Monday, November 8, 2010

minor car accident

We were heading to church yesterday morning and then before you know it.. we've been hit from behind. My heart was racing!! I'm so thankful that it wasn't a serious accident at all but I was scared for my baby girl. Instead of Joanna crying, I cried. It's crazy how protective I am of my baby girl! First thing I did, was to look to see if Joanna was okay and when I saw that she was fine...I turned around and broke down. I was just scared (imagining the worse) and at the same time thankful that nothing happened. It's true, baby car seats are very important when any accidents like this occured. Yes, as always Matt was comforting me and telling me that Joanna was fine. I give THANKS to my Heavenly Father for His protection! God sure watches over us!!

Normally, I'd put Joanna in the Nursery but because we just had a minor accident that morning, I'd kept her near me the whole time.

We only have a minor scratch in the back bumper. It wasn't serious but that kind of car "push" startled me. Matt got out and talked with the driver. He found out the driver had slip her foot of the brake or whatever. Since it was a scratch, we just got her number and just went about our day.

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