Monday, August 26, 2013

Taken after morning service...

... my babies have grown! I have posted this on Facebook and a brother in Christ told me to enjoy them because time flies. Trust me, I know! I blinked and POOF! I think I understand by fast forwarding what others have to say about their children. To me, I don't have to wait until they are teenagers and adults to understand. I simply go by.. well, they are no longer newborn babies, you know what I mean? I used to held them when they were helpless. Now they are both sort of independent by walking and talking. You get it, don't you?

I have a couple of more pictures to post. Be on the lookout. Just a reminder, if I take a while to post on here, I've been busy.

Here's a few news... we are no longer a part of Cornerstone Baptist Builders. We have changed ministries. We are excited to see what God has in store for us. Next month will mark a whole year that we've been on this building project at Forrest Hills at Mountain View Baptist Church. Craziness, right? We grew to love the people here. The church is going to have a baby shower for me on September 29th. They even announced to give only gift cards, not gifts. I think it's because they are afraid nothing will fit in our small 5th wheel home and that gift cards will give me the options to pick what the baby needs. Not a bad idea. What do you think? Oh and guess what else is happening on that same day? Yep, Joanna's birthday! They'll even celebrate her birthday, that's what I am told. So, we'll see! One of the ladies offered to make Joanna's cake. She did my birthday cake and I loved it! I don't know if Joanna's cake will actually be a cake or something different like... cupcakes with dolls? Not sure but who cares?! She'll get a cake and a Cinderella barbie! I think I heard her say that. Pardon me if I heard wrong. Well, it is 1 in the morning and I need to get some beauty sleep. BUT I'll try and finish up my other pictures and post it. I haven't been doing too good with my pregnancy photos either. I did take some so I'll share those too. If you look at me from the front, it is hard to see my baby bump. From the back, you'll never know I'm pregnant. It's only when I turn sideways that you'll actually see how GIGANTIC I am! haha

Okay enough for now... toodles!

cornerstoneguerra's August 25 2013 album on Photobucket

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I'm very disappointed in myself lately. I've failed my children. Well, I say that now because I saw what looks like a cavity in one of Joanna's teeth (bottom back right tooth). I thought maybe it was from the Tootsie Roll lollipop that I gave her. Nope, because I have been brushing it hard for 2 weeks and the color brown is still there. I'm so mad at myself. I don't give her a lollipop anymore. Instead I give her candies that are soft and chewy. Even though she always asked for a lollipop, I've ignored her and give her something else instead. She isn't even 3 years old yet! You see why I am mad at myself?? Anyway, we have already set an appointment this month to get her tooth taken care of.

And today, Peter had his 18 month check-up and vaccination shots. (although he is now 19 months.) Everything is good except his private part. The thing that bothers me is that he might have to get circumcise again. The doctor said his foreskin is starting to close. Sighs. She did prescribed us with a cream and suggest we try that first. If not then schedule him to get re-circumcise.

I felt like I didn't do much to prevent either one of those things. If only I brushed her teeth very well and if only I'd cleaned him and pulled his skin back correctly... if only, if only... Please, pray for me. I don't feel like I did such a good job and I blamed no one but myself. I admit going through this helps me to take better care of my babies and that's what I want to do. I will try to do my very best. I just love them too much.

Not only that, it doesn't help when they mentioned about my third baby still having a little extra fluid in the brain. I know that God is in control and that He will take care of my precious little one inside of me.

I could use a lot of prayers right now. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 2013 Photo Album

I'm always a bit late but here are a few pictures I haven't shared.  I already shared the diaper box picture but then you'll see that Joanna and Peter are laying down next to eat other watching a movie.  The rest is when we were invited to a friend's cookout here in Georgia. They had the teens come over too after they just got back from Teen Conference in Tennessee.

cornerstoneguerra's July 2013 album on Photobucket

Philip, James, Andrew...

... those were the first three names I had down on a piece of paper out of the 12. Matt liked the first three names and thankfully we both ended up picking a name!

 His name will be...


I had 17 middle names to choose from. When I showed it to Matt, it didn't take him long to pick one that he likes. I was quite surprise. I thought I had to do more searching. 

Although I like the names: Philip and James, I didn't want to have another "J" and "P",  you know what I mean? We already named our daughter, Joanna, which her name starts with a letter J. And our son, Peter, which his name starts with a letter P.  I wanted to avoid that. I know that will not always work but it did this time. Yay!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some mornings...

Who knows what some mornings are like around The Guerra's. I was about to throw away these boxes. But my children ended up playing with them. So I let them. I think Joanna pushed her box close to Peter's and ended up playing side by side.

As soon as they got bored, I broke down the boxes and threw them away. It takes up too much space around here but I sure didn't mind them playing with them all morning.