Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tickle tickle

This was taken when it was really bad here.
Just wanted to post so you can see how cold it was.
We did have our running water frozen below negative! Ugh.
But Praise the Lord for keeping us safe and warm!
Today it's beautiful outside and it's Valentine's day!
So Happy Valentine's to you!

Matt saved a little spot (grass) for our dog to go potty.
Sandy won't go unless there's grass.
Look it! Joanna's hair is growing!
But she has lost some hair and is bald in some area.
It'll grow though. Hopefully soon!
Chilling and watching tv.
Tickle tickle!
It's so adorable to see her smile.
As I talk, she smiles.
That's right baby... smile for mommy!
This is cute when she laughs and holds her hands together.
She turned over but it looks like she was wanted a kiss...
Okay I wanted a kiss and it's hard not to give her any!
She's just too cute! I couldn't stop.
Look at her smiling...
...oh and she was laughing too!
I love it!
Enough mommy! No more kisses please!
I told you! But she loves it.
I don't know how she does this.
Daddy came home and he wanted to spend some time
with his daughter. Ain't that sweet? He loves her too.
Head to head.
Face to face.
I love it when she looks at her daddy.
Matt was talking and Joanna looked over.
It's too precious!

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