Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 32

I was worried this past Sunday when I didn't feel the baby move as she normally does. Even after I ate breakfast, I waited for an hour or so and still felt no movement. That was odd.

As Matt and I were heading to church, I felt her move! Yay! I was so relieved and became more attentive the whole day to make sure she's moving. Of course, in the afternoon, she was moving as she normally does. As I had my doctor's appointment the next day, I reported this situation. The doctor explained what I should do if I am concerned. I should sit or lay down quietly and count her moves up to ten times in 2 hours or something like that. If anything was abnormal, she told me to call her immediately. I know that worrying is bad. I shouldn't be doing that. Oh how grateful I was to find out that she's okay! I even got to see her on the sonogram for a few seconds. The reason for that was because the doctor wanted to see if I have enough fluid which may affect her movement or something. Well, I had enough fluid for her to swim, she says. So far, everything looks good. Thank you Lord!

Please continue to pray for us as you think of us.

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