Monday, June 13, 2011


This past week was a little crazy. Joanna already had a fever of 101.5- 102 for two days plus her nose was running. Thankfully I was able to keep a close watch on that fever. It was no fun!

Doesn't it sounds like she's teething? Anyway, last night and this morning she has been fussy. For a week, I didn't felt anything on her gum until today! I felt a little sharp thingy (her tooth) but I can't see anything yet because she's making it hard for me to take a look. Anyway, I decided to put some baby orajel to help soothe her pain and gave her a teething toy (cold). It seemed to be working just a tad bit. She cries a lot. Poor baby! She looks miserable.

I know it won't be long til those pearly white teeth starts to show!!

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