Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mommy, my butt hurts

Well after we got back home from Abi's birthday party. The kids took a nap. Later, they woke up and I fed them. They both were playing and right before I decided to give them a bath. Joanna started saying her butt hurts. She told her daddy first. Which I didn't know until later. Then when it was time for me to give her a bath, she told me "My butt hurts." As I was getting ready to take off her clothes and diaper, she'd suddenly bent down in a squat like positioned. (I knew she was hurting but didn't know what was causing it.) I just found it odd that she didn't get too excited like she always does when I take off her clothes so she can run to take a bath.

Finally, I proceed to take off her clothes and diaper. I told her to lay down so I can take a look. Then, she screamed, "My butt hurts! I need some medicine!" Matt came in to tell me what she said. I told him I know and then took a look and her butt. Well... guess what I saw? A half pointed grass!! My goodness!!  The pointed part of the grass was... yes, in her vagina.  It was poking her and hurting her. I hurried to get my tweezers opened her and work my way to get that grass out.  She has tighten up her legs, I had to tell her to not move and gently took out the grass! Praise the Lord!  I got it out!  Goodness!

Matt and I was so proud of her for letting us know that she was hurting down there. I'm glad I took a deeper look and found the problem.  Earlier, I remember wiping her and I saw that grass but I thought I cleaned it and it came off. Apparently, I missed it.  Point is, I'm thankful it didn't go all the way in where we couldn't get it out, you know?

Next time, I'll be sure to rinse my kids off completely with the water hose making sure all that grass is off them. As crazy as it sounds, it can do some harm... just like it did to Joanna.  Who would have thought?!

Joanna has random thoughts after napping

Random thoughts after napping
It's really fun to hear what Joanna has to say after her nap. I think she was dreaming or something because there are two different sayings that she has mentioned right after waking up, they are:

"Daddy, where is my Nemo?"
"I love Abi's birthday party!"

I mean, come on... she has to be thinking about Nemo and Abi's birthday party. Don't you think?  I am curious what she has to say after her next nap.

Bow down like the girls in Cinderella 
Every time I changed Joanna in her dress, she puts her hands on her thighs and pull her dress out then take a bow!  She has learned this from watching the movie, Cinderella

Sing, sweet, nightingale
There's this song that plays in the movie, Cinderella.  Again, I know... anyway, we find her singing one of the many songs... well, she didn't quite catch the words correctly.  It's too cute not to share.

See below:
Cinderella's song:   "Sing, sweet, nightingale... oh, sing, sweet, nightingale... High... above me"
Joanna's version:    "Sing, sweet, nightingale... oh, sing, sweet, nightingale... High... a puppy"

Bath, Bubble, Bye
Those are the words I am hearing from Peter lately.  When he wants to take a bath, he'll get excited and says "Bath. Bath. Bath" over and over.  When I blow bubbles, he'll say "Bubble", smiles and pop 'em.  When he sees daddy leave for work, most of the time he'll always wave and says, "Bye, Bye, Byeeee!"

My finger is broken
"My finger is broken." Joanna always say that when her fingerNAIL is broken. Then she'll say, "I need nail clipper." So, I went ahead and got her nail clippers and clip off her broken nails. I do that everytime she shows me her broken nails, but when I forget... she'll remind me.  "Nail clipper. I need nail clipper. Mommy, nail clipper."

ILY sign
Lately, Joanna has been signing the "I Love You" signs. It is so precious!! I will have to take pictures of her doing that. She's always brighten up my day when she does that.  It's nice for a change to know that I am loved by my own daughter. My baby girl.

I'm ready to go
Just because I get ready, doesn't mean I am going anywhere. Sometimes I put my shoes on just to go throw out the trash. There are times when Joanna thinks she's going out too... so she goes and find her shoes, puts them on (yes, she can put her shoes on by herself now... velcro kinds only) and says, "Mommy, I'm ready to go."  Yes, that girl loves to be outside!  Just like her daddy.

What's that?  What's that?  What's that?
Over and over she'll ask me, "Mommy, what's that?" To just about anything that she wants to know about.  If she doesn't know what it is... that's all I am getting from her, "What's that?"  I know, I know. It's all about her learning the names of things and all.   But hey, it's better than constantly hearing the word "Why?" Although, that may come later... right?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Video of the kids at Abi's birthday party

Sorry for the video quality. I will have to try uploading it again... later. Not right now because it takes forever to upload! Try to click on a symbol that looks like a star or wheel next to the letter CC on the video (just scroll over and it and you'll see that it'll say CHANGE QUALITY), then change it to 480p to view the video quality a little better. You will have to PLAY the video first to view the symbol to click on.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Attended Abi's birthday party

Well this is kind of like our first children's outing, attending Abi's birthday party! She's a little 3 year old who attends church with Joanna and Peter.

I told Matt that we need to attend birthday parties if we're ever invited. This is our second time being invited by a different person. We couldn't make it to the first one. Just so you know, I thoroughly enjoyed watching my babies have fun! Even though it wasn't too much fun for us adults, I admit the smiles and laughters of my babies just made it that much enjoyable. I took pictures and videos. I'll post the video tomorrow. It's pretty fun to watch!

cornerstoneguerra's June 15 2013 album on Photobucket

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pictures with my two children

As Matt was outside talking to someone from church. I decided to take pictures with my babies. Thankfully, I figured out how to use my camera's self-timer. Joanna and I was actually saying, "cheese". You can tell that Peter got distracted with our voices. It's hard to get him to face the camera. At least, I have one picture of him looking directly at the camera. Hooray!

Besides that, we made it back to Georgia safe and sound. Praise the Lord! Thanks for all who prayed for us. It was a short trip but hey it won't be long until it's time for us to head back to Texas. Yee-haw! I can't believe we're actually planning on staying in Austin for awhile!! Yay!! It's a blessing to be close to all our families, both mine and Matt's! For sure, I'm going to have to cherish this opportunity as much as I can because we'll never know where God wants us next, you know? I thank the Lord for allowing us to be home with our loved ones until He calls us elsewhere.

Well.. I better get some rest. It's crazy that I stayed up until 2 a.m. I'm going to post some of my cousin's wedding pictures later.

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