Sunday, November 11, 2012

VIDEO- testing

As you can tell, we're learning how to use my camera that have a build-in video. To get better, I must practice. I've already did some searching for a video camcorder but it is hard to get the one that works well with my Mac computer. I want to still be able to use the iMovie. I really like that program. Why? Because I can crop off videos I don't want to show and add the ones I want. Plus, I can add words to it and play music if I want. I think you get the idea. Anyway, I'm still using the older version iMovie '08 and haven't upgrade to the newer version yet. BUT that's okay because now I know that there are several camera lenses to use for videotaping. The only problem with that is that, only professional videographer can understand and use it fairly well (they make such great documentary movies, too). Even though I am not an expert videographer, I'll just use the automatic setting, you know? Hey, all I need is a setting that'll make it easier for me to video! I can't do it manually... well, I might reconsider and learn how to use it manually. Someday. We'll see!

Well here is what we've got. It looks out of focus but then again... I'll have to play with it to get better at it. Until then...

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