Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Milk coming out from her nose??

No way! I couldn't believe my eyes! This is the second time that has happened. Yesterday, was my first encountered seeing milk coming out from her nose! How is this possible?? I had to take pictures, so I left quickly to grab my camera. She wanted her milk badly that is why you see my poor baby crying.  As soon as I hurried to give her a drink, I had to snap pictures to prove it. I think she was in a hurry to drink it and couldn't control the flow or something like that to make this happen. Crazy, right?

Joanna tasted dog poop
I haven't been up to date but this actually happened about two weeks ago.
I always make sure the floor is clean now that Joanna is exploring and putting things in her mouth. Some how, Matt came inside and took his shoes off. Well, underneath left a small residue on the floor. The thing I never wanted my baby to put in her mouth has happened! She tasted dog poop! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!!!
Sorry grandmas!! She's fine now!! Now, I make sure whenever Matt comes inside.. to be sure there isn't anything brought inside. This is definitely one story I have to share with her as she gets older. My poor baby!

Joanna making different faces

Don't like head bands!

I haven't been putting on any headbands on her head for a while. When I did, the band only lasted a few seconds before she started taking it off. She does this with anything put on her head (i.e.: caps, hats...) A good thing, she hasn't taken off any bows! Yeah!

week 21 photo

Friday, August 26, 2011

This is what she does around people she doesn't know well...

... when trying to put something in her mouth, she will just stare at you or perhaps study you.

Diana Bower was trying to make Joanna smile but she just sat in her stroller and stared at her. I told her that Joanna loves snack. Normally, she'll eat it. But for some reason, when Diana gave her one, Joanna didn't open her mouth wide enough. Her puffy snack was just hanging on her lips. How funny!

As you can see, Diana was trying to put it in her mouth but she still wouldn't open her mouth just yet. Of course, eventually Joanna finally ate it after Diana left her alone. Pfft, what a funny girl!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy pick me up

Joanna always seem to want to be held. She will crawl and pull herself up to me and cries or even whine. It seems like she's telling me "Mommy, pick me up. Hold me." Sometimes I need a break too sweetie. I can't always hold you when I have to make something for you to eat or if I have to go to the rest room.

Don't get me wrong, I love my baby girl very much. Although, this is what I have to deal with every time she wants her mommy. She will not stop until I pick her up. Of course, after taking pictures I'd picked her up or simply just hold her and wow, with just that...she'd stopped crying and seemed content. Seriously, there's something about a mother's touch!

week 20 photo

Taking a little stroll at the new church building

Some days, I'll go over the new building where the guys are working. Every now and then, I'll take pictures to keep track of the progress being made. It's pretty neat to see the before and after photos! They are making progress and we are almost done with our part.

I also took pictures of our homes. We are all close to each others, don't you think? From left to right is: Tom & Lori; Doug & Linda; Matt, Sandra & Joanna (ours is the grey color: Big Country trailer); and Jeff & Esther.

Week 19 photo

I am a little behind on my week by week photo. This was when I was 19 weeks. On August 5th, I was prescribed Amoxicillin because I have the same bladder infection when I was pregnant with Joanna. I took one capsule by mouth three times a day for 7 days. That's when I weaned off Joanna because I didn't want this medicine to pass through. It helps me to break to stop breast feeding her. Of course, it was hard to do and it hurts mommy for two days (milk builds up which hurts)! But after two days, I was happy to feel "normal" from being. engorged. Joanna now drinks milk and formula. She also eats baby food. Matt will rock her to sleep. It was pretty hard for that whole week but now it seems to be working. Yeah!!

Dinner with the Moore family

taken on August 17, 2011

We were invited to have dinner with the Moore family. They have 3 children. All boys! Ben Moore, is the Youth Pastor of his church. Matt and I enjoyed getting to know them. I didn't see this coming until Matt puts on his UT shirt. Matt is always teasing Ben somehow. As you can tell, Matt is a fan of Texas Longhorn. When we arrived to the Moore's house, Ben saw Matt wore his UT shirt and decided to change his shirt to represent his OU team. Yes, you've guessed it. Ben is from Oklahoma. No wonder! Anyway, we had steak and potatoes! Yum yum! Matt was happy! Ben seasoned the steak really good! I throughly enjoyed it. Afterwards, Matt and Ben ended up playing a football game on Wii. Yep, it's Texas versus OU! Great. Matt was happy that he beated Ben by one point! It was his first football game played on Wii. Besides them, Melissa and I chatted as we watched. Oh and she was the first to give me an early baby boy gift! So sweet!! Thanks Ben and Melissa for inviting us over! We had a wonderful time.

I couldn't help but take a lot of pictures of Joanna and Melissa's baby boy (I forgot his name). I have never seen Joanna interacted with another baby playing with toys. It was fun to watch! Especially when they both take the balls away from each other. Ha!