Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's November!

AND... it's almost time for Thanksgiving!  Yeah!! I'm already counting the days when we'll be heading to Texas for Christmas! Hip hip hooray!

What's new? Well, as of today, there was a wedding. Instead of attending the wedding, Matt and I helped in the nursery. Yes, I said Matt. Shocking, huh?

Since we aren't able to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones this time of year, we'll spend it with friends.  The original plan was to just spend it by ourselves unless we're invited. Sure enough, we've been invited.  Sweeeeet!!

As far as the building project goes, we are waiting for the city to pass the plumbing then pour concrete to finish foundation. After that, the guys will be crazy busy putting up all the frames and all. I really don't know what words to use. Heh.  Other than that,  I have a lot of stories to share... of course, about my children.

I'll start with Peter...
Aw, man! His first word is "dada". What's with that? Why can't he say mama instead?  (frowns) Well, as you already know by looking at a previous video. Peter likes to climb our steps. He does it all the time! Now he likes to watch tv and gets into everything Joanna does and all.  He's my ticklish baby! He's funny at times when I catch him playing with whatever Joanna plays with. I meant it's fun for me to watch when he gets on Joanna's nerve, you know?  Okay, it's fun until he gets on my nerves! Then it becomes annoying or something.  My boy can be gentle then rough as in touching my face then scratching it.  Tsk Tsk Oh and yes he likes to follow around wherever Joanna goes and just take her toys away. Poor Joanna!  Oh and he'll even try to eat her food. Too funny!  Peter does make Joanna mad sometimes. I'll have to catch some of the things he does with her. Peter likes to hide toys in daddy's boots. Daddy thinks he's smart in doing so because he's always having to turn his boots upside down to make sure there aren't any more toys in them.  Who would have thought that a baby can figured out a way to put stuff in his mouth by using the tip of his finger??  Yep, I've watched Peter picking up crumbs with the tip of his finger (pressing on it and it sticks) and put it in his mouth. How clever is that?  I thought only grown ups know how to do that.

As for Joanna...
She's gaining a lot of knowledge and understanding. She's already using full sentences! When she's shy, she doesn't say much but she'll talk and talk once she's comfortable with anyone.  Joanna actually told me this, "It's okay mommy" after I did a fake sob telling Matt how much she's growing!  Yes, I was faking!! She just came over just to soothed me. Isn't that stinking cute or what?!!  It's crazy how her she can identify things and try and correct us. What a smarty!  Daddy was showing her a leaf made of brown construction paper. Daddy says, "It's a brown leaf." Joanna replied, "No, that's not brown, (points at leaf and says) black." Funny, right? She did it again with her sippy cup saying "No, that's not what, (points at sippy cup filled with WATER) and says, "cup".  She'll identify herself, "I'm Joanna. (points at Peter) and says, "That's Peter." Yes, she says the same thing about mommy and daddy. How impressive. When she sees daddy's keys, she'll say, "That's mine." Ha ha! I love it when she says, "Mommy, I love you. I love you. I love you mommy." Aww, that's... that's just melt my heart! Most of the time when I just happened to sneeze near her, she'll say "Bless you, mommy."  But she cries when her nose is running. She really doesn't like the feel of it.  And when Peter cries, she'll say "What's the matter, buddy?" How did she pick up the word "buddy"? Easy peasy, she's a good listener and learned it from her daddy. Yikes.  I think it's fun to watch her do things like brushing off food crumbs off her clothes after she's done eating and listening to her talk.  Joanna may not always understand things as she sees them. But I can comprehend the way she thinks.  For example, Peter had scratched one of his ear overnight and left a dry scab that spread into small speckle of blood which sort of looks like "dirt". I haven't had the chance to clean Peter's ear in time and Joanna saw it, points to it and said, "Peter's ear is dirty." Oh how the mind of a toddler thinks!  They are amazingly brilliant!  Well, I think so. Don't you?

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