Monday, June 30, 2014

June flew by too fast!

It was a busy month for us too! I was still slowly but surely getting everything put away at my in-laws. Then we left for our long road trips from Texas-Michigan-Indiana-Missouri-Texa for a week and a half. Let me just tell you, traveling with small children for 20+ hour isn't fun. The good thing about this trip? I was able to be a part of my friend's wedding (in Michigan) and was able to see friends and visited two of our supporting churches in Indiana and Missouri. Matt was able to give them an update of our new ministry. While there, I thoroughly enjoyed both Pastor Keppel and Pastor McCurley's preaching. 

For the first two days, Joanna was able to attend VBS at Bible Baptist Church in Selma, Indiana (her first). Although the trip was short, we were still able to enjoy our time with friends.

The last few days, it seems like all of us have had bad allergies... but as of today, we are all doing better. 

Andrew has some follow-ups in July. Will keep you posted.

Here are a few pictures to share with you all... I am going to have to copy a picture off of Facebook to show you Rebekah's wedding photos. It was a short and sweet wedding, simple but nice. The bride looked beautiful and all of her bridesmaids...except ME. I felt like a... MAN. My hair was up and well everyone liked it so I went with my hair up... if only... if only... I could have stood up for myself. Sometimes I have to give in and it's not about me anyways.. it's about the BRIDE.  I guess we all can be conscious of our looks and that's O-K. I am free to express how I feel, right? Well... I better get going. I should be posting more soon. Sorry it's been awhile... things kept happening. Including the church we are helping. It's been really... REALLY rough. To where we just want to quit. I.AM.NOT.JOKING. *sighs* If you think of us, please pray for us.  We don't know if this small church will continue but we'll keep on trying until the Lord moves us other wises.

Okay... okay .... I'm off to bed. It is 10:23pm my time as I am closing this post.  I'll be back! Pronto!