Friday, November 26, 2010

Day after Thanksgiving

My aunt Linda watching our babies
(my baby and my cousin's baby)
while we fix our lunch plates.
Baby Joanna and baby Zarek are second cousins.
Trying to get them to look at the camera.
At least Zarek did...
...then Joanna did. Check out Zarek's big yet cute eyes!
Grandpa stopped by to say "hi" to the babies.
Leftovers lunch at the Nguyen's.
Uncle Ben holding his grandson Zarek.
Aunt Bertha holding Joanna.
Zarek was getting fussy.

Grandpa look over here!
Aww, that's my Joanna with her great grandpa.

Linda holding baby Zarek.
Great grandpa with his great granddaughter, Joanna.
Karen and baby Joanna.
Trying to get a picture of them together.
Karen and I were born a month apart.
Both of our babies are also born a month apart.
It's hard to get a good picture of us holding each other's babies.
At least, we've tried.
Zarek was getting fussy...
it wasn't long until Joanna did too! (picture not taken)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving visit in Austin

Joanna finally got to meet her
Auntie Linda and great Grandpa for the first time.
Plus she went to visit her other grandma too.
How sweet! They've shared a smile.
Isn't she loved or what??

This picture is nothing new.
Joanna sleeps like this with just about anyone.
I took the picture right when Joanna laid her face down
it sure looks like she can't breathe, right?

Marty and Matt didn't pay much attention to the camera.
Joanna was a little fussy.
Trying to get a picture of my mom and Joanna.

Yep, Joanna was getting tired.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pounds gained, pounds lost

Okay so tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. (By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!) It is the day I will eat a lot of goodies and all. Is it healthy? Nope but I'm going to enjoy my delicious meals.

If you're wondering, yes I've lost 19 pounds already. I found out how much I've lost about two weeks ago when I had to see the doctor (for my 6 weeks "healing" period).

Oh yes! I really, really did looked pregnant after I gave birth!! But only a few people saw me like that. I've gained a total of 32 pounds. It's been 7 weeks now and I'm starting to notice my stomach is shrinking down but it isn't to my exact size yet. In order for me to be the same exact size I was before getting pregnant, I need to lose 13 more pounds. I don't know how or when that will happen. I haven't been able to exercise yet or anything but then I haven't exercise in years. The only thing I am doing now is breast-feeding. I'm told that'll help lose some weights. Only time will tell if I will ever get back to my same size.

Just out of curiosity about my baby fat, I asked the nurse if my hips will go back the way they were or if my tummy will shrink back to where it was. She said "no" because it's part of being a mom or something like that. Okay, I understand that but... for real?? Really?? Are you serious?? I'm never going to go back to my original size? Are you saying I have to get rid of all the clothes that don't fit me anymore?? I have a hard time believing that. I know this was only one person's opinion. But it's making me wonder... What if I did exercise and all, do you think I'll get back to my normal size? Because she said "no", I am determined to prove her wrong. But then, she could be right. *sighs*

Yep, my zipper skirts doesn't fit anymore. I have a hard time zipping it but my elastic skirts fit just fine. Most of my clothes are too tight now and my hips has gotten big which make it hard to fit into some of my clothes. Although, I've noticed after a few weeks later, I've tried on the same clothes that were tight and noticed that I can almost fit into them again... well, almost! I just can't zip completely... yet.

I know that this is all part of motherhood and I'll have to admit that having Joanna is worth it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early Thanksgiving Visit

Granny talking to Joanna.
Holding her...
...until she falls asleep.
Later we went shopping, look how excited granny was!
She was so excited to be with Joanna...
that she couldn't even park! Ha!
She is one proud grandma.
(It's true, Joanna is her first grandchild.)
Looking at baby hair accessories and trying some on Joanna...
...doesn't she look cute or what??
(Matt doesn't like big bows but I do)
Eating breakfast at IHOP while Joanna looks my way.
Hi baby girl!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby time

She was getting hungry!
I'm thankful for pacifiers!
I was at church...
Daddy had to pinch those cheeks...
...and he always enjoys imitating her face expressions.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funny face captured

She cracks me up! Just look at her face expressions!
She fell asleep as I went to the mall.
Aww, look at daddy pushing Joanna on the stroller.
In the elevator, let me guess... he's not excited about taking pictures at JCPenney's photo place.
But he's a responsible dad... so sweet!