Monday, March 28, 2011

Joanna and Isabelle

Remember beautiful Sharon? She came by my church yesterday to visit us and meet Joanna. A while back, I've mentioned that she was also pregnant exactly around the same time I was. Sharon's due date was just a day apart from mine but things changed when our babies were born. Joanna couldn't wait to come out into the world and came out sooner... the only differences now is that Joanna is about 2 weeks older than Isabelle.

Out of the three other photos, this one came out best. I wanted to post the picture of me holding Isabelle but Joanna was getting fussy and the rest of my pictures were blurry. Next time, Sharon!! Thanks for coming down so that I could meet sweet Isabelle!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Solid Food

I just couldn't wait to start feeding Joanna solid food. She's been waking up 4 times or so at night and early morning. So I'd figured it's time to start her solid food.

Yep, this marks Joanna's milestone for eating her first baby solid food:
Rice Cereal!

What a big girl she's becoming!
Matt had the privilege of feeding her first.
Why not?! I always get to feed her anyway.

Here you will find Matt reading the feeding instructions.
As Joanna looks on, Matt prayed to bless this food to her body.
Here's her reaction!

Aw, look she's opening her mouth!

That's a funny face!

I got my chance to feed her too.

Dangerous tool

Joanna with a DANGEROUS TOOL

Of course, I was nervous when Tom (leader of our group) told me to take a picture of Joanna holding that sharp thingy! I know Matt will not let Joanna hurt herself in any ways.

It all happened when I was visiting the new church building where everyone was working. Matt and Tom were working on a table counter. I'd happened to take pictures of the work they did. This crazy idea of taking a picture of Joanna with such tool all started out by visiting the work site...
Can't you see how sharp that tool is?
I think it's a box cutter or something.
Pastor Prater and Matt with Joanna...

I've told myself to never let this happen again even if someone wants me to take a picture of Joanna holding something like this! Anything dangerous, that is! I don't know what I was thinking, I should have stopped it right then and there. I need to stand up for something I am not comfortable with and to not allow. It was all for joke but I didn't find it entertaining because I was scared for baby to cut herself, you know? Guys!!! I know that this work tool is pretty dangerous to give a child, especially a baby under one year old and it's Joanna first time ever holding one! Never again until she's old enough to handle one.

She's sitting!

Yep, she's finally able to sit down! Well... she can't sit upright like this on her own... I have to be her assistant in sitting her down this way but she's able to stay that way for a couple of minutes! Yeah!!

Here you'll see her fascinated
by the sounds and motions of television.
See? There's nothing behind her to support her sitting.
Grandmothers, I know you'll love reading this!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Uncle Ricky's funeral

We went to Austin the first week of March because my uncle Ricky has passed away.

♥♥♥♥ I love you Uncle Ricky!! ♥♥♥♥

We were there to show our love and support to our families in these trying times. It was nice to see most of my loved ones but a few weren't there. Most of the pictures you'll see Joanna in every pictures. She'll either be with Erika, her other grandma Aurora, uncle Topo, daddy, great-grandpa Joe and second cousin Tina. I didn't get to take pictures of Joanna with my other cousins, in-laws and overall loved ones. That's why they aren't posted on here. Until next time!!

Check out Joanna's legs! Wooo weee!
My poor mother is having a hard time holding her.
She said she's too heavy. Ha!
I'm told she has thunder thighs! (says Tammy Bourne) How funny!

Aww. uncle Topo loves holding his niece!

He's one proud pappa!
Matt really loves it when his baby girl falls asleep on him.
You can tell how he's holding her...

O-kaaaaay, enough said! Ha!
Check out her bow! Yeah! Ain't she cute?! Matt isn't a big fan of big bows and even said this bow looks like an antenna! Such a meanie! This momma knows style! Well...okay let me just put it like this...I'm getting there!

Joanna looking at Ivy and is with her great-grandpa Joe.

This is such a sweet picture of Tina and Joanna.

Ain't this a cool picture or what?!
Precious photo of father/daughter.
Look at the way the light shines on Joanna!
It sure reminds me of an angel!
Well, she's my angel!
My constant reminder: a gift from God!

Yep, this is the only picture that Joanna isn't in but hey...
I'm in it! Say, don't I look like a mommy yet??