Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 2012

Here is my June 2012 photo album. They are the most recent pictures of us.  Below this album, I'll give you a much detailed story of the pictures you'll be viewing.

You’ll see that Peter has marks on his face. Just so you know, he’d slept on his own hands leaving marks that looked like he’s been abused!  Poor baby boy!  I think his light complexion makes his marks  visible. I think it is a good thing because if anyone was to ever hits him, I'll know!    

Oh and I was able to catch him showing noticeable signs of him getting ready to crawl! Check out how he uses his hands and knees. When he’s tired being on his hands and knees for so long, he’ll sort of just slumped to the floor. I thought it was cute when he smiles doing that.  

Joanna likes to climb up on anything!  She'll even climb up the chair in our kitchen just to take a look outside! If she's not looking outside, she'll be playing a game sitting down.   

Indiana has been hitting the three digit for the past few days!  It's been over 50 years since they've had this crazy heat wave.  One day, we couldn't run both of our AC and it was pretty warm inside well according to the temps reading inside was 88.  Anyway, I was trying to keep my babies cool. You'll see that I've tried my best to put Joanna's hair in a pigtail. I didn't do so well because she was moving too much. But when I did, I had a flashback of what I looked like when I was her age. I saw a little bit of myself in her. Crazy!!  

There was a clearance on clothes and shoes at Toys R Us. It’s a blessing to be able to afford something brand new for cheap. I always thank the Lord for a good day of shopping like this!  The original price was $14.99 and I got them for $4.00!  See what I mean?!  I decided to buy bigger clothes and shoes for him. Get this, Joanna currently wears a size 5 shoes (already fits in some size 6) but because of my curiosity,  I wanted to see if a boy's size 5 tennis shoes fits her.  And it did!  Joanna seemed to really enjoy wearing Peter’s shoes!  You can tell by the photos, she was running away from me when I called her. I was going to take those shoes off but instead she's having fun escaping from me. I was being patience and letting her have a little bit of fun.  

Remember I've mentioned that Joanna has wiped out all of my contacts?  You'll see her play a word game on my "phone" (it's really a tablet).  To make a long story short, she was clicking on different things that accidently ended up somewhere else and erased my contact lists.   Now I'm always watching her while she plays a game that doesn't have child lock.  

Bro. Tom and Matt have been working at an elementary school's cafeteria. They're changing the cafeteria to an auditorium where the church will meet (in the near future) for church services. But anyway I just wanted to say that I like to take Joanna to the gym just so that she'll have her freedom to play and move around freely.  Because I'm always at home taking care of them and cleaning. I’ll have her go pick up a ball. I'll even run around to get a little bit of exercise myself. I am almost to my pre-pregnancy size!  I still have some baby fats that I need to get rid of.  I really haven't done any exercises at all. It's reall hard when Peter gets fussy after staying for 15 minutes.  Hopefully, he'll be able to cooperate and then I'll get my exercise.  My stomach have some wrinkle. I can't believe it!  It's because it's been stretched, you know?  I was pretty big!  

Peter is going to get mad at me for putting him in the crib with Joanna's decoration. Poor guy!  I couldn't change the colors yet because Joanna still sleeps in her crib. Peter sleeps with me. Don't worry, I am careful not to roll over him. I'm always reminding myself to pray. He's getting big so that helps too. Anyway, Peter was laying down in the crib but when I checked on him he was sitting up. You can tell he's trying to pull himself up. I called him so that he can face the camera. Hee hee  I still can't get over the pink!  If only I knew... I would have gotten neutral colors decorations.

Then I wanted to take pictures after church.  These pictures were taken on July 1st.  I've asked Matt to help me take some pictures with our children.  Joanna is now 21 months old and Peter is 6 months.  Taking pictures of them together... didn't work out this time because Joanna was asleep.  It wasn't long afterwards that she woke up just in time for us to take pictures together.  Next time, I'm hoping to take pictures with them playing together or something.

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