Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas afternoon

We went to spend Christmas afternoon with my mom.
Joanna got to spend some time with her other extended family.

Joanna with her Uncle Topo.
Topo trying to take a picture with his phone.

Okay it's grandma's turn.

Joanna with her Uncle Junior.
Joanna with granny and Marty.
Joanna and her cousin Gaby.
Granny with her grandbabies.
Joanna testing out her new swing.

Me and my brothers minus Daniel.

Mark and his girlfriend Jean.
Jean wanted to hold Joanna.

Christmas morning

We've spend Christmas morning
with grandma and grandpa Guerra.

Granny keeping Joanna entertain
while Matt hands out presents.
Still waiting for presents.
Decided to take a picture next to
I'm not kidding, it is almost all the way down to the floor!
Plus, it's about my height!
She's spoiled much, eh?
Matt handing out gifts.
Opening our presents.
I think it's all about Joanna.
Putting down her toy phone.
She got a book.
Granny insisted that I open the book
because it talks, so I did.
Testing it out together.
Yep, that's my dog Sandy.
Before my grandma passed away,
she wanted me to have her.

Wright Family

We stayed the night with the Wright Family
the day before our Christmas Cantata.
Joanna was getting fussy.
Scott asked if he can hold her while I eat.
Sure enough she fell asleep.
How sweet!
I was going to put Joanna to bed but
Scott still wanted to hold her.
Sarah with her youngest daughter Brittany.
Sarah is due in March. She's having a boy!
I'm so excited for them.
Sarah and Brittany.

Great Grandpa Martin

Great grandpa Martin (Matt's mom's dad)
holding his great grand-daughter.
Joanna is also his first great-grandbaby.

Great Grandma Guerra

Great Grandma Guerra is (Matt's dad's mom) also meeting Joanna for the first time. She has many great grand-babies on her side of the family.
Granny smile this way!
At least, Joanna was looking at the camera.
Granny did smile but got distracted.
Joanna even got to meet her great aunt Rosemary for the first time.

Great Grandma Kostroun

Joanna got to meet her other great-grandma for the first time (from Matt's mom side of the family)
Great Grandma Kostroun with her FIRST great
grand-baby, Joanna.

Joanna sucked bottom lip

Joanna gained a new skill by sucking her bottom lips.
Looking at daddy's funny face.
Daddy said it was the first time Joanna ever fell asleep while he held her.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

3 shots

My poor baby got her vaccination shots last week. The nurse asked if one of us can hold her hands, as you know... I'd backed off and let Matt hold her hands. I didn't want to deal with having to see her cry in pain. Of course, she'd cried when those ugly-bad-sharp-pointed looking needles poked her not once or twice but three times! But shortly after her shots were taken Matt picked her up and she'd stopped crying. Wow, that's one brave baby! Joanna slept most of the day which allowed me to get some things done but then I got a little worried because she had a different cry. Matt reminded me that she's fighting those "viruses" they gave her. I've been warned about her possibly getting fever but thankfully she didn't. I was amazed at how well it went because I was expecting her to cry all day and thinking the worst.

Thank you Lord for not allowing me to have a difficult day!

Her current weight is now 12 lbs.
Her current length is now 13.14 inches.

With Grandpa Guerra

Last visit with the Torres

We were able to visit with the Torres Family after Thanksgiving. They are missionaries to the deaf and hearing in Brazil. They were on deputation until recently the Lord has been so good because now they are able to go to Brazil this December 9th! We wanted to see them before they leave. They even got to hold Joanna. They're expecting baby #3 next year and decided to have her in Brazil because it'll be another blessing to help them get their residency quickly.

Ed wanted to hold Joanna.
I think he said he was preparing for baby number 3.
Trying to get her to look at the camera.

Bro. Patton is Paula's dad. He is a Pastor in San Antonio.
He wanted to take Joanna outside and show her around.
I thought it was cute that he wanted to take her to meet the dogs. Ha! Yep, Bro. Patton is 6 feet tall! Doesn't he makes her look tiny or what??

After feeding Joanna, Paula wanted to change her for me.

I finally got a picture of Joanna with Paula.
I am definitely going miss her and her family.
I'm just so happy for them to be able to go spread the Gospel in Brazil this year.