Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 34

Every morning my hands has been swelling but it goes down throughout the day. I'm feeling pretty good most of the time but eventually I get tired. My checkup went well today. Blood pressure is the same as my previous checkup and baby's heartbeat is fine. That's right... I've gained 5 extra pounds! That's strange because I'm used to hearing the nurse say I've gained 2 pounds in two weeks but 5 pounds in 2 weeks?? Yes, I'm definitely changing in appearance. Does my pictures prove it? I feel big too. The doctor said that my weight gain is nothing to worry about and that it's normal. She also said that I will continue to grow!! What is she trying to tell me?? She suggested that I have my bag ready incase I go into labor anytime. Funny thing, I already have the baby's diaper bag ready but just not mine. This week, I'm going to work on mine.

My next "to-do" list is to sign up for child birthing class for both Matt and I. The problem right now is that we called and they haven't answered so we left a message. I'm told that class can fill up pretty quickly. If it is full then the last option for us is to watch a video.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 32

I was worried this past Sunday when I didn't feel the baby move as she normally does. Even after I ate breakfast, I waited for an hour or so and still felt no movement. That was odd.

As Matt and I were heading to church, I felt her move! Yay! I was so relieved and became more attentive the whole day to make sure she's moving. Of course, in the afternoon, she was moving as she normally does. As I had my doctor's appointment the next day, I reported this situation. The doctor explained what I should do if I am concerned. I should sit or lay down quietly and count her moves up to ten times in 2 hours or something like that. If anything was abnormal, she told me to call her immediately. I know that worrying is bad. I shouldn't be doing that. Oh how grateful I was to find out that she's okay! I even got to see her on the sonogram for a few seconds. The reason for that was because the doctor wanted to see if I have enough fluid which may affect her movement or something. Well, I had enough fluid for her to swim, she says. So far, everything looks good. Thank you Lord!

Please continue to pray for us as you think of us.

Week 31

Nothing much has changed this week except that my feet has been aching and swelling more than often. At one point, they've gotten so bad that it looked like I broke my bone or something.

I've finally reached the end of my 7 months pregnancy. Next week, I'll be 8 months... that's about 8 weeks left! Oh my.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 30

Praise the Lord! My glucose test turned out to be normal and the doctor said I don't have anemia. I never heard of that but anyway my blood pressure is also normal and the baby's heartbeat is fine.

Another good note, I feel much better than Week 28! This time, I've gained 31 pounds in 30 weeks! The doctor said it's normal and about just the right amount of weight I should gained. But that's hard for me to believe since I still have 10 more weeks left. My hands and feet are about swollen now. My shoes and wedding ring are not comfortable to wear. They feel tight already. A good thing I have a few comfortable shoes and sandals to walk comfortably in. I even have to take off my wedding ring all because I'm told that it's best to do so since I won't be able to (due to the more swelling) as the weeks go by. I've even heard that if I don't take it off during my labor/delivery, they'll cut it off! There's no way I am letting them cut it off.

I was stubborn about not wanting to take off my bracelets. I have to suffer my consequence. I normally wear 7 thin gold bracelets on the right. It was really difficult trying to take off my bracelets with a swollen hand and oh how it hurts!! I took all six of them off within two days. Because I couldn't get them off before, I really thought I had no choice but to go to the jewelry store to get them cut off. Thankfully somehow this afternoon my hand wasn't as swollen and I took advantage of trying to get them off. I just can't take the last one off all because my right hand hurts already. I'm taking a break since it feels like it's bruised. I know that I better not wait too long. Lesson learned.

Anyway, the baby has been moving a lot lately. Most recently, I was able to feel her hiccups! How weird is that?!? I find myself waking up at different times throughout the night and early mornings all because she's awake and moving. With sleepless and restless nights, I've noticed I get tired during the day and sleep often. Now I am pretty slow in getting things done. No question, my feet hurts from standing long periods of time. I can't even polish my own toe nails anymore but my kind husband willingly offer to help make my toes pretty. He did struggled with the nail polish and all but I'm sure he'll get better because I still have 10 more weeks left. Hee hee

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 28 & 29

I haven't been feeling so good this past week. On Monday, I thought I was going to vomit but when I burped that is the taste I've got. Ugh. Gross. The next day, I had a lot of gas. Ugh. Gross. As of today, I still don't feel good at all. I'm kind of feeling nauseous and the baby has just moved to a different position. She usually stayed to my right side (as in kicking and moving) up until now. So yes, I am feeling uncomfortable. I'm feeling nauseous and hurting on the left side of my stomach.

This is the beginning of my third trimester. Is it going to get worse or will this pass?? We will see...