Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last visit with the Torres

We were able to visit with the Torres Family after Thanksgiving. They are missionaries to the deaf and hearing in Brazil. They were on deputation until recently the Lord has been so good because now they are able to go to Brazil this December 9th! We wanted to see them before they leave. They even got to hold Joanna. They're expecting baby #3 next year and decided to have her in Brazil because it'll be another blessing to help them get their residency quickly.

Ed wanted to hold Joanna.
I think he said he was preparing for baby number 3.
Trying to get her to look at the camera.

Bro. Patton is Paula's dad. He is a Pastor in San Antonio.
He wanted to take Joanna outside and show her around.
I thought it was cute that he wanted to take her to meet the dogs. Ha! Yep, Bro. Patton is 6 feet tall! Doesn't he makes her look tiny or what??

After feeding Joanna, Paula wanted to change her for me.

I finally got a picture of Joanna with Paula.
I am definitely going miss her and her family.
I'm just so happy for them to be able to go spread the Gospel in Brazil this year.

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