Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joanna has random thoughts after napping

Random thoughts after napping
It's really fun to hear what Joanna has to say after her nap. I think she was dreaming or something because there are two different sayings that she has mentioned right after waking up, they are:

"Daddy, where is my Nemo?"
"I love Abi's birthday party!"

I mean, come on... she has to be thinking about Nemo and Abi's birthday party. Don't you think?  I am curious what she has to say after her next nap.

Bow down like the girls in Cinderella 
Every time I changed Joanna in her dress, she puts her hands on her thighs and pull her dress out then take a bow!  She has learned this from watching the movie, Cinderella

Sing, sweet, nightingale
There's this song that plays in the movie, Cinderella.  Again, I know... anyway, we find her singing one of the many songs... well, she didn't quite catch the words correctly.  It's too cute not to share.

See below:
Cinderella's song:   "Sing, sweet, nightingale... oh, sing, sweet, nightingale... High... above me"
Joanna's version:    "Sing, sweet, nightingale... oh, sing, sweet, nightingale... High... a puppy"

Bath, Bubble, Bye
Those are the words I am hearing from Peter lately.  When he wants to take a bath, he'll get excited and says "Bath. Bath. Bath" over and over.  When I blow bubbles, he'll say "Bubble", smiles and pop 'em.  When he sees daddy leave for work, most of the time he'll always wave and says, "Bye, Bye, Byeeee!"

My finger is broken
"My finger is broken." Joanna always say that when her fingerNAIL is broken. Then she'll say, "I need nail clipper." So, I went ahead and got her nail clippers and clip off her broken nails. I do that everytime she shows me her broken nails, but when I forget... she'll remind me.  "Nail clipper. I need nail clipper. Mommy, nail clipper."

ILY sign
Lately, Joanna has been signing the "I Love You" signs. It is so precious!! I will have to take pictures of her doing that. She's always brighten up my day when she does that.  It's nice for a change to know that I am loved by my own daughter. My baby girl.

I'm ready to go
Just because I get ready, doesn't mean I am going anywhere. Sometimes I put my shoes on just to go throw out the trash. There are times when Joanna thinks she's going out too... so she goes and find her shoes, puts them on (yes, she can put her shoes on by herself now... velcro kinds only) and says, "Mommy, I'm ready to go."  Yes, that girl loves to be outside!  Just like her daddy.

What's that?  What's that?  What's that?
Over and over she'll ask me, "Mommy, what's that?" To just about anything that she wants to know about.  If she doesn't know what it is... that's all I am getting from her, "What's that?"  I know, I know. It's all about her learning the names of things and all.   But hey, it's better than constantly hearing the word "Why?" Although, that may come later... right?

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