Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reservoir in Selma, IN

It was nice to go on a boat ride with the family at the Reservoir. We borrowed a friend's boat. I was able to drive a little. Peter fell asleep and almost slipped off his lifejacket (his was too big for him). Joanna didn't like her lifejacket at all. Now you know what Matt likes to do whenever he have the time to go fishing. He says at times it is peaceful and he's right. I was able to see that for myself.



Locked Out
I went outside to put the car seat in the truck. When I was done, I headed back home but noticed the door wouldn't open. Instantly, I thought to myself did Joanna just locked me out?!  (laughs) She sure did! I've tried knocking on the door and telling her to open it.  Did she?  Nope. I don't think she knows how yet. So...What did I do? Go to Matt for spare keys. 

Recognizing character
As we were getting ready to eat dinner, we were about to pray… We had to paused the dvd because Joanna wasn’t listening. As we did, she recognized one of the main characters from “Beauty and the Beast” and said, “Belle!”, exciting while pointing. 

“Mom! Mom? Mommy.”
What happened to my baby not calling me “mommy” lately?  I’ve noticed she’ll often say “mom” a lot. I haven’t taught her that yet because it sounds too grown up, you know?  Thanks to some cartoon shows!

That’s what she told her daddy one day. Matt said “Humongous?” I know where she picked that huge terminology from! It was the word of the day on Sesame Street! I know she doesn’t know what it means but she sure said it like she knows it.  (laughs)

“Play Game?”
Joanna is always asking me if she could play games on my “phone” (tablet). Every time she sees my phone she’ll say, “play game?”  Even when I am busy doing something on there she’ll ask. Some times I have to hide to use my phone.  Sheesh.

“That’s a Bible.”
That’s what she tells me when I’m reading my Bible. 

She’ll point and says “coffee” when I am sitting down sipping it.

She’ll open the food canister and find the box of raisins. Walk to me. Asked me to “open” it for her and then says “raisins” with a smile (she’s happy to be able to snack on them) Yeah Yeah

“Tree. Truck.” (points to them)
“That’s a tree!” “That’s a truck!” She’ll often indentify the same thing every time she looks outside from standing on a chair.

“What are you doing?”
That’s what she’d say with a puzzled look when I was fixing a dvd in her crib a few months ago. 

“Peter’s crying.”
She comes to me saying, “Peter’s crying.” And points whenever he cries and wherever he is. I usually tend to Peter’s cries but some times I couldn’t when I am making lunch or heading to the restroom.

Climb on anything
and everywhere that’s convenient for her. She really likes to climb on the bed, sofa and chairs. Well… just about anything!

After ordering some pizzas and bring the boxes inside…she’d peeked when I opened a box and excitingly points and says, “Pizza!” She was hungry too. She’ll even say “I’m hungry.”

Giving me an attitude
She’ll point and shake her finger at me and talk like she is the boss.  I didn’t let her get away with that ugly attitude.  No ma’am.

Lollipop incident
I gave her a lollipop to keep her from crying while I shop. Well overtime the lollipop stick began to sag and wear out a bit. You know how the stick holds the candy upright? Well it bent and sagged to the side. Joanna didn’t like that and didn’t know why it did that. She looked at me with a sad and surprised face and yelled, “What happened?!” and believe it or not, she cried!  I took it away from her immediately because it had gum in it and I didn’t want her to have that part. She was mad! I need to buy a lollipop that won’t bend. I think a ring lollipop will work, don’t you?

“No no, Stop it!”
You know how it is when your other significant has to make a point in an argument?  Neither Matt nor I was arguing but we were discussing and making or own point in a conversation that was getting heated. Well… Joanna thought we were arguing and told us to stop.  Can you believe that? 

Climb on a display bed at Kohls
It's true! I caught this on video. We were both sitting on a bench in front of this bed. I happened to look over my side and saw Joanna crawling on the bed. I tried to get her to come back but she's stubborn!  I thought it was cute that she buried herself among those big pillows. Then and there I decided to videotape her.


-       Peter is not slowing down when crawling! This baby boy is keeping me busy non-stop.  Oh? Did you just hint to me that it’ll get worse when he’s walking!? Thanks.

-       He is very determined to grab something and I’ve noticed that he won’t give up until it is in his hands.  Can you say that’s one determined baby??

-       I know all babies love to be held at some point. Yes, Peter does most of the time!

-       I enjoy looking at his smile. He does it a lot and when he does it always put a smile on my face!

-       Lately, he’s been pulling himself up on anything that helps him to stand.

-       He really likes to take toys away from Joanna! Poor girl.

-       When he wants to be held and I walk right pass him, he’ll cry and cry louder when I pass him again.

-       His hands are like a Venus Flytrap!  The concept is true!  For instance, he’ll open up his hand and grabs anything that he could and holds on to it. Too funny! I was held back (like a yank) when walking (he’d grab onto a handle on the wall)

-       Just when I want Peter to be quiet, he’ll start making a lot of “baby cooing” noises in quiet places. For instance, like at church!!  Geez.

-       I like it when he rubs his eyes, it lets me to know that he’s sleepy. But then everyone does this. (laughs)

-       I’ve learned to never take away a toy or mess with Peter when he’s holding on to it while falling asleep. I did it once and it woke him with a cry.  Wow, really?

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