Monday, November 26, 2012

Four Layer Loopy Bows

Update as of May 12, 2014 - I am thinking about making a Four Layer Loopy Bows tutorial videos in the future (for those who are interested).  Contact me, if you are serious about learning...

So I've gained another hobby. I mean, I like to make bows for my daughter and I usually do! This one is a new project, the four layer loopy bow. I have never done it before until a few days ago. The first one didn't come out the way I wanted but after my first try I think I have improved!  I give Him thanks for giving me the talent to learn to make them the first day I've tried.

I like how they came out but that's just me. Would you even buy bows like these??  Not for you! For your little girl?  :)

Now I can FINALLY make bows that'll match all of Joanna's outfits!  Won't have a problem finding matching bows with matching outfits = one happy mama.

sagalynn's Four Layer Loopy Bows album on Photobucket

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