Friday, March 22, 2013

I've got another climber!

Aaahhhh!!  Peter is climbing everywhere now.  I can't even leave another room for long because I am afraid that he'll fall off the chair or whatever it is he's climbing on. *sighs* It is that time where I have to go to him and put him down. Sometimes, he'll squeal in fear when he can't come down.  After doing that same climb, it becomes funny to me but not him!  Hope to captured him in action.

Yay! It's about time Peter is saying a different word and that's "nana" for banana.  Peter saw a banana I was giving Joanna and said, "nana!" while pointing.  Too cute!  Of course, he wanted one, too.

Don't touch it, mommy.
Joanna had a blister on the left side of her mouth between her lips. After eating, I'll clean her mouth and once I've touched her blister, it hurts. Poor baby girl. She'll tell me, "Don't touch it mommy. Be very careful."

Undress = runaway child
I'm not kidding. There's something about undressing my kids and they'll think it's a game or something and decided to runaway?  Really?!  The frustrating part is when I'm trying to get them ready for church and all of a sudden they'll be running away from me once I get their pajamas off. They like to feel their torso/tummy.  Vrroooom and off they go!  Can you imagine how often I have to chase them. Especially, Peter.  Goodness.

Who needs toys when we have a food pantry?
You know, it's the simply things that kids love to play with and those are pots, pans, and foods in the pantry!  It never gets old.  They love to go there and take everything within reach out. I don't mind opening the pantry for them to play but that's once in a while. It helps me get my cooking done.  Which is really nice, such a great distraction instead of having them constantly tap me.   But then of course, I have to clean up after them. That's more than okay with me!

Two different shoes
Joanna gave me two different shoes of the same foot and says, "Mommy, put my shoes on, so we can go." She was ready to go outside just because!

Stroking Peter's hair
There are times when Peter cries, Joanna will stroke his hair just to soothe him.  Precious.

Rinse toothbrush with drinking water
As I was brushing my teeth. Joanna decided to join me. She got the stepping stool pulled it to the restroom sink, stepped up on the stool while I was fixing her toothbrush. Then, I gave her toothbrush for her to brush,  she brushed as I was rinsing my mouth. As soon as I dried my mouth, she was quick to dump her own toothbrush in my drinking water. Then she went on brushing her teeth as if that is the way for her to rinse. (imagine, it was a repeated cycle-- brush then dunk.

Changing pad
Most of the time, I'll get ready to change the kids' diapers. As soon as I lay down the changing pad on the floor, Peter recognized it, comes to it and sits on it.  Like he's ready to be changed.

"You ate it all, good girl!"
That is what Joanna tells her daddy after he finished up his dinner.  Too funny!  Joanna hasn't learned the differences in labeling "he" and "she" yet.

Where's my Dory?
Joanna named her toy fish "Dory" after the movie Nemo. Her fish almost look like Dory, the only difference is the color. Dory is blue and Joanna's Dory is yellow.  When it's time for her bath, she wants her Dory and says, "Where's my, Dory?"  Ha-ha!

It isn't fun when I have to find her only fish. I am going to get her another fish incase I can't find Dory. I'm tired of having to search, you know?  I went to Walmart and figured they have a similar fish. They don't even have Nemo!  Well, okay they have one that looks like Nemo but I already got her that one toy with the giant turtle, I left it at Grandma Guerra's house.  Anyway, Matt said in order to find fishes from the movie is to try the Disney store. That makes sense!  But I'm also going to have him take me to Toys R Us... where a kid can be a kid!  Nemo, here we come!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Check out my goodies!

I'm telling you, I've been keeping myself busy. I've tried out some goodie recipes. You'll see proof through my photos on this slide! I'm so excited that all of them tasted SO GOOD! I'm proud of myself for finally taking an interest in learning how to cook, bake and whatnot. I'll try to keep taking pictures of what I've been cooking. A good thing, Matt never complains. Love that about him! I'm sure he's a happy man since he's been doing most of the cooking, you know?

Matt and I recently cut Peter's hair ourselves! Boy oh, boy, let me just say that it was a challenge! Peter was constantly moving. Wiggle here, wiggle there. Tsk.

It's been a week I've been potty training Joanna. She still doesn't fully understand how to tell me when to go to the restroom. One day, she said, "Mommy, I need to go to the restroom." Great! I rushed her to the toilet and sat her down. She sat for a few seconds then said, "I'm finished." Okay, look I gave her a break. I can't get mad at her. She's finally getting the idea, you know? Then all of a sudden, she urines on the floor as I was getting ready to put her training pants on. Really?? Sighs. But at least, she's understanding!

Well... it's one in the morning. I need to get some sleep. I'll try and post videos soon.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our last church building project in Snellville, Georgia

After a year of praying, we seek to go into full-time ministry. It is official that this will be our last church building project with Cornerstone. Have thine own way, Lord!