Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer update

Here is what has been going on...

July 4th:
We didn't do anything but I was able to take pictures of my children.

July 11th:
Earlier this day, we went to Party City and tried out some cool mustache glasses just for the fun of it. Why not? I enjoyed spending time with my kids. I try to make it memorable but I need to do it often, you know? I think what I am trying to say is that I want to spend time with my loved ones because I'll never know what the day holds. Cherish your time with your loved ones and friends... 

Then... later on that day, I decided to video my kids memorizing their first ever Bible verse! Yep, that's John 3:16!

A little about the reason behind this video, Joanna and Peter's are in the same Sunday school class and their teacher told me that they needed to memorized John 3:16. So for that week (July 6th-11th) I tried to have them be prepared for when it was time for them to recite it to their class. I think they were kind of ready that day...anyway, here's a sneak peak! 

July 14th:
We went to Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day. Our first time and I enjoyed eating FREE food with awesome friends! The kids and I got all dressed up (except for Matt). And yes, he had to pay for his own meal. Ha! His lost, right?Sorry, I didn't get to take any pictures to show of our whole family... at least, I got one of Andrew.

July 16th:
I was playing around with Photoshop just to make my kids look like they're flying. It was a fun thing to do! It still needs a lot of editing but I couldn't help share it so I left it as is. Ha! Anyway, here's what my conversation was with them.

Me: Where are y'all flying to?
Joanna: to discover the dinosaurs
Peter: at the Dinosaur Park

July 19th:
We attended our late pastor's son, Timothy Gillespie's wedding. And, by chance, Matt pinned a boutonniere on Josh's suspenders and had the honor to pinned one for his brother Tim (the groom) too. He enjoyed that privilege. I would have captured those sweet moments but I didn't know so I'm glad the photographer took pictures of them. We sure love these two fine Gillespie men!

Tim and Diana's wedding was beautiful, and not only that, they are such a beautiful couple too!

Also, it has been a couple of years since we have been at Grace Baptist Church. It was so nice to finally reconnect. 

July 27th:
I made a carrot cake for Grandma Guerra. I know that she could careless about celebrating her birthday but it didn't felt right not doing anything for her. I wanted to take the time to make it a little special. It's not much but it's the thought that counts, right? 

July 31st:
We celebrate 11 years by spending the day ziplining and dining out.

August 3rd:
We decided to visit First Texas Indian Baptist Church in Livingston, Texas. We always enjoyed visiting The Parker Family (family of 14) who are currently ministering to the Indians. Surprisingly, Joanna participated with singing upfront and not surprisingly Matt had the opportunity to preach. Me? Oh, I just sat and took pictures so that you can enjoy them. Heh! 

August 4th:
Andrew had his eye check-up. Right now, I have to continue to patch his good eye to strengthen the weak eye. If his weak eye doesn't correct itself then he'll be needing another eye surgery but this one will be on the surface of his eye.

August 5th:
I made a lemon pie for Grandpa Guerra. I added more lemons than usual because he loves it lemony-lemony!

August 7th:
I took pictures just to send them to my mom on her birthday since we didn't get to stop by and visit with her. I ended up catching Andrew smiling! Just look at Andrew smiling! Too precious not to share. 

August 21st:

Andrew is scheduled for his next surgery. His testes are out of place so they will move that where it belongs and to get circumcision at the same day. Please, if you think of him.. will you take the time to pray? Your prayers are greatly appreciated! Thanks and much love to you!