Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dress destroyed

Okay so I had a little hard time putting on Joanna's dress and didn't think much of it except for how big she is. This dress is too small for her and it wasn't until I couldn't get the dress off that I started realizing it might have hurt her. I didn't want to destroy this dress but this momma gotta do what she gotta do to keep her baby safe. So, yeah I had to cut it off. It was giving to me from a friend for Joanna. She said this dress doesn't fit her daughter. It's for a 12 months old baby. It was recommended that I allow Joanna to start wearing it at 6 months all because she said it was too small for her daughter. Well, just for the fun of, I wanted Joanna to try it on. Guess what? It was already tight! She's almost 5 months too. My poor baby, I couldn't get that dress off her! I really thought I was stopping her blood circulation from flowing around her arms when was crying louder. Thinking fast, I'd rushed to the kitchen to get a scissor. I cut a slit from both arm area of the dress and guess what? I still couldn't get it off! I wanted to save the dress but without a doubt it's my daughter who I care about. Materials are replaceable. Yep, I cut it straight from the middle to get it off her. What a frantic mother I was! Mommy's sorry sweetie! Now I've learned it's best to start trying her clothes on sooner... I'll never know if she'll fit in them or not. What a day!

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