Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update on Andrew

Andrew seems to be doing good. Today, he went in for his 4 month check-up. Now, he's at 9 lb., 8 oz. Also, he range below the normal growth on the chart but a good thing is that he is following the growth curves. His GI test came back normal. If he pass another GI test, he doesn't have to go back. So far, with his Endo test, it has been coming back normal. Praise the Lord! But he still needs follow-up visits to check his hormones level. His Endo follow-up visits are important because it affects his growth... well, basically everything. I will have to reschedule another appointment after missing this month's.

I also found out that we need to take him to physical therapy. The physical therapist will help work on his motor skills. We will also be seeing a specialist for his left eye to find out why he isn't opening one eye as much as the other. Whew! That is all I can think of besides all of his other future follow-ups.
Thank you everyone for thinking and praying for him!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Guerra Family: Easter 2014

We were able to take a few family pictures after church. Photo credit goes to Debbie Alderman for two of our family photos.

The first picture was taken after my kids went Eggs hunting. A lady from the church wanted the kids to have some fun. Of course, we know the real reason for celebrating Easter... He is Risen! Hallelujah!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Irving DeafNation Expo

Me, Matt and baby Andrew were all able to go to the DeafNation Expo. Joanna and Peter stayed home with their grandparents.  It was neat to see and meet some professional and successful deafies. During my visiting at the Expo, I got interviewed. I think I did horrible too and I told the news man to crop off the ones that I did bad on. (laughs) Who knows I might or might not be on the video. It doesn't bother me but he'll have it ready about two weeks from now. I think he'll post it on Youtube. Will be sure to keep you posted about that. Anyway, I'll brief alittle about some of the professional and successful deaf below, they are:

Joel Barish co-founded DeafNation in 2003. He also documented deaf people from around the world.
Light heavyweight Matt "The Hammer" Hamill, UFC fighter
The Hammer, is a 2010 biographical film about Matt Hamill, a deaf wrestler and mixed martial artist.
I have not seen the movie.
Kurt "Deaf Irish Chef" Ramborger, made an appearance on the Food Nework’s TV show “Chopped”
He is currently working at The Blind Squirrel Sandwiches in Round Rock, Texas.
Christopher B. Corrigan, played one of the main character Huck, in "Big River" broadway show in Washington, D.C.  Also, an actor for the movie “Lake Windfall” directed by Roger Vass Jr. (deaf)
Lisa McBee, a friend introduced me to Purple. We were able to test out a video relay call through my phone. Pretty neat, huh?!  Just another wonderful technology innovation services for the deaf. For more information, go to

and then some random pictures.

The last picture was when we stopped to have dinner with our friends, The O'Leary.  After dinner, we left and headed back to Austin. We arrived around 10:30pm.