Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another December baby...

So, I've miscalculated my due date. How is that so?  Well, I was too quick to post my announcement. As soon as I found out I was expecting, I quickly emailed, texted and called my families first then posted on Facebook and my blog. Yes, I did it that fast!  I didn't even budge to double check the correct due date before posting.  I assumed it was January.  But after a lady from church here in Georgia said I should be due in December.  I went home and re-calculate my due date.  Sure enough, it says my due date is December 24th, 2013!  Nooooo!  Not a Christmas baby!!  Okay, granted... the calculation is merely only a guess.  Remember, both of my children were about 2 weeks early. So, maybe we are looking around December 10th??  We'll see!!

I know I've caught some people off guard with my 3rd pregnancy.  But Matt and I have already been planning. Of course, we don't go out of our way telling people this. That's too much information to share, you know what I mean? But heeeey, I do tell my personal stories here! And that's basically to keep you up-to-date!  How's that?  :)

How many children do you want?  That is a question several people asked me. I'll always tell them about 4 - 6 children.  I never told my mom this but I like that my mom said I should have about 6 children!  Crazy, right?!  I agree with her though. I think it's actually a good number. It doesn't mean anything though. I'll take it (birth) one baby at a time. I don't even know if that makes any sense!

What are you hoping for: a girl or a boy?  Well, first of all... Praise the Lord for allowing me to already have one of each!  I wanted to have another girl but then after having Peter, I didn't care. Having boys are just as fun as having girls!  They're very different.

My dad thinks I'm going to have a boy. Even a deaf lady from church feels that I'll have another boy! Really?!?!?  Haha, I mean... okay even if I did, that's fine with me! Peter's clothes will fit him perfectly since Peter was born in December.  Yep, then I'll have two December babies. I might as well celebrate their birthdays together... eventually.  Poor babies!  If it's a girl, then daddy will be in trouble.  I even think his hair will turn gray quicker!

Someone said "Let's pray that you have twins!" Um, NO... thanks!  Then I'm done!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We're expecting baby #3!

Thank you, Lord!

I got too excited that didn't get to add "Thank you, Lord!" on my Facebook page. But here, I am determined not to forget.  First, I give thanks to my Heavenly Father!  He has answered my prayers!
To make a very long story short, I have been trying for another baby for a couple of month. Discouraged and all, nothing came back positive until this morning!  THANK YOU, LORD!

I know that it was all in His timing.  I just need to keep trusting in Him for all things.

We are very excited that we're going to be a family of five!  January is the magical month, when the baby is due.  But who knows, right?  Both of my babies were born 2 weeks early. Sooo... we'll see!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Video: Matt sings "My Tribute"

Last night, Matt sang a special (My Tribute) for Sunday Evening service. A church member always video their song specials. I was able to copy and paste the video of Matt singing on here... so that you can enjoy it, too!

I told Matt that I've posted this video on my Facebook wall (and on here) so that everyone can watch and hear him sing. Of course, he didn't like that. Knowingly that he doesn't like the attention. Yep, he's that humble! But heeeeey! There were people that enjoyed hearing him sing and complimented him.

Like always, Matt gives God all the glory!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Video - March 29, 2013

Everytime I give Joanna something to eat, Peter wants to join in her menu of the day.

Peter is always climbing up the chair, just to taste her food. Imagine all those times I have to get him away from her. This particular day, I decided to let him climb up and bug her. I also wanted to see what Joanna would do.

Surprisingly, she has decided to feed him, to share. It was sweet to watch! Just so you know, this is not an everyday occurrence because there are times when Joanna won't share and she'll even brush Peter away. "No, Peter, No!" (she'll even smack his hand) So, the best thing for me to do is to move the chair away, that way he doesn't climb and annoys her. Heh.

Video- March 10, 2013

Some days, we'll find ourselves in the nursery waiting for the workers to show up. In the meantime, the kids always play with toys while we sit. Although at times, we'll even join in their fun.

Video- February 28, 2013

Wow, this never gets old... playing in the food pantry! Who needs toys, right?!

It looks like Joanna and Peter were having fun... well, sort of!

Video- March 2, 2013

Some mornings, I'll find my children having fun in the most simplest ways-- spinning in circles!