Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday afternoon in July

(More pictures to come)

My children are definitely growing up waaaay too fast!
I've gotta hurry up and take pictures of them together.
All before they pass this young age. 
Peter is now 7 month old and Joanna is 22 month old.
Can't you tell?  Joanna wasn't up for pictures.
We couldn't get her to smile.
Just so you know, she wanted to play with the water on the ground.
Noticed that her nose was running. 
At least, Matt was able to take a picture of me and Peter. 
Peter can always steal my attention in almost any pictures 
 I take of him with that kind of smile! I love it.
Of course, I had to get daddy to pose with Peter too. 
The greenish grass gave it a beautiful background.
I couldn't believe a few days ago, they weren't as pretty as they were today!
The rain sure made a huge difference!

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