Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A month already??

Wow, time went by really fast! Joanna is already one month old! Can you believe that?! It's amazing how I can already feel the difference already. Like for instance, baby Joanna no longer fits in her Newborn clothes or diapers. It's true! She's growing so fast!

Here's the reason why I don't update as quickly as I used to. It's because Joanna has been keeping me really busy! Sometimes my internet signal is weak as well. But being a stay home mom and caring for my child is a FULL TIME JOB!! I'm serious! It's true and I believe all those mothers who stay home and care for their children has a full time job. No questions! It is indeed W-O-R-K. Wow!

The downside is when Joanna is fussy (when we don't always know why) and for keeping us up all night until 2 in the morning. We both get tired from staying up all night but she's still our precious little baby and we love her. The upside is when we're able to finally get her to sleep. It's so adorable when she's sleeping and smiling while she sleeps. Oh so so precious!!

Being a new mom, I have definitely learned a lot of things over these past few weeks. My cousin Tina once told me something like this "that I may not always know what to do but that mother instinct will take over"... I don't remember what she has told me "word for word" but that's how I interpreted it. She's right! I don't have anyone to help me 24/7 (well most of the day) but I am definitely learning how to care for my baby.

Lesson learned: I remember this specific incident... I took Joanna to the Nursery one Sunday evening, (I believe it was her first night there) and after church service was finished I went to pick her up. Well, Mrs. Pauline Adams told me that Joanna ran out of diapers. Oops!! I thought putting 3 diapers in the diaper bag was enough to last. Ha! You've guessed right, it wasn't! (I had to change her into a much bigger diaper before leaving, it was all they had.) So, yes I've learned to put about 10 diapers in the bag the next time she's in the Nursery. There's more funny encounters. Another incident, I've learned to be prepared when giving her a bath. She'll pee and poop while doing so!! Even when changing her diaper, it'll seems like she's done doing business but I've learned to just wait a little bit longer because she's still at it!! I've wasted 3 to 4 diapers . When you least expect it, she'll throw up. I've learned to put in more than 1 clothes in her diaper bag. Yep yep, and not to forget to bring extra clothes for myself.

I also remember when Matt said that I freaked out when her umbilical cord was about to fall off. We just happened to give her a bath and she'd pooped in the tub. We hurried up to clean her up and dried her. Well as I was holding her, I scooted her up as I was holding her to calm her down from crying... then as I laid her down to change her I saw some blood on her umbilical cord (still attached but looks like I pulled it) and I'd panicked and cried. I couldn't bear to look at her, I thought I hurt her and just cried and cried... Matt told me to go away, so I did. I don't even know how to handle an injury baby (or so I thought)... I felt guilty that I accidently pulled her umbilical cord. Ugh. I seriously couldn't stand that stuff. After Matt dressed her up, I couldn't see the cord (which was a relief) so I took her from him to hold her closely and kissed her to tell her Mommy's sorry (I thought I'd hurt her). The next day came and Matt had to go to work. I had to deal with my guilt in changing her diaper. I really don't want to see that damaged cord. I really really can't BUT when I was about to change her... it fell off! I was so thankful!! God knew I couldn't handled it. I was so glad it fell off on it's own and I didn't have to deal with looking at it and all! Yes!!! Thank you Lord! I'm telling you... I am not good with blood and pain or anything like that. I'll need prayers in this area to remain strong.

It's really hard to care for a crying baby when you don't know what they are crying for. I tried everything from feeding her to changing her to burping her and holding her and making sure she's not hot or cold... nothing. I even checked her temperature to see if she's got the fever but she didn't. Then I realized it could be gas. Once she let out her gas, she'll be fine but then it could be anything. I've been learning a lot... still learning how to deal with her crying. I've got to try all of the above until then...

Right now, she's sleeping as I am updating my blog... it is so nice but it won't last long. She's doing better and I'm finally getting my sleep.

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