Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peter is sitting up on his own... well, sort of.

It's true!  I saw Peter push himself up on the floor and sat himself down. His balance is pretty good, too!  Oh, yes... he's so adorable to watch! I was curious because I laid him down and he wasn't sitting, you know?  Unbelievable. My baby boy is growing!  He just turned 6 months.  I think he is about to crawl any time now.  He's showing all the signs of crawling. You'll see what I am talking about when I post it on video. I'll have to remind myself to video him sitting up on his own and show you!

I really have a lot to say on here but I forgot what I had in mind.  That's why I started taking notes on a piece of paper so that I can type it on here.  But because it's 11:40pm I can't make much noise looking for that paper... yes, everyone is sleeping.  I've misplaced that paper somewhere but I'll look for it tomorrow so that I can have you up-to-date.

Oh and... sighs... Joanna was playing with my phone and lost all my contacts!  No kidding!!  I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later.  Funny, I did think of copying my contacts to an address book incase this ever was to happen but didn't get around to it. I guess it takes something like this to get me motivated.  :D

By the way, I am getting ready to start having Peter try baby food.  I'm still nursing him but that will stop when he turns 9 months.  But I am not too confident yet about weaning him off but... we'll see!!  First thing first... I need to get his 6 month check up and vaccinations. Since I am in Indiana, Matt called one place but they won't see us because we aren't from their town.  Really?!  I need to get this taken care of soon since he just turned 6 months on the 23rd.

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