My children

Here is a brief birthing stats of my three children.

About Joanna
Becareful what you ask for.  Why?  Because I asked God for a girl and He blessed me with one! Thank you, Lord!  Long story short, I never had a sister growing up so I'm blessed that God gave me a daughter to enjoy all the girly things and whatnot.  Pink, ruffles, bows, dresses and all that! Whoo hoo!  I was extremely thrilled with joy!  

Joanna was born September 2010.

About Peter
God blessed us with another child, a boy. I am so blessed to have a son! Now I can say that I have one of each. Thank you, Heavenly Father!  Let me say this again, I have been blessed with...

A girl and a boy!

Peter was born on December 2011. To me, he's known as my "Christmas" baby because he came just in time for Christmas. It was a perfect gift!

About Andrew
Then the Lord blessed us with another baby boy, Andrew!   Honestly, he's by far my scariest pregnancy ever!  Throughout this pregnancy, I don't even know if I want any more children. It is sad to even think like this but that's the truth. But you know what? It's not up to me, it's up to Him.

Andrew was born on December 2013 by c-section. He is also my first preemie baby. He's been through a lot. Ended in NICU.  I love him regardless. Thank you, Lord!

I gave birth naturally to both Joanna and Peter. Andrew via emergency. C-Section. 

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