Tuesday, December 11, 2012

7th great cousin of Robert E. Lee

What are the odds?!

Meeting: the 7th great cousin of Robert E. Lee, General of the Confederate Army -Ronald Lee (click on blue text to the left to open picture)

Visiting: Confederate Memorial carving at Stone Mountain Park which shows 3 Confederate leaders of Civil War; President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stone Mountain Park in Georgia

We were able to stop by Stone Mountain Park for a little bit. We didn't get to do much at all but take pictures of the Confederate Memorial carving. The weather was changing and getting to a point where we didn't want to stay. It was drizzling and the kids were getting wet.

We left a little bit after we got our annual membership pass. The lines were long which held us from touring the park. But hey, there's nothing to complain about since we can always come back anytime for up to a year! Of course, we're planning on coming back! There's so much to see and do!

We are very grateful for those who paid for our annual parking and membership pass! I definitely feel like we're being spoiled, don't you?? But really, they're a blessing to us!

I think this is a great park to spend with family!

sagalynn's Stone Mountain Park album on Photobucket

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just hanging outside

November 20, 2012

It was a beautiful day to go outside.  I let Joanna take Peter for a stroll. Of course, with our supervision.

She seemed to enjoy pushing Peter on that stroller. Then, daddy let her ride the tractor or whatever you call that machine.

sagalynn's Outside taking a stroll album on Photobucket

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just trying to keep Joanna from crying

We went to Walmart to get necessities. Before I know it, it was time for lunch. Joanna was getting fussy. My poor child, she's hungry and getting sleepy. Because she was fussy, I had to think fast. I decided to pull up into the toys section. Grab something that'll keep her from crying and continued on with my shopping.

She did good until daddy and I met up. Peter fell asleep and Matt had to pick him up because his head was falling to the side. I'd wish I'd captured that on video!  (next time, if he does it again)  I moved Joanna in the other cart because all the groceries was put there. That was not a good idea because she has started behaving badly.  Crying, not wanting to walk and all.  Daddy had to take her and Peter to the truck and wait until I finish shopping.  Once they left, I'd picked up a few items before checking out.

Anyway, I wanted to share this cute video of her hugging a stuff doggie.  I love it when she'd smiled at the video. She knew I was videotaping her hence her sporting a smile. What a smart little girl!  You can tell that she's tired.

Remember this video is posted temporary on my Photobuck link.  I will delete it there once I upgrade my computer. I usually post my videos on Youtube and will continue to. So you'll see this video on Youtube.

Hooray for December!

Pinch me!  Pinch me!  It's almost time for us to head to Texas! YES!!!

For the past few days, I've been wanting to pack all our suitcases but it's no use because we use everything. Besides that,  the weather here is unbelievable nice!  Although, it gets cold at night but thankfully warms up during the day. This is typical in Texas, right?  I know.

I'm thankful for the nice weather though because I want to check out a park that's displaying Christmas lights. A sweet older couple from church here in Georgia bought us a parking permit pass to the Stone Mountain Park in Georgia!  They said it's worth going there because they things for family to do. Isn't that sweet of them or what?!  They really wanted us to go see and enjoy the Christmas light at the park with the kids.  They are a blessing!  I can't believe the parking cost $35.00 anually and we were giving an one free! Oh yes, I told Matt that we must go before heading to Texas. The Christmas lights will stay up until January 1st (I think) and I don't want to miss it!

Oh and I finally figured out how to use my camera build-in video!  Wahoo!  This mama is happy!  Why? Because I get to share with you videos of my family (but in better video quality).  I thank the Lord for giving me knowledge!  But now I am having problem uploading them. It's getting frustrating. One thing after another keeps me busy. I'm constantly trying to figure out what to do next.  I don't know what I am doing but I trust that I'll get help again if I ask Him.

Well I have been busy the past couple of days. I'm helping the pastor with his website. I'm just adding pictures. I enjoy doing this for the church. I like to be use of the Lord every chance I get. I'm thankful for the opportunity too!  I need to make some changes though. I'm doing too much. I've made some bows for a friend in Indiana. Next, I plan on fixing my iron board cover. I have a whole lot of other projects such as making my first pecan pie. I've never baked from scratch. If you don't know me, I don't cook. BUT things have changed and I am finally COOKING. *gasps*  It's true!  What's taking me this long??  It's really a long story. Ask me some days or I'll some days share it here. Hee hee

Monday, November 26, 2012

Four Layer Loopy Bows

Update as of May 12, 2014 - I am thinking about making a Four Layer Loopy Bows tutorial videos in the future (for those who are interested).  Contact me, if you are serious about learning...

So I've gained another hobby. I mean, I like to make bows for my daughter and I usually do! This one is a new project, the four layer loopy bow. I have never done it before until a few days ago. The first one didn't come out the way I wanted but after my first try I think I have improved!  I give Him thanks for giving me the talent to learn to make them the first day I've tried.

I like how they came out but that's just me. Would you even buy bows like these??  Not for you! For your little girl?  :)

Now I can FINALLY make bows that'll match all of Joanna's outfits!  Won't have a problem finding matching bows with matching outfits = one happy mama.

sagalynn's Four Layer Loopy Bows album on Photobucket

Sunday, November 11, 2012

VIDEO- testing

As you can tell, we're learning how to use my camera that have a build-in video. To get better, I must practice. I've already did some searching for a video camcorder but it is hard to get the one that works well with my Mac computer. I want to still be able to use the iMovie. I really like that program. Why? Because I can crop off videos I don't want to show and add the ones I want. Plus, I can add words to it and play music if I want. I think you get the idea. Anyway, I'm still using the older version iMovie '08 and haven't upgrade to the newer version yet. BUT that's okay because now I know that there are several camera lenses to use for videotaping. The only problem with that is that, only professional videographer can understand and use it fairly well (they make such great documentary movies, too). Even though I am not an expert videographer, I'll just use the automatic setting, you know? Hey, all I need is a setting that'll make it easier for me to video! I can't do it manually... well, I might reconsider and learn how to use it manually. Someday. We'll see!

Well here is what we've got. It looks out of focus but then again... I'll have to play with it to get better at it. Until then...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's November!

AND... it's almost time for Thanksgiving!  Yeah!! I'm already counting the days when we'll be heading to Texas for Christmas! Hip hip hooray!

What's new? Well, as of today, there was a wedding. Instead of attending the wedding, Matt and I helped in the nursery. Yes, I said Matt. Shocking, huh?

Since we aren't able to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones this time of year, we'll spend it with friends.  The original plan was to just spend it by ourselves unless we're invited. Sure enough, we've been invited.  Sweeeeet!!

As far as the building project goes, we are waiting for the city to pass the plumbing then pour concrete to finish foundation. After that, the guys will be crazy busy putting up all the frames and all. I really don't know what words to use. Heh.  Other than that,  I have a lot of stories to share... of course, about my children.

I'll start with Peter...
Aw, man! His first word is "dada". What's with that? Why can't he say mama instead?  (frowns) Well, as you already know by looking at a previous video. Peter likes to climb our steps. He does it all the time! Now he likes to watch tv and gets into everything Joanna does and all.  He's my ticklish baby! He's funny at times when I catch him playing with whatever Joanna plays with. I meant it's fun for me to watch when he gets on Joanna's nerve, you know?  Okay, it's fun until he gets on my nerves! Then it becomes annoying or something.  My boy can be gentle then rough as in touching my face then scratching it.  Tsk Tsk Oh and yes he likes to follow around wherever Joanna goes and just take her toys away. Poor Joanna!  Oh and he'll even try to eat her food. Too funny!  Peter does make Joanna mad sometimes. I'll have to catch some of the things he does with her. Peter likes to hide toys in daddy's boots. Daddy thinks he's smart in doing so because he's always having to turn his boots upside down to make sure there aren't any more toys in them.  Who would have thought that a baby can figured out a way to put stuff in his mouth by using the tip of his finger??  Yep, I've watched Peter picking up crumbs with the tip of his finger (pressing on it and it sticks) and put it in his mouth. How clever is that?  I thought only grown ups know how to do that.

As for Joanna...
She's gaining a lot of knowledge and understanding. She's already using full sentences! When she's shy, she doesn't say much but she'll talk and talk once she's comfortable with anyone.  Joanna actually told me this, "It's okay mommy" after I did a fake sob telling Matt how much she's growing!  Yes, I was faking!! She just came over just to soothed me. Isn't that stinking cute or what?!!  It's crazy how her she can identify things and try and correct us. What a smarty!  Daddy was showing her a leaf made of brown construction paper. Daddy says, "It's a brown leaf." Joanna replied, "No, that's not brown, (points at leaf and says) black." Funny, right? She did it again with her sippy cup saying "No, that's not what, (points at sippy cup filled with WATER) and says, "cup".  She'll identify herself, "I'm Joanna. (points at Peter) and says, "That's Peter." Yes, she says the same thing about mommy and daddy. How impressive. When she sees daddy's keys, she'll say, "That's mine." Ha ha! I love it when she says, "Mommy, I love you. I love you. I love you mommy." Aww, that's... that's just melt my heart! Most of the time when I just happened to sneeze near her, she'll say "Bless you, mommy."  But she cries when her nose is running. She really doesn't like the feel of it.  And when Peter cries, she'll say "What's the matter, buddy?" How did she pick up the word "buddy"? Easy peasy, she's a good listener and learned it from her daddy. Yikes.  I think it's fun to watch her do things like brushing off food crumbs off her clothes after she's done eating and listening to her talk.  Joanna may not always understand things as she sees them. But I can comprehend the way she thinks.  For example, Peter had scratched one of his ear overnight and left a dry scab that spread into small speckle of blood which sort of looks like "dirt". I haven't had the chance to clean Peter's ear in time and Joanna saw it, points to it and said, "Peter's ear is dirty." Oh how the mind of a toddler thinks!  They are amazingly brilliant!  Well, I think so. Don't you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joanna 2 year old check up

We went to Fayetteville, GA (about 45 mins - 1 hour away from where we are) yesterday to get Joanna her 2 year old vaccination shots and wellness check-up. After all is done, her pediatrician said that she is growing the way she should and everything is fine.

Here's her recent stats:

Weight: 28 pound, 9 ounces (64%)
Height: 33 1/2 inches (35%)
Head circumference: 19 (68%)

Most of you know that I don't like to see Joanna cry when she gets her vaccinations. There's nothing I can do to help... sighs.  We were told that Joanna might end up having a bruise because she tensed up when the nurse held her legs. And to give her tylenol if she's hurting. So we gave her tylenol. Poor baby girl. She's been walking a little funny because she is still sore.

Anyway, I was hoping to set an appointment with the same pediatrician I set up for with Peter. Just to find out that she wasn't available until next year (she has a full schedule).  Wow, I think she's popular! I do like her too. I know this is crazy, but because of that... I decided to go ahead and set up Peter's 15 months check-up for next year (March) just so that we have the same pediatrician. Crazy, right?  Well... with Joanna, we couldn't wait a couple of months later just to get her vaccinations. So we went ahead and set one up with a different pediatrician (male). To make a long story short, I prefer a female pediatrician. Although, her pediatrician was really nice.

Though I did encountered one small problem. Matt said the lady upfront couldn't give us a copy of the billing chart because I already had one. I wasn't there but that's what he told me. I told him that I don't have that copy and wasn't happy about not getting one for my personal record keeping. Short story, I didn't want to leave without one. Another lady ended up giving me a copy. That's the way I roll!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VIDEO- Peter's climbing and walking

It took me a little longer to post this video. I guess because I got carried away with our ministry being in the newspaper and news, you know? Now that's over with, I'm kind of back on track with updating my blog.  Okay, so... I still have lots of other pictures and videos to post. I'm not making any promises on posting them anytime soon because with two kids, I'm kept busy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Well my husband was on the Fox News.

It is crazy how fast this news spread! I'm told that this article also hit the AP (Associated Press). In other words, it has hit the states of SC, GA, TN, CA, TX, MO, KS, OK, AR and IN.  Who knows where else it's going. Oh my!

Here's a picture I found of Matt on myfoxatlanta.com

Tom LaSalle and Pastor Warren did most of the talking.
Matt was happy that he didn't get interviewed.

You can watch the guys on the Fox 5 News of Atlanta below:

Matt being interviewed by a Gwinnett reporter

Well I just thought I post a link of the guys being interviewd by one of a newspaper reporter who came by yesterday and decided to do a story of Tom LaSalle and Matt Guerra, our builders in the ministry.

I'm not sure if you can open this link below
 (click on red fonts to open another URL):

Here's pictures I saw on the website link and copied it off.
I'll get the rest of the story on here a different way. 
(I'll take pictures of the newspaper)

Monday, October 1, 2012

VIDEO- Happy 2nd Birthday, Joanna!

We were able to celebrate Joanna's 2nd birthday in Snellville, GA. It was just our family. I went and got her a little cake and decorated our home so it feels like an actual birthday party for her. I can't wait until she is interested in a specific theme... I guess it is because I like to look for things to decorate just for her. You know what I mean?

Her grandparents called to wish her a Happy Birthday. She's been spoiled! Our wonderful friends in Indiana: Pastor Keppel and his family gave her an early birthday gift. And on her birthday, she's gotten more gifts from grandpa and grandma Guerra. The next day, the church we are going to work on, got her a birthday gift basket. Not only that, her other grandma Aurora, will give her birthday presents when we come down to visit in December! Can you say... spoiled??

sagalynn's Joanna 2nd Birthday album on Photobucket

VIDEO- Joanna running with a toy dog carrier

Well it was her birthday and I decided to let her pick a toy she might like. She held on to this dog carrier and dragged it with her all over Target. I didn't buy it for her because daddy didn't think she wouldn't enjoy playing with it but whatever... I disagree. Just look at her in this video. Tell me if she's not having fun with it. *wink wink*

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Made it to Georgia

Thanks for praying for us! We made it to Snellville, Georgia approximately 8:55 p.m. We left Selma, Indiana at 5:30 in the morning and it took us a looooong time to get here because of the kids... well also because we needed to stop for breakfast, lunch and for gas.

I think I have a good wi-fi signal here. I'm looking forward to updating a lot on my blog. I'll try posting pictures soon, just to test it out. Here's to hoping!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leaving Indiana for Georgia

It's that time again. We'll be hitting the road tomorrow. We did as much as we can here but now it's time to head to another building project in Georgia. We've been here 4 months. I must say that I really enjoyed meeting the people here! The church has been such a tremendous blessing to my family and I. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to get to know several wonderful families and make new friends. The Lord has been so good to us! Pastor Keppel is a wonderful man of God. I am grateful to know that there are still godly preachers out there. Don't get me wrong, I still miss my beloved pastor but praise God we'll see each other again!

Yesterday, we ate out (one last time) with the Pastor and his beautiful family, the assistant Pastor and his lovely wife, Tom and Robert, and of course us. Joanna got her early birthday present from the Keppels (Pastor's family) and they even got Peter a little something too. Joanna played with her gift (ponies) for a good two hours before it was time to leave. Thanks Sis. Meagan! She loves her new birthday toys! She's one spoiled girl.

I'm hoping that we'll have good wi-fi in Georgia. That way I can update you with my most recent pictures and videos I've been taking. I will be posting the building project we've done here in Indiana and will be posting pictures of my family. I also want to try and do something different... like post pictures of recipes I'll be trying and even share recipes with you here! My blog background needs some changes too. I want to match the theme of the holidays. You'll know it when you see it.

Peter has been taking a few steps already. I've watched him took 2 steps without support (then he fell). But still! It looks like he'll be walking before he turns one! He's only 9 months. Crazy, right?!

Well I have to go now... I need to clean and get some stuff packed up tonight. We are leaving early in the morning. Please keep us in prayers as we travel. I'll be in touch as soon as we arrive in Georgia. Hugs!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I miss Texas

Okay so there are days that I just want to go home. I miss my family (besides my own, you know what I mean). My mom, in-laws, grandpa, aunt and extended loved ones. Oh and I miss my home church too!  Is it just me? I believe this can apply to everyone at some point in their life... at least once, right?  Come on!  You know it's true.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to spending time with my family.  I miss them and love them all dearly. I'm sure once in a while they're thinking about us too.  I just know.  I have this vibe-like-feeling-feely-thingy.  Okay okay it's whatever you want to call it.  Hee hee  Also, I know for a fact that it's all about my children. Ahhh, it's okay!!  (wink wink)  I know it's not about me anymore. (just want some self pity to make me feel important *laughs* it's a joke!) All joking aside, I know I'm still loved.  At least, I hope. ;)  

Besides my family, I've often wondered how my church is doing. Last I've heard is that they took another vote for a possible pastor.  All I can do is pray that God's will be done in finding a pastor for our church. You are thought of often and are like family to us. We love, miss and are looking forward to visiting with you all again!

December, hurry up!  

Only 3 more months!  Yessssss!!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Popsicle stained and messy face

For the past two weeks, I've been sleep deprived. Let's just say I've had two sick and fussy babies. It all started with Joanna. She was fighting a fever of 102! My poor baby girl!  Then, it wasn't long until Peter started to feel sick. He had a little fever too.  :(  All night long, he kept twisting, turning, crying and all. Poor us, right?!  *sighs*  

Then last night, after I just happened to put my finger in Peter's mouth. I realized he was teething because I felt his tooth has just cut through! Wow! What happened to my baby?!  He's growing up so fast! SNIFF SNIFF :(  I kind of figured this was why he has been fussy lately. But why did it have to happen right after Joanna started to feel better? 

After they both started to feel better, then I started to feel sick!  Whhhhhhhhy?!!!  Oh why?!  Long story short, allergies strike.  Ugh, this is the most recent story of my life. Ha! But seriously it is not even fun being sick.   

Finally... I'm started to feel better. Matt is the one that's not feeling good. Again, his allergies.  Well, that's what's been going on with our family for the last two weeks up until now.

I gave Joanna a popsicle stick. It dyed her mouth red. It must say it isn't a smart thing to do to give her a popsicle stick the day before church.  Those color dyes take a while to come off! A good thing, the color wore off just in time. Okay so I never gave it to her the day but I did give it to her on Friday and the color stayed all Saturday! Now I've learned that she loves Popsicle!  I like that it helps to cool her down wheneven she's got fever. 

 Can't you tell? Peter is one messy baby! I did my best to keep him from spreading his food all over his face. He won. He kept putting his hands in his mouth and then he'll rubbed his eyes. What's the point in even trying?? I've decided to let him stay dirty until he's done eating. It's useless to clean him every time he gets dirty... just to get dirty again.
 Peter is standing!!  And it's a good couple of seconds. Well, okay it's at least 5 seconds max!  He's showing all signs of getting ready to... SIGHS... walk.   No, he isn't walking yet. I'll let you know when he does but in the meantime, he has been pulling himself up and just walk around holding on to anything he can.  In this picture, I actually stood him up then back away to snap this photo.  :)

This was just taken today at lunch. Joanna can be a messy eater too!  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

VIDEO- Reservoir

Burtt sisters

I am thankful for the opportunity to meet my deaf friends who live in Michigan. Here you'll see Sarah holding Peter at Taco Bell. I finally met her after 3 years. We've been texting and contacting each other for a long time. Meeting didn't change a thing! The Burtt family are such a blessing! They have a family of 16! I hope I am correct.

I didn't get to take pictures of everyone.

VIDEO- Joanna trying on shoes at Payless

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reservoir in Selma, IN

It was nice to go on a boat ride with the family at the Reservoir. We borrowed a friend's boat. I was able to drive a little. Peter fell asleep and almost slipped off his lifejacket (his was too big for him). Joanna didn't like her lifejacket at all. Now you know what Matt likes to do whenever he have the time to go fishing. He says at times it is peaceful and he's right. I was able to see that for myself.



Locked Out
I went outside to put the car seat in the truck. When I was done, I headed back home but noticed the door wouldn't open. Instantly, I thought to myself did Joanna just locked me out?!  (laughs) She sure did! I've tried knocking on the door and telling her to open it.  Did she?  Nope. I don't think she knows how yet. So...What did I do? Go to Matt for spare keys. 

Recognizing character
As we were getting ready to eat dinner, we were about to pray… We had to paused the dvd because Joanna wasn’t listening. As we did, she recognized one of the main characters from “Beauty and the Beast” and said, “Belle!”, exciting while pointing. 

“Mom! Mom? Mommy.”
What happened to my baby not calling me “mommy” lately?  I’ve noticed she’ll often say “mom” a lot. I haven’t taught her that yet because it sounds too grown up, you know?  Thanks to some cartoon shows!

That’s what she told her daddy one day. Matt said “Humongous?” I know where she picked that huge terminology from! It was the word of the day on Sesame Street! I know she doesn’t know what it means but she sure said it like she knows it.  (laughs)

“Play Game?”
Joanna is always asking me if she could play games on my “phone” (tablet). Every time she sees my phone she’ll say, “play game?”  Even when I am busy doing something on there she’ll ask. Some times I have to hide to use my phone.  Sheesh.

“That’s a Bible.”
That’s what she tells me when I’m reading my Bible. 

She’ll point and says “coffee” when I am sitting down sipping it.

She’ll open the food canister and find the box of raisins. Walk to me. Asked me to “open” it for her and then says “raisins” with a smile (she’s happy to be able to snack on them) Yeah Yeah

“Tree. Truck.” (points to them)
“That’s a tree!” “That’s a truck!” She’ll often indentify the same thing every time she looks outside from standing on a chair.

“What are you doing?”
That’s what she’d say with a puzzled look when I was fixing a dvd in her crib a few months ago. 

“Peter’s crying.”
She comes to me saying, “Peter’s crying.” And points whenever he cries and wherever he is. I usually tend to Peter’s cries but some times I couldn’t when I am making lunch or heading to the restroom.

Climb on anything
and everywhere that’s convenient for her. She really likes to climb on the bed, sofa and chairs. Well… just about anything!

After ordering some pizzas and bring the boxes inside…she’d peeked when I opened a box and excitingly points and says, “Pizza!” She was hungry too. She’ll even say “I’m hungry.”

Giving me an attitude
She’ll point and shake her finger at me and talk like she is the boss.  I didn’t let her get away with that ugly attitude.  No ma’am.

Lollipop incident
I gave her a lollipop to keep her from crying while I shop. Well overtime the lollipop stick began to sag and wear out a bit. You know how the stick holds the candy upright? Well it bent and sagged to the side. Joanna didn’t like that and didn’t know why it did that. She looked at me with a sad and surprised face and yelled, “What happened?!” and believe it or not, she cried!  I took it away from her immediately because it had gum in it and I didn’t want her to have that part. She was mad! I need to buy a lollipop that won’t bend. I think a ring lollipop will work, don’t you?

“No no, Stop it!”
You know how it is when your other significant has to make a point in an argument?  Neither Matt nor I was arguing but we were discussing and making or own point in a conversation that was getting heated. Well… Joanna thought we were arguing and told us to stop.  Can you believe that? 

Climb on a display bed at Kohls
It's true! I caught this on video. We were both sitting on a bench in front of this bed. I happened to look over my side and saw Joanna crawling on the bed. I tried to get her to come back but she's stubborn!  I thought it was cute that she buried herself among those big pillows. Then and there I decided to videotape her.


-       Peter is not slowing down when crawling! This baby boy is keeping me busy non-stop.  Oh? Did you just hint to me that it’ll get worse when he’s walking!? Thanks.

-       He is very determined to grab something and I’ve noticed that he won’t give up until it is in his hands.  Can you say that’s one determined baby??

-       I know all babies love to be held at some point. Yes, Peter does most of the time!

-       I enjoy looking at his smile. He does it a lot and when he does it always put a smile on my face!

-       Lately, he’s been pulling himself up on anything that helps him to stand.

-       He really likes to take toys away from Joanna! Poor girl.

-       When he wants to be held and I walk right pass him, he’ll cry and cry louder when I pass him again.

-       His hands are like a Venus Flytrap!  The concept is true!  For instance, he’ll open up his hand and grabs anything that he could and holds on to it. Too funny! I was held back (like a yank) when walking (he’d grab onto a handle on the wall)

-       Just when I want Peter to be quiet, he’ll start making a lot of “baby cooing” noises in quiet places. For instance, like at church!!  Geez.

-       I like it when he rubs his eyes, it lets me to know that he’s sleepy. But then everyone does this. (laughs)

-       I’ve learned to never take away a toy or mess with Peter when he’s holding on to it while falling asleep. I did it once and it woke him with a cry.  Wow, really?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday afternoon in July

(More pictures to come)

My children are definitely growing up waaaay too fast!
I've gotta hurry up and take pictures of them together.
All before they pass this young age. 
Peter is now 7 month old and Joanna is 22 month old.
Can't you tell?  Joanna wasn't up for pictures.
We couldn't get her to smile.
Just so you know, she wanted to play with the water on the ground.
Noticed that her nose was running. 
At least, Matt was able to take a picture of me and Peter. 
Peter can always steal my attention in almost any pictures 
 I take of him with that kind of smile! I love it.
Of course, I had to get daddy to pose with Peter too. 
The greenish grass gave it a beautiful background.
I couldn't believe a few days ago, they weren't as pretty as they were today!
The rain sure made a huge difference!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joanna pointing at a tree

NOTE: Don't forget to check out a video of Peter crawling!
 Scroll down after looking at this photo album.
VIDEO is posted below.

Joanna really loves being outside. Whenever Peter takes a nap, I'll try and take advantage of the opportunity to let Joanna take a walk outside and explore. Funny, she always gets mad when it's time to go inside. In fact, she'll cry!

You'll see that Joanna is pointing at a tree. I like that she was able to identify and say "tree" as she's pointing to it. There was a small breeze that day and the leaves were blowing... Joanna for some reasons was in awe. She had to stop and stare at it.  Ha!

Yes, Peter is crawling!

This is like the 3rd video I have captured of Peter crawling. I don't have time to post the ones when he was first learning to crawl. I've figured with such a small amount of time that I have I'll post this one instead. Remember, I have very limit access to internet in a small town. My signal is weak so therefore I can't post videos/pictures. In fact, I have to drive into town to post them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 2012

Here is my June 2012 photo album. They are the most recent pictures of us.  Below this album, I'll give you a much detailed story of the pictures you'll be viewing.

You’ll see that Peter has marks on his face. Just so you know, he’d slept on his own hands leaving marks that looked like he’s been abused!  Poor baby boy!  I think his light complexion makes his marks  visible. I think it is a good thing because if anyone was to ever hits him, I'll know!    

Oh and I was able to catch him showing noticeable signs of him getting ready to crawl! Check out how he uses his hands and knees. When he’s tired being on his hands and knees for so long, he’ll sort of just slumped to the floor. I thought it was cute when he smiles doing that.  

Joanna likes to climb up on anything!  She'll even climb up the chair in our kitchen just to take a look outside! If she's not looking outside, she'll be playing a game sitting down.   

Indiana has been hitting the three digit for the past few days!  It's been over 50 years since they've had this crazy heat wave.  One day, we couldn't run both of our AC and it was pretty warm inside well according to the temps reading inside was 88.  Anyway, I was trying to keep my babies cool. You'll see that I've tried my best to put Joanna's hair in a pigtail. I didn't do so well because she was moving too much. But when I did, I had a flashback of what I looked like when I was her age. I saw a little bit of myself in her. Crazy!!  

There was a clearance on clothes and shoes at Toys R Us. It’s a blessing to be able to afford something brand new for cheap. I always thank the Lord for a good day of shopping like this!  The original price was $14.99 and I got them for $4.00!  See what I mean?!  I decided to buy bigger clothes and shoes for him. Get this, Joanna currently wears a size 5 shoes (already fits in some size 6) but because of my curiosity,  I wanted to see if a boy's size 5 tennis shoes fits her.  And it did!  Joanna seemed to really enjoy wearing Peter’s shoes!  You can tell by the photos, she was running away from me when I called her. I was going to take those shoes off but instead she's having fun escaping from me. I was being patience and letting her have a little bit of fun.  

Remember I've mentioned that Joanna has wiped out all of my contacts?  You'll see her play a word game on my "phone" (it's really a tablet).  To make a long story short, she was clicking on different things that accidently ended up somewhere else and erased my contact lists.   Now I'm always watching her while she plays a game that doesn't have child lock.  

Bro. Tom and Matt have been working at an elementary school's cafeteria. They're changing the cafeteria to an auditorium where the church will meet (in the near future) for church services. But anyway I just wanted to say that I like to take Joanna to the gym just so that she'll have her freedom to play and move around freely.  Because I'm always at home taking care of them and cleaning. I’ll have her go pick up a ball. I'll even run around to get a little bit of exercise myself. I am almost to my pre-pregnancy size!  I still have some baby fats that I need to get rid of.  I really haven't done any exercises at all. It's reall hard when Peter gets fussy after staying for 15 minutes.  Hopefully, he'll be able to cooperate and then I'll get my exercise.  My stomach have some wrinkle. I can't believe it!  It's because it's been stretched, you know?  I was pretty big!  

Peter is going to get mad at me for putting him in the crib with Joanna's decoration. Poor guy!  I couldn't change the colors yet because Joanna still sleeps in her crib. Peter sleeps with me. Don't worry, I am careful not to roll over him. I'm always reminding myself to pray. He's getting big so that helps too. Anyway, Peter was laying down in the crib but when I checked on him he was sitting up. You can tell he's trying to pull himself up. I called him so that he can face the camera. Hee hee  I still can't get over the pink!  If only I knew... I would have gotten neutral colors decorations.

Then I wanted to take pictures after church.  These pictures were taken on July 1st.  I've asked Matt to help me take some pictures with our children.  Joanna is now 21 months old and Peter is 6 months.  Taking pictures of them together... didn't work out this time because Joanna was asleep.  It wasn't long afterwards that she woke up just in time for us to take pictures together.  Next time, I'm hoping to take pictures with them playing together or something.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peter is sitting up on his own... well, sort of.

It's true!  I saw Peter push himself up on the floor and sat himself down. His balance is pretty good, too!  Oh, yes... he's so adorable to watch! I was curious because I laid him down and he wasn't sitting, you know?  Unbelievable. My baby boy is growing!  He just turned 6 months.  I think he is about to crawl any time now.  He's showing all the signs of crawling. You'll see what I am talking about when I post it on video. I'll have to remind myself to video him sitting up on his own and show you!

I really have a lot to say on here but I forgot what I had in mind.  That's why I started taking notes on a piece of paper so that I can type it on here.  But because it's 11:40pm I can't make much noise looking for that paper... yes, everyone is sleeping.  I've misplaced that paper somewhere but I'll look for it tomorrow so that I can have you up-to-date.

Oh and... sighs... Joanna was playing with my phone and lost all my contacts!  No kidding!!  I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later.  Funny, I did think of copying my contacts to an address book incase this ever was to happen but didn't get around to it. I guess it takes something like this to get me motivated.  :D

By the way, I am getting ready to start having Peter try baby food.  I'm still nursing him but that will stop when he turns 9 months.  But I am not too confident yet about weaning him off but... we'll see!!  First thing first... I need to get his 6 month check up and vaccinations. Since I am in Indiana, Matt called one place but they won't see us because we aren't from their town.  Really?!  I need to get this taken care of soon since he just turned 6 months on the 23rd.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tennessee Aquarium

Yeah! Finally got these Tennessee Aquarium pictures uploaded. Whew.  You'll see a repeated photo of Joanna in some of them.  I just wanted to share her enthusiasm.

Be sure to look at a few more new photos I've posted on the Tennessee Zoo photo album (below).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tennessee Zoo


Well.. here are some of the zoo pictures I was able to upload. Oh and there's more!  I just got tired of waiting for them to upload because all of a sudden it was taking forever to download.  It is now 4:10am! I'll stop for now so that I can get some sleep.  I'll captioned and post the rest of the pictures later.

Here you'll see us taking a tour at the zoo in Tennessee. It was fun to watch Joanna pet a goat. After having so much fun, Joanna and baby Peter were out like a light.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last visit with grandma and grandpa Guerra

Here I am able to post a few of the many pictures I've taken of grandpa and grandma Guerra with their grandbabies.  There's more to come!  Next time you'll see pictures of us visiting the Tennessee Zoo and Aquarium.  Yes, I said Tennessee not Texas.  :)  Let's hope I get them posted this week.  Keep in mind, it is going to take some time uploading because they are over 100! 

So, please bear with me!

Aw, baby Peter still looks little!  The next time we see you grandpa...
Peter will do a growth spurt and he just might be walking then!

Aw, grandma's giving some love to her grandson.
What a precious photo!
Peter's getting kisses from his grandpa.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small town

Praise the Lord! Our truck broke down right at our destination. We have arrived to a midwestern state, Indiana to be exact. Oh and it's not the big city I'm talking about but a small town. Ahh!! Let's just say, I'm labeling myself a big city gal. I just like being close to stores like Wal-mart. Whaaaa? There's nothing wrong with that store! Okay so I just like to be close to everything incase I need something. Something like chocolate. :)

I don't have internet service so I use any wi-fi that's nearby. I'm thankful that my phone has wi-fi but because we are in a small town the signal here is weak. I may not be able to update as much unless I use Matt's phone. He also have wi-fi and I'm currently using his because it seems to work unlike mine. Strange. I knew this would happen... blame small towns! That's one of the downside. BUT I do like looking at the old barns here! Noticed that I have something positive to say?! For some reasons, I really want to take pictures having an old barn as my background. I think that'll make a great family photo! I just hope I can muster up the courage to ask someone's permission to take pictures at their home that have barns. Problem? Time. We'll see if I ever ended up taking pictures.

Oh you won't believe this! I can't believe a cop came knocking on our trailer!! SERIOUSLY? It's 11:30pm and he's knocking?? What's all this racket about? If you're wondering how I heard it, I had my hearing-aids on and I felt my trailer shake, (exaggerating now) rattle and roll. I don't know why I got up and look outside my window (left it open to get fresh air) with a flashlight beaming right at my face. I heard a voice talking but figured it was Tom's (our group leader). Matt went and opened the door to see what's going on. Then he closed the door and I asked him what was wrong. He said the cop was just checking to see if everything was alright because he saw the lights were on inside the elementary school. Yes, we are parked at an elementary school and parked next to it. What are we doing here? This elementary school is going to turn into a church! How crazy is that?! Tom and Matt are working are working in the cafeteria area to transform it into an auditorium. (Pictures to follow.)

I was washing dishes and notice the water wasn't running like it should. Greaaaaat! Another added problem. Who would have thought that we were using water coming from a well? Really?? We are hooked up to use water at the school that runs through a well and it is barely coming out through our trailer. Just wonderful! How did I ever got the patience to take showers with little water running?? I don't know but I sure miss taking a good massage-able shower! I did try using the water pressure to take a shower but then it did a whip slap move on me! Goodness! I was glad I just started it without getting into it. The water pressure was just too strong. Matt had to turn off the water pressure. He told me that it was set at 90%. I don't know all the details but I'm guessing that's a pretty high percentage to be set on and it doesn't sounds good either way. There's so much to this story but I'll bore you. Moving on.

Guess what? I sat Peter down and now he's able to sit up with no support around him! Ain't that cool? My baby boy is growing up fast! But then so is Joanna. *sighs* The difference? Peter does everything sooner than Joanna. What I mean is that he's been rolling over, sitting up and moving around a lot more sooner than when Joanna was his age (at 5 months). It took Joanna a lot time to roll over, more like at 6 months but with Peter... it was like 2 months! Big differences!

I'll try and see if I can upload pictures of when grandma and grandpa Guerra came to visit us last month. It was a much needed visit and Joanna got spoiled! It's all about the grand-babies!! Okay so we were spoiled too BUT something tells me.. it's about the grand-babies. ;)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joanna: terrible twos

Don't let this picture fool you!  

I love Joanna but oh my... she's going through her terrible twos already! 

 She's not even 2 years old yet.  Well... okay she's close.  She's now 20 months old.  It is possible that a sweet looking toddler can have such attitude?! It's pretty bad and I'm not even kidding.  Joanna at this age thinks she is the boss of Matt and I.  Yep!  For example; we'll tell her to "come here". Her reactions? Sometimes she'll turn away, pout and say "NO".  Or just run away like it's a chasing game.  *gasps* It's funny at first but then over time it's like okay that's enough. We want her to obey. Her attitude sure wasn't pretty! Especially, when she doesn't listen. What has happened to my sweet baby?!  Of course, we're parenting our child.  Child training does works!!  I like to be reminded of this Bible verse. 

Proverbs 22: 6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

And yes, I do get frustrated sometime, don't we all?  Here's why...Joanna cries when she doesn't get her way. She'll even get mad but thankfully Matt can handle this situation pretty well.  We always somehow managed to help each other out.  I have a lesson that I need to learn as a parent.  I need to remember not to give in to my child so that she won't do it again. I've made a mistake when we've ordered hamburger and french fries.  Why?  Because Matt and I wanted Joanna to eat her hamburger first but Joanna refuses and wanted french fries instead.  I saw what she wanted. And what did I do?  Yes, I gave her some french fries and made her happy. I like that she was happy but she wasn't eating her hamburger.  Daddy said what I was doing wasn't going to do any good and that I was teaching her to get what she wanted (I don't remember what he said word for word but I get the message he was trying to help me see.)  Sighs.  I wasn't even trying... I just wanted to feed my hungry baby girl.  Matt assured me she wasn't starving.  I can see where I did not succeed.  I just have to try harder not to let her win, you know?  It's hard but I must let her know that I am in authority, not her.

I like to find ways to look at the good instead of the bad (when she refuses to listen, et cetera) because Joanna still amazes me!  When she isn't bad, she's really a sweetheart!  I like it when she gives me kisses unexpectedly or even give me a hug. When she does, it just melts my heart.  

Hurry terrible twos!  I can't wait for you to pass! (but then there's Peter) 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Matt rehearsing

I'm back!!! Wow, I've been away for a few days! Wait... has been a couple of weeks?!  *sighs* I know I know.  But here I am making it up since today is Memorial's day.  First, let me start off by saying thanks to all those that have served or is serving our country!  We have our freedom in America because of you guys!!  MANY MANY THANKS!!!

Now, where was I??  Oh yes, let me secondly begin with sending you a video that was taken on a Saturday, May 5th. Matt was rehearsing a song for the next day.  Normally, I wouldn't post any videos of him practicing especially while he was rehearsing in church.  You just got a glimpse!  Oh and you'll see Joanna just hanging around.  You won't be able to see me but you'll see Peter!  

You know what? I really love how my family is being useful in some ways in the ministry!  Whether it be building, singing, signing or simply serving!  (The list goes on.) We just want to be a blessing to you!  Just thinking about that... it sure makes my heart smile!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This story of a mother and her son is truly inspiring!

Please take the time to watch this inspirational video.  You'll see why... it is truly inspiring!

Click on the link below:
The Right Choice from laceybuchanan on GodTube

Lacey, if you ever come across my blog.  Please know that I had to share your story with my families and friends.  I wanted to let them know how I was touched watching your video of you and your son Christian.

Okay, how did I know about her and Christian?  It was posted on a few of my friends' Facebook page. I decided to watch the video because I was curious and was also trying to kill time uploading pictures.   Anyway, she's a beautiful young lady!  Her name is Lacey Buchanan.    She now have over 1 millions viewers!    Her blog is www. christianbuchanan.blogspot.com

Brotherly & Sisterly love

So I didn't get to post these pictures until 2 in the morning!!  It really took me a loooooong time to download these pictures!

Anyway, in several of these photos, you'll see how much Joanna loves her little brother Peter!  I love watching them get along with each other.

The only way for me to get Joanna to take pictures with baby Peter is when I don't force her to sit next to him. If I just lay baby Peter on the floor or sit him down in his boppy pillow, she'll come to him and play with him but if I put her next to him... it's the opposite!! What I am trying to say is that it really seems like she doesn't want anything to do with him when I have her sit next to him to take pictures.  But once in a blue moon... she'll cooperate!  How strange is that?!

In these pictures:
Joanna is 19 months
Peter is 4 months, week 3