Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Popsicle stained and messy face

For the past two weeks, I've been sleep deprived. Let's just say I've had two sick and fussy babies. It all started with Joanna. She was fighting a fever of 102! My poor baby girl!  Then, it wasn't long until Peter started to feel sick. He had a little fever too.  :(  All night long, he kept twisting, turning, crying and all. Poor us, right?!  *sighs*  

Then last night, after I just happened to put my finger in Peter's mouth. I realized he was teething because I felt his tooth has just cut through! Wow! What happened to my baby?!  He's growing up so fast! SNIFF SNIFF :(  I kind of figured this was why he has been fussy lately. But why did it have to happen right after Joanna started to feel better? 

After they both started to feel better, then I started to feel sick!  Whhhhhhhhy?!!!  Oh why?!  Long story short, allergies strike.  Ugh, this is the most recent story of my life. Ha! But seriously it is not even fun being sick.   

Finally... I'm started to feel better. Matt is the one that's not feeling good. Again, his allergies.  Well, that's what's been going on with our family for the last two weeks up until now.

I gave Joanna a popsicle stick. It dyed her mouth red. It must say it isn't a smart thing to do to give her a popsicle stick the day before church.  Those color dyes take a while to come off! A good thing, the color wore off just in time. Okay so I never gave it to her the day but I did give it to her on Friday and the color stayed all Saturday! Now I've learned that she loves Popsicle!  I like that it helps to cool her down wheneven she's got fever. 

 Can't you tell? Peter is one messy baby! I did my best to keep him from spreading his food all over his face. He won. He kept putting his hands in his mouth and then he'll rubbed his eyes. What's the point in even trying?? I've decided to let him stay dirty until he's done eating. It's useless to clean him every time he gets dirty... just to get dirty again.
 Peter is standing!!  And it's a good couple of seconds. Well, okay it's at least 5 seconds max!  He's showing all signs of getting ready to... SIGHS... walk.   No, he isn't walking yet. I'll let you know when he does but in the meantime, he has been pulling himself up and just walk around holding on to anything he can.  In this picture, I actually stood him up then back away to snap this photo.  :)

This was just taken today at lunch. Joanna can be a messy eater too!  

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