Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quality time with daddy

looking at stuff that was scraped off from the ceilings
Yay for piggy back rides! Just wait til she's bigger...

It was really nice to get a break from putting Joanna to bed.
Matt really does a great job in doing this!
Oh yes, he really enjoys this too. You can tell.
Resting on daddy's arm. How sweet!!

Cheddars with grandpa Guerra

The rest of the pictures came out blurry. This is the only one that will have to do. Sorry grandma Guerra. Grandpa and grandma Guerra came by to visit us in St. Joesph, Missouri. We went out to eat in this picture.

We even got to go sight-seeing to some historical museums right in town! It was nice to spend time with Aaron as well. The grandparents stayed for 5 days before heading back to Texas.

Glore museum

Getting ready to tour the first museum of the day. There's a lot more pictures to post on here but I didn't want to bore you with all of them.
This is pretty interesting. A lady swallowed all of this contents (in glass)

Just looking around as we stroll her.

Kiddie ride with grandma Guerra

Surprisingly, there is a "not so big mall" located in St. Joesph. We went there just to look around until we saw the "kiddie rides". It seems like every time we see one, Grandma Guerra would take Joanna there. (I do that too.) Of course, Joanna enjoys them!

Pony Express museum

The Pony Express was started in St. Joesph, Missouri. We were able to touch and get a hand on some things. Now that's fun stuff!

Joanna on a saddle in between her grandparents.
I'm just trying to have a little fun!
You know it. I wanted to make my trips to the museum enjoyable.
Why not?
So is Matt.
A well they re-discovered circa 1990s.
Although it was around in the 1800s.
Got to pump water from the well.
Matt too!
He'll fit right in with the right attires.
I wanted to try the saddle.
It wasn't that bad as in comforts.
Oh and uh, yes... I am showing a little. Heh.
The whole Guerra Family minus me.

Jesse James museum

We also went to the original home of Jesse James.
You can see the shot gun marked left on his wall (where Matt is pointing.)
This is a photo of how Jesse James died.
A supposedly friend of his shot him (as he was trying to hang a picture or fix it from his wall) from behind and then escaped.
Jesse James's home
They were walking downward and the guys were acting as if Joanna was going to roll down (noticed the wheels of the stroller turned sideways kept her from plunging downhill.)

After spending a few hours at two different museums.
We're beat and ready to head home.

Standing in crib

Joanna just turned 9 months today. She was pretty fussy when I put her in the crib this morning. Although, last night she stood up on her own for the first time but I didn't get to take pictures of that until this morning. As you can tell, she wasn't happy.

Mommy, get me out of here!
Isn't it crazy how she has managed to pull herself up?

Oopies. She fell down. Look it...
she'll find a wake to peek through!
She banged her head when she fell back in the crib.
You can't see the redness in this photo. Poor baby.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunday afternoon nap

Ha! I thought it was cute when her hair just spiked up after she woke up from her afternoon nap. I was laughing when I took this picture (hence her smile.) I should have left it like that and tie a little string on top or something. I just didn't think of that sooner. It would have been funny to just let her go to church with that crazy hair. Hmm, perhaps next time? Hee hee

Monday, June 13, 2011

Joanna meets her Uncle Aaron

We were finally able to meet up with Aaron and his wife Kelsey. They live in Kansas City, Missouri. It's been over a year or so since we last saw Aaron. It was really nice to be able to meet up with them at Applebee's in St. Joesph, Missouri. They drove about an hour to meet us.
Aaron holding his niece for the first time while his wife looks on.

Joanna? Joanna? Look over here baby...
she was too busy studying Kelsey.
I think he was trying to get her to smile.

I don't know what was going on in this picture...
brotherly love, perhaps?
I know I know I am the shortest standing among them.