Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joanna: terrible twos

Don't let this picture fool you!  

I love Joanna but oh my... she's going through her terrible twos already! 

 She's not even 2 years old yet.  Well... okay she's close.  She's now 20 months old.  It is possible that a sweet looking toddler can have such attitude?! It's pretty bad and I'm not even kidding.  Joanna at this age thinks she is the boss of Matt and I.  Yep!  For example; we'll tell her to "come here". Her reactions? Sometimes she'll turn away, pout and say "NO".  Or just run away like it's a chasing game.  *gasps* It's funny at first but then over time it's like okay that's enough. We want her to obey. Her attitude sure wasn't pretty! Especially, when she doesn't listen. What has happened to my sweet baby?!  Of course, we're parenting our child.  Child training does works!!  I like to be reminded of this Bible verse. 

Proverbs 22: 6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

And yes, I do get frustrated sometime, don't we all?  Here's why...Joanna cries when she doesn't get her way. She'll even get mad but thankfully Matt can handle this situation pretty well.  We always somehow managed to help each other out.  I have a lesson that I need to learn as a parent.  I need to remember not to give in to my child so that she won't do it again. I've made a mistake when we've ordered hamburger and french fries.  Why?  Because Matt and I wanted Joanna to eat her hamburger first but Joanna refuses and wanted french fries instead.  I saw what she wanted. And what did I do?  Yes, I gave her some french fries and made her happy. I like that she was happy but she wasn't eating her hamburger.  Daddy said what I was doing wasn't going to do any good and that I was teaching her to get what she wanted (I don't remember what he said word for word but I get the message he was trying to help me see.)  Sighs.  I wasn't even trying... I just wanted to feed my hungry baby girl.  Matt assured me she wasn't starving.  I can see where I did not succeed.  I just have to try harder not to let her win, you know?  It's hard but I must let her know that I am in authority, not her.

I like to find ways to look at the good instead of the bad (when she refuses to listen, et cetera) because Joanna still amazes me!  When she isn't bad, she's really a sweetheart!  I like it when she gives me kisses unexpectedly or even give me a hug. When she does, it just melts my heart.  

Hurry terrible twos!  I can't wait for you to pass! (but then there's Peter) 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Matt rehearsing

I'm back!!! Wow, I've been away for a few days! Wait... has been a couple of weeks?!  *sighs* I know I know.  But here I am making it up since today is Memorial's day.  First, let me start off by saying thanks to all those that have served or is serving our country!  We have our freedom in America because of you guys!!  MANY MANY THANKS!!!

Now, where was I??  Oh yes, let me secondly begin with sending you a video that was taken on a Saturday, May 5th. Matt was rehearsing a song for the next day.  Normally, I wouldn't post any videos of him practicing especially while he was rehearsing in church.  You just got a glimpse!  Oh and you'll see Joanna just hanging around.  You won't be able to see me but you'll see Peter!  

You know what? I really love how my family is being useful in some ways in the ministry!  Whether it be building, singing, signing or simply serving!  (The list goes on.) We just want to be a blessing to you!  Just thinking about that... it sure makes my heart smile!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This story of a mother and her son is truly inspiring!

Please take the time to watch this inspirational video.  You'll see why... it is truly inspiring!

Click on the link below:
The Right Choice from laceybuchanan on GodTube

Lacey, if you ever come across my blog.  Please know that I had to share your story with my families and friends.  I wanted to let them know how I was touched watching your video of you and your son Christian.

Okay, how did I know about her and Christian?  It was posted on a few of my friends' Facebook page. I decided to watch the video because I was curious and was also trying to kill time uploading pictures.   Anyway, she's a beautiful young lady!  Her name is Lacey Buchanan.    She now have over 1 millions viewers!    Her blog is www.

Brotherly & Sisterly love

So I didn't get to post these pictures until 2 in the morning!!  It really took me a loooooong time to download these pictures!

Anyway, in several of these photos, you'll see how much Joanna loves her little brother Peter!  I love watching them get along with each other.

The only way for me to get Joanna to take pictures with baby Peter is when I don't force her to sit next to him. If I just lay baby Peter on the floor or sit him down in his boppy pillow, she'll come to him and play with him but if I put her next to him... it's the opposite!! What I am trying to say is that it really seems like she doesn't want anything to do with him when I have her sit next to him to take pictures.  But once in a blue moon... she'll cooperate!  How strange is that?!

In these pictures:
Joanna is 19 months
Peter is 4 months, week 3

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Try taking more pictures of them together

Okay so I was asked to post more pictures of my two babies... TOGETHER.  Yes, that's to say not to single them out.  Heh.  Like I said, when I am busy it takes me a while to get things done such as posting on my blog.  

This picture is one of the many pictures I have taken of them together.  

More pictures to come... 
(I'm downloading them and should be ready to view some times today)

Below is a random shot.
They both decided to put their hands in their mouth.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea, just the way I like mine.

Today I feel like talking about something else besides my family.  Why not?!  Do you want to know how I like my tea?  You could care less but I'm sharing anyway! Hee hee

Of course, I like tea!  I'm just not crazy about it though plus I'm actually picky when it comes to the way it taste!  Wherever I go, I'm always drinking tea.  Whether I'm at friends', at the restaurants, and even at McDonald's!  I'm not going to turn down when it's offered to me.  You know?  I usually just go for water but if it is offer to me.  Then I'll take it.  :)

If you like tea, you'll also agree that every tea are different in tastes and flavors!   Riiiiight?

Okay let me cut to the chase... for a while, I have struggled making my tea taste good. I usually make it too sweet and sometimes it just taste... blah.  Bland or whatnot.  FINALLY... I found the right amount of measurements to please my own taste buds!

This is what I accidently came across when making tea the way I like it.

I will do the following below:

I fill the pot with about 5 cups of water (Okay, so I had to take out my pot and look at the tea stain to figured out this measurement. Ha!) and throw in 3 tea bags. Yes, 3 tea bags.  I cut off the string and just let the tea bags freely move into the pot.  When the water comes to a boil, I like to let the tea bags boil for a few more seconds before turning off the stove.  Like about 15-35 seconds.  Then I remove the pot from the heat and let the tea bags sit in the hot water for 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes.  On the side, I have added water and 1 cup of sugar in the pitcher.  Next, pour the tea into the pitcher (remove tea bags). Last, I pour additional water until it is measured at 3 Liter.  If you are wondering, my pitcher has a measurement on it.  That's how I measure how much water to add.


I think I am bad at explaining.  To make it short and simple... I put:

3 tea bags boiled in about 5 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
pour water until you make a 3 Liter Tea = Sandra's homemade tea!!

(okay it's not homemade but it's made from my home plus it's also the way I like it)