Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Pic II

Here's one of our family picture taken at JCPenney. Our first one was a Christmas family photo. This is our second family photo. I happened to scan it (our scanner has streak scratches/glass getting foggy). Therefore, a bad quality! It sure is horrible when scanned... on the bright side, you get to sneak peak what I have at home, a picture of my beautiful family! Of course, I'm planning on taking another family photo some times next month. This is when Joanna was two months old. She'll be 5 months the end of this month. Oh how time flies!
Sighs. I still can't get it right.
I couldn't stand still and the lightning is bad.
At least, I'd tried!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dress destroyed

Okay so I had a little hard time putting on Joanna's dress and didn't think much of it except for how big she is. This dress is too small for her and it wasn't until I couldn't get the dress off that I started realizing it might have hurt her. I didn't want to destroy this dress but this momma gotta do what she gotta do to keep her baby safe. So, yeah I had to cut it off. It was giving to me from a friend for Joanna. She said this dress doesn't fit her daughter. It's for a 12 months old baby. It was recommended that I allow Joanna to start wearing it at 6 months all because she said it was too small for her daughter. Well, just for the fun of, I wanted Joanna to try it on. Guess what? It was already tight! She's almost 5 months too. My poor baby, I couldn't get that dress off her! I really thought I was stopping her blood circulation from flowing around her arms when was crying louder. Thinking fast, I'd rushed to the kitchen to get a scissor. I cut a slit from both arm area of the dress and guess what? I still couldn't get it off! I wanted to save the dress but without a doubt it's my daughter who I care about. Materials are replaceable. Yep, I cut it straight from the middle to get it off her. What a frantic mother I was! Mommy's sorry sweetie! Now I've learned it's best to start trying her clothes on sooner... I'll never know if she'll fit in them or not. What a day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottle Battle

The last time I tried to give Joanna a bottle was about a month ago. I really thought she would be familiar and perhaps drink from the bottle. Results: totally unsuccessful! She refused to drink from the bottle and I've tried for 2 hours plus another additional 30 minutes when Matt tried helping. I'm going to try and slowly wean her off and have her get used to drinking from her bottle. Also, I am thinking of giving her first solid food next month. This should be interesting! You won't miss out because I'll try and videotape or take pictures of her.

I'd never thought I'll be nervous in letting go of breastfeeding. I am now comfortable feeding Joanna this way. Part of me don't want to start solid food yet for some reason because I know that Joanna is getting all the nutrients she needs from breast milk. To ease my mind, I plan to continue to give her breast milk in a bottle. I really want to wean her off me so that others can feed her. Plus it'll give me a break. I haven't been consistent in adjusting breast and bottle time because it is so much easier just to breastfeed her. With that, I don't have to worry about washing bottles, et cetera. Bottle battles? No wonder!

Hopefully next month, Joanna can support herself sitting down. I feel comfortable starting solid food around that time. But she's almost there! We'll see...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video- 4 months

Grow hair grow!

Joanna was born with a lot of hair but then like all babies they lose their hair. So I was told. How weird is that?? In these photos, you can see how thin her hair is right now compared to mine. (FACTS: I have fine hair.) I know it's a matter of time when her hair grows back. Yet, she's still adorable with little hair or not! (At least to my eyes!)

I was trying to take a picture of us together so that you can see how much she has grown. Of course, I know this is a bad quality photo but hopefully the next one will come out much clearer.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tickle tickle

This was taken when it was really bad here.
Just wanted to post so you can see how cold it was.
We did have our running water frozen below negative! Ugh.
But Praise the Lord for keeping us safe and warm!
Today it's beautiful outside and it's Valentine's day!
So Happy Valentine's to you!

Matt saved a little spot (grass) for our dog to go potty.
Sandy won't go unless there's grass.
Look it! Joanna's hair is growing!
But she has lost some hair and is bald in some area.
It'll grow though. Hopefully soon!
Chilling and watching tv.
Tickle tickle!
It's so adorable to see her smile.
As I talk, she smiles.
That's right baby... smile for mommy!
This is cute when she laughs and holds her hands together.
She turned over but it looks like she was wanted a kiss...
Okay I wanted a kiss and it's hard not to give her any!
She's just too cute! I couldn't stop.
Look at her smiling...
...oh and she was laughing too!
I love it!
Enough mommy! No more kisses please!
I told you! But she loves it.
I don't know how she does this.
Daddy came home and he wanted to spend some time
with his daughter. Ain't that sweet? He loves her too.
Head to head.
Face to face.
I love it when she looks at her daddy.
Matt was talking and Joanna looked over.
It's too precious!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video - "eat" mamma

I wanted to share this short video of Joanna trying to somewhat "eat" me. Noticed she'll turn to the screen and smile. How cute!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jan 27th photo

Can't you tell? She's almost as big as me!
Okay okay, I'm exaggerating.
But she's definitely growing!
I'll try and post more pictures of us.

Noticed my sweat shirt?
I'll never be able to stay clean.
She'll drool, spits up, and on and on...