Friday, August 22, 2014

Andrew's Physical Therapy: Day 1

I told you I would come back and update about Andrew's first day of Physical Therapy.

Well, here's a small video of him and his physical therapist, Cindy.

She has worked on his Motor Development. We've spent an hour with her. She was working on the following:

Prone: Weight on Extended Arms
Prone Activities: On Forearms
Prone: Weight on Forearms
Transitional: Supine to Side Lying and...
Sit: Long leg

On a side note, I have a praise. His Endo test results came back normal! Although, this is a routine check-up... it's still a PRAISE in my eyes! To God be the glory!! <3

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back in June, I took this video...

It was when Joanna was attending her first Vacation Bible School in Selma, Indiana.

In this video, you'll see Joanna sitting down. She had bad traction shoes. I didn't realized why she sat alone until she tried to get up and slip right back down. After videoing, I went up to her and told her to take off her shoes and run. She did and had a blast! But it was for only a few minutes. I've learned my lessons to bring an extra pair of shoes.

This video may be a few months old but I am finally taking the time to get them uploaded. Enjoy!

Joanna walking in my shoes..

I don't know what to think as she came walking towards me. I was sitting down at the kitchen table downloading pictures for you guys to see. When I turned to look at her, I thought to myself... it can't be! It won't be long until she is actually walking in heels. Those are my shoes, I wear a size 6. Small shoes? Well, of course but they look big on her. SIGHS.

I am glad I decided to take a few pictures of Joanna and Peter. I've noticed their facial features have changed... okay, you're right. I hate to admit it but we all know that they're growing. Some says Joanna looks just like me and Peter looks just like Matt. But then I hear that both of them look like their father. What's with that??

I didn't get any of Andrew. He was taking a nap. Perhaps, I'll take some of him soon. Tomorrow, he'll start his physical therapy. There will be an update on that too. Remember, the pictures before was just an evaluation. The therapy starts tomorrow. I'll be present with him while Matt watches Joanna and Peter. We've decided to take turns attending Physical Therapy with Andrew. If Matt can't, I'll go. Visa versa.

Caramel package arrived!

So a friend from Georgia posted on Facebook about sending a package of caramel out. I couldn't help but asked if he could send me some too. And he did! Sweet! Here's a few pictures of Joanna, Peter and I enjoying our sweet treats. Thanks, Tim Brown! It's good!