Thursday, June 2, 2011

At Heartland Baptist College in OK

We got up this morning to take pictures at the Heartland Baptist College in Oklahoma. We'd parked our trailer and stayed next to the college. Most students went home for the summer but I know there are very few still around. Hint: you'll noticed Joanna and Matt wearing their Texas Longhorn clothing.

Matt pushing the stroller close to the Heartland signage.
Getting ready to take pictures...
Photo attempt 1
Photo attempt 2
Photo attempt 3
Ahh.. finally.
Can't you see how much my baby has grown?!
I was just looking at how big she is in this photo.
Craziness, huh? She's 8 months now... almost a year old!

Our little Texas Longhorn cheerleader!
Hook'em! (We need to teach her the Longhorn sign.)

Caught off guard. Thanks Matt!
Just look at her...

Ha ha
We wanted a photo of just Joanna but it was hard to do!
Oh well... let's just take pictures.

Yep, daddy's training her already to be a Longhorn fan.
Hard to pay attention to Matt's shirt with that baby face!

As you can tell, I don't look pregnant yet, right? Well, that's funny cause I don't feel pregnant either. Oh and I'd miscalculated about how far I am. I thought I was about 5 or 6 weeks already. A good thing, I found a pregnancy calculator online to help me estimate how far along I am. It says that I am now 8 weeks and that my due date is on or around January 5th! BUT if this baby decides to come out sooner (like Joanna did at 37 weeks) then it is also possible that this baby will come some times in December. Wow! A December or January baby!

If you're wondering, I'm feeling about the same. I've just been thirsty a lot. The few other thing I've noticed is that I break out (pimples) and get tired. So, I take naps. Huh uh.