Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottle Battle

The last time I tried to give Joanna a bottle was about a month ago. I really thought she would be familiar and perhaps drink from the bottle. Results: totally unsuccessful! She refused to drink from the bottle and I've tried for 2 hours plus another additional 30 minutes when Matt tried helping. I'm going to try and slowly wean her off and have her get used to drinking from her bottle. Also, I am thinking of giving her first solid food next month. This should be interesting! You won't miss out because I'll try and videotape or take pictures of her.

I'd never thought I'll be nervous in letting go of breastfeeding. I am now comfortable feeding Joanna this way. Part of me don't want to start solid food yet for some reason because I know that Joanna is getting all the nutrients she needs from breast milk. To ease my mind, I plan to continue to give her breast milk in a bottle. I really want to wean her off me so that others can feed her. Plus it'll give me a break. I haven't been consistent in adjusting breast and bottle time because it is so much easier just to breastfeed her. With that, I don't have to worry about washing bottles, et cetera. Bottle battles? No wonder!

Hopefully next month, Joanna can support herself sitting down. I feel comfortable starting solid food around that time. But she's almost there! We'll see...

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