Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video- Joanna rolling

Yep, she's rolling now! It took me a few days to get this video to download. Ugh! But here it is! And no, she's not crawling yet but she sure gets around this way... one determine baby girl, you'll see! (sorry this video isn't clear, I don't know why)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mornings like this...

It doesn't take much to keep her fascinated with things.
As you can tell, the textures of her blanket does just that.
What can I say? She loves to put things in her mouth.
She heard me switched my camera mode to flash.
This is what happens when I have the flash on.
She's so adorable!
Every time I take pictures of her using the flash this is what she does.
She'll cover up her eyes with her hands even squinched them and smile.
I couldn't resist taking pictures like this once I saw what she was doing.
What a smart little baby! Don't you think??
Okay I don't blame her. The light must have been too bright.

Joanna is now 7 months and 4 weeks. She'll be 8 months on the 29th. Wow, that's crazy! As you can tell, she doesn't have her teeth yet. I'm thankful for that because I'm still breastfeeding.
Besides Joanna, I am doing good. I think I am about 3 or 4 weeks pregnant by now. I am feeling fine today. Some people asked me if I've had morning sickness. I said no because I feel normal but then again I can't be certain yet because I am early into my pregnancy. I've heard that every pregnancy is different in some ways. Some people stay the same, some not. So, we'll see. Although, I did have tenderness which does make it hard for me to feed Joanna. I don't like the feeling of.. ow ow, you know? And I do get thirsty A LOT. I feel like I'll faint if I don't get a drink of water or something. I really felt dehydrated! I think I am exaggerating but I'm not kidding! Gimme water please!

I haven't step on a scale in a long time. I saw a cute looking scale at a friend's house where I stayed at for the night. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to step on it and try it out. I remember saying that I needed to lose 10 more pounds. Well... I did and I couldn't believe it! I was like.. no way! So I stepped off and on again and again. Just to be accurate. Sure enough, it kept giving me the same number. It's crazy, I'm back to my normal weight! I didn't ever think it'll happen. Craziness! You know, if I had lost about 13 more pounds I would have been UNDERWEIGHT. Ewww! That's where I have been since I got married. I saw some old pictures of me and I looked like a skeleton! Gross! I didn't like it. It was a scary looking Sandra! No I didn't purposely tried to lose weight. For some strange reason, after I got married I just lost weight and never gained any until I got pregnant with Joanna.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wants her momma

Well Joanna is becoming more aware of things around her. I've noticed that when I was changing her diaper, I took the clean diaper she found laying next to her away from her... and she cried. Boy, was she mad?! I know she was just looking over the diaper but she sure didn't like it when I took it away from her. *sighs* This has recently happened. Another occasion, I put her down on the space saver high chair... she didn't want to be there and sure enough.. she got mad again. Wow!

Also, it is interesting... she's at that stage where she wants her momma. When she's tired she'll turn and look for me. Today I was sitting down next to Matt and I handed Joanna over to him but wow that didn't even last a minute! Yep, she'd cried... leaned toward reaching out to me and then grab my shirt. What's next?

Monday, May 9, 2011

My first Mother's Day

Thanks to Katie Musson for willing to take our family picture! We needed to take pictures to replace our old photo on our prayer cards and letters. Sighs. Joanna was fussy so we'll have to re-take them again. However, I wanted to share you these anyway because it's my first time being able to recognize myself as a mother on Mother's day! (Note: I'm expecting my 2nd baby but I'm not showing yet... okay maybe just a little!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's true! I'm pregnant!!

Two pink stripes = positive!
Positive means I am pregnant!
Yes, again! Praise the Lord!
I have been teased about having another baby. (clears throat) It's happening! Last week, someone said I'd looked pregnant. Really?! I wasn't sure then but I sure was hoping. I'd ended up telling her to stop when she was taking a look at my abdomen area and touching it. I'd walked away and said "I'm just fat!" Hmph. How did she knew?! It is that obvious?!

Anyway, Matt and I are excited! Well, to be honest... I am nervous, excited and scared! I must say this, I give God all the glory for allowing me to have another baby! Joanna is going to be a big sister. I'm happy for her to have a sibling. If you'd asked me what I wanted... well this time it isn't hard. I really don't care. I've thought about it. If I have another girl, it'll be neat to see two little girls hopefully becomes close when they grow up. They get to share a lot of things together and all that. Now if I have a boy, I'll have one of each. A girl and a boy! And he'll be my little man and daddy's helper in the ministry. Plus the Guerra's last name will carry on. Soo... you see? They both have a good result if I have either! Matt really wants another girl! I was shocked to hear him say that. For sure, I'd thought he'll want a son. The outcome, it doesn't matter. Whatever God gives us we'll love that baby just as we love Joanna!

It's funny how I happened to find out about this news on the same day Rachael Buchanan had her son! It's craziness. I went to the Dollar Tree to buy a pregnancy kit. It works just fine! I didn't have the courage to buy one before because people were behind me in line as I was holding Joanna and I'd sort of felt embarrassed a little for some reason exposing that big printed Pregnancy kit but I had to get it over with. So I bought it today and walked out. It wasn't until I got home around 5pm that I decided to test it out. It may be a cheap pregnancy test and that's okay! It should be accurate. I know it is. I have skipped my period anyway. I have been thirsty lately and I think that's one of my symptoms. I was like this when I was pregnant with Joanna. Thirsty, that is. Another thing, as I looked at the test I was happy and cried. Joanna was sitting on the bed and crying so I had to go over and soothe her. I'd picked her up and said "Joanna, you're going to be a big sister" and kissed her gently.

Last, I'd prayed that this will be God's will. That is all that matters. I did seek the Lord about it. I know that this baby will be close of age to Joanna. God is in control about this situation and makes no mistakes. A lot of things has been running through my head, for one, know that my time is ticking. I am not in my 20s anymore. Some women often wondered, what if... what if I can't have anymore children? These statements did cross my mind. That's why I had to seek the Lord about it and not my own. I told myself if I get pregnant or not, it is totally up to Him to allow me to have another child. I have a job to do. I want to raise my children to love the Lord. To me, that is very important!