Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pony Express museum

The Pony Express was started in St. Joesph, Missouri. We were able to touch and get a hand on some things. Now that's fun stuff!

Joanna on a saddle in between her grandparents.
I'm just trying to have a little fun!
You know it. I wanted to make my trips to the museum enjoyable.
Why not?
So is Matt.
A well they re-discovered circa 1990s.
Although it was around in the 1800s.
Got to pump water from the well.
Matt too!
He'll fit right in with the right attires.
I wanted to try the saddle.
It wasn't that bad as in comforts.
Oh and uh, yes... I am showing a little. Heh.
The whole Guerra Family minus me.

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