Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joanna 2 year old check up

We went to Fayetteville, GA (about 45 mins - 1 hour away from where we are) yesterday to get Joanna her 2 year old vaccination shots and wellness check-up. After all is done, her pediatrician said that she is growing the way she should and everything is fine.

Here's her recent stats:

Weight: 28 pound, 9 ounces (64%)
Height: 33 1/2 inches (35%)
Head circumference: 19 (68%)

Most of you know that I don't like to see Joanna cry when she gets her vaccinations. There's nothing I can do to help... sighs.  We were told that Joanna might end up having a bruise because she tensed up when the nurse held her legs. And to give her tylenol if she's hurting. So we gave her tylenol. Poor baby girl. She's been walking a little funny because she is still sore.

Anyway, I was hoping to set an appointment with the same pediatrician I set up for with Peter. Just to find out that she wasn't available until next year (she has a full schedule).  Wow, I think she's popular! I do like her too. I know this is crazy, but because of that... I decided to go ahead and set up Peter's 15 months check-up for next year (March) just so that we have the same pediatrician. Crazy, right?  Well... with Joanna, we couldn't wait a couple of months later just to get her vaccinations. So we went ahead and set one up with a different pediatrician (male). To make a long story short, I prefer a female pediatrician. Although, her pediatrician was really nice.

Though I did encountered one small problem. Matt said the lady upfront couldn't give us a copy of the billing chart because I already had one. I wasn't there but that's what he told me. I told him that I don't have that copy and wasn't happy about not getting one for my personal record keeping. Short story, I didn't want to leave without one. Another lady ended up giving me a copy. That's the way I roll!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VIDEO- Peter's climbing and walking

It took me a little longer to post this video. I guess because I got carried away with our ministry being in the newspaper and news, you know? Now that's over with, I'm kind of back on track with updating my blog.  Okay, so... I still have lots of other pictures and videos to post. I'm not making any promises on posting them anytime soon because with two kids, I'm kept busy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Well my husband was on the Fox News.

It is crazy how fast this news spread! I'm told that this article also hit the AP (Associated Press). In other words, it has hit the states of SC, GA, TN, CA, TX, MO, KS, OK, AR and IN.  Who knows where else it's going. Oh my!

Here's a picture I found of Matt on myfoxatlanta.com

Tom LaSalle and Pastor Warren did most of the talking.
Matt was happy that he didn't get interviewed.

You can watch the guys on the Fox 5 News of Atlanta below:

Matt being interviewed by a Gwinnett reporter

Well I just thought I post a link of the guys being interviewd by one of a newspaper reporter who came by yesterday and decided to do a story of Tom LaSalle and Matt Guerra, our builders in the ministry.

I'm not sure if you can open this link below
 (click on red fonts to open another URL):

Here's pictures I saw on the website link and copied it off.
I'll get the rest of the story on here a different way. 
(I'll take pictures of the newspaper)

Monday, October 1, 2012

VIDEO- Happy 2nd Birthday, Joanna!

We were able to celebrate Joanna's 2nd birthday in Snellville, GA. It was just our family. I went and got her a little cake and decorated our home so it feels like an actual birthday party for her. I can't wait until she is interested in a specific theme... I guess it is because I like to look for things to decorate just for her. You know what I mean?

Her grandparents called to wish her a Happy Birthday. She's been spoiled! Our wonderful friends in Indiana: Pastor Keppel and his family gave her an early birthday gift. And on her birthday, she's gotten more gifts from grandpa and grandma Guerra. The next day, the church we are going to work on, got her a birthday gift basket. Not only that, her other grandma Aurora, will give her birthday presents when we come down to visit in December! Can you say... spoiled??

sagalynn's Joanna 2nd Birthday album on Photobucket

VIDEO- Joanna running with a toy dog carrier

Well it was her birthday and I decided to let her pick a toy she might like. She held on to this dog carrier and dragged it with her all over Target. I didn't buy it for her because daddy didn't think she wouldn't enjoy playing with it but whatever... I disagree. Just look at her in this video. Tell me if she's not having fun with it. *wink wink*