha!

It isn't fun when I have to find her only fish. I am going to get her another fish incase I can't find Dory. I'm tired of having to search, you know?  I went to Walmart and figured they have a similar fish. They don't even have Nemo!  Well, okay they have one that looks like Nemo but I already got her that one toy with the giant turtle, I left it at Grandma Guerra's house.  Anyway, Matt said in order to find fishes from the movie is to try the Disney store. That makes sense!  But I'm also going to have him take me to Toys R Us... where a kid can be a kid!  Nemo, here we come!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Check out my goodies!

I'm telling you, I've been keeping myself busy. I've tried out some goodie recipes. You'll see proof through my photos on this slide! I'm so excited that all of them tasted SO GOOD! I'm proud of myself for finally taking an interest in learning how to cook, bake and whatnot. I'll try to keep taking pictures of what I've been cooking. A good thing, Matt never complains. Love that about him! I'm sure he's a happy man since he's been doing most of the cooking, you know?

Matt and I recently cut Peter's hair ourselves! Boy oh, boy, let me just say that it was a challenge! Peter was constantly moving. Wiggle here, wiggle there. Tsk.

It's been a week I've been potty training Joanna. She still doesn't fully understand how to tell me when to go to the restroom. One day, she said, "Mommy, I need to go to the restroom." Great! I rushed her to the toilet and sat her down. She sat for a few seconds then said, "I'm finished." Okay, look I gave her a break. I can't get mad at her. She's finally getting the idea, you know? Then all of a sudden, she urines on the floor as I was getting ready to put her training pants on. Really?? Sighs. But at least, she's understanding!

Well... it's one in the morning. I need to get some sleep. I'll try and post videos soon.

sagalynn's February 14-March 12 2013 album on Photobucket

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our last church building project in Snellville, Georgia

After a year of praying, we seek to go into full-time ministry. It is official that this will be our last church building project with Cornerstone. Have thine own way, Lord!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Matt stubbed his toe

Oh, yes... he did stubbed one of them!
Well it’s been 2 days already since Matt stubbed one of his toes on our steps. It’s oozing a clear liquid out of his injuried toe. He’s going to go see the doctor today and get checked on. He’s been limping and in pain. Not only that, he said that his tonsils feel swollen. My poor hubby!

“Mommy, I’m cold.”
After giving Joanna a bath, I took her out of the tub to dry her. She was already shivering and said, “Mommy, I’m cold.” She rubbed her arms to keep warm. I hurried to dry her and covered her with an extra towel. She took that towel off and said, “That’s Peter’s.” Really??  Sure enough it was Peter’s towel. I’ve taught her pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Who would have thought that she’ll tell them apart??  Wowzers!

Pairing nail polishes
I was getting ready for church but sat down to eat dinner. In doing so, I left my nail polishes on the floor in a box. It wasn’t closed so Joanna kept herself entertained. She sorted out my nail polishes nice and neat on the floor and lined up all my nail clippers, files in that order.  Matt was amazed! We never taught her how to do that.  Love how those little minds work!

Cranky baby boy
Lately, Peter’s been cranky. Whiny, needy or whatever you want to call it. It was only then and there that I felt his bottom teeth cutting through on both sides. It’s no wonder!!

Peter’s pretty picky
It is really hard to get that boy to eat anything!  All he ever wants is mommy’s milk. No kidding! Ay yi yi.  Okay does he eats other things we give him?  Sometimes.  It's really hard to get him to open his mouth.  He barely opens them.  Sheesh, frustrating!  And if you're wondering...yes, I'm still nursing. My oh my he's getting big too.  Without a doubt, it is time for me to start weaning him off. I said this when I was in Texas but it's hard to do!  It is easy to just nurse, you know?  I don’t have to make anything for him to eat.  It's true!  Hey, on the bright side of nursing is that he is definitely getting all the nutritions!  Can't argue that!   But yes I know he’s needing to eat solid so that he can sleep throughout the night. I have to constantly wake up to feed him. He’s growing and that means he is “eating” more. Yes, there are times I’m “out” of milk.  It’s going to be hard to get this over with.  It must be done.  Soon. 

My girl loves nail polish
Yep, I have this feeling that she's going to be my girly girl. I'm looking forward to doing all girly stuff with her that I once yearned for when I was growing up. Every time Joanna sees me wear nail polish, she'll want hers done. Okay, most of the time is when she likes a color that usually "pop" to get her attention. No kidding!  One time, I polished her nails yellow and added some glitters to it. Well, she wasn’t happy with it.  Why? She wanted some bold colors. Like red!  She was pointing at a different color after I did her nails. She cried because she didn’t like the yellow ones I painted.  At least she knows what she wants, right?  Yeah yeah.

Cracked chapped lips
Well, I’ve always had to deal with chapped lips but my baby boy?? His lips bleeds! Goodness. What’s with that?  I’m trying my best to keep his lips from getting too chapped. It’s hard to keep Vaseline or lip balm on for him.  Poor baby!

Cooking and baking
Believe it or not, most of you who really knows me know that I don't cook. BUT lately, I have been doing all kinds of cooking. I have made lasagna, marinade chicken, salsa, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, fudge, smoothie... I probably need to take pictures just to prove to some doubters in my family. Ha!  I can't believe I am actually having fun cooking and baking. If I can't afford to eat out, I'm determined to make it at home.  Well, most of the time. I know sometimes I have failed at a recipe, thankfully I have a very encouraging husband that tells me to keep trying!

Potty training
I finally decided to introduce Joanna to her new toilet seat my mom got her from Christmas. Ha! Well, it is time for me to start potty training her. I don't think I am doing much right now. The pediatrician said to not force her or anything but to introduce her to potty training.  Basically, to start slowly.  So far, Joanna likes sitting on the seat but nothing happened. Shoot!

Monday, February 18, 2013

My birthday boy turns 1!

This was taken December 23, 2012, the day he turned one. Everyone was not feeling well except for Peter. I still wanted to celebrate his birthday regardless.

Joanna brushing Peter's teeth

It's cute to see big sister brushing little brother's teeth.

Matt teaching Deaf Sunday School class

Matt was able to teach the Deaf Sunday School class at Forrest Hills Baptist Church.

VIDEO- Nov. 10, 2012

There are several old videos I am just now sharing. This was taken last year (November). Joanna was having fun playing in the nursery with a new visitor.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

January and February 2013 photos

Here you'll see that I posted some pictures of when we were still in Austin. You'll see that I was trying to get pictures of my kids. Joanna wanted her nails polished after she saw that I had green nails. No kidding! She's a girly girl! Peter had gotten bit by my dog (time to get rid of her because my two small children are rough around her... babies come first). I'm just thankful that it wasn't a serious bite. Praise the Lord! I know both grandmas will understand and agree. Also, there's Then, pictures taken when we were visiting Matt's grandma (the kids great grandma) including Aunt Sylvia who introduced them to her pets (chicken, etc.)

Of course, I posted a picture of my Valentines from my love. I really don't care much about getting anything for Valentine's. I don't actually celebrate it but I think I need to make a few changes just so that it makes our marriage a little sweetER. Eh. But I thought it was actually nice that he gave me something and I didn't. Oopies. See? That's where I have to step in. I did tell him that I was going to write on the mirror and say "I love you" LOL. Okay, so I got this idea from Pinterest! I'm serious, they have some really cool ideas on there. I go on there every chance I get.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

December 2012 and January 2013 photos

These are photos of when we went home for Christmas. We were able to spend time with a lot of families.

sagalynn's Christmas 2012 break album on Photobucket

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updated picture of The Guerra Family

What can I say? I really tried! I asked a friend from church to take a picture of us. This was taken after evening service. Peter was ready to go home and Joanna was trying to smile.  It's too bad that they didn't look at the camera. It would have been a nice family photo of us.  Distracted? Yes, they were! I'm hoping our next family photo will be even better. Let's hope I can get them to cooperate.