Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small town

Praise the Lord! Our truck broke down right at our destination. We have arrived to a midwestern state, Indiana to be exact. Oh and it's not the big city I'm talking about but a small town. Ahh!! Let's just say, I'm labeling myself a big city gal. I just like being close to stores like Wal-mart. Whaaaa? There's nothing wrong with that store! Okay so I just like to be close to everything incase I need something. Something like chocolate. :)

I don't have internet service so I use any wi-fi that's nearby. I'm thankful that my phone has wi-fi but because we are in a small town the signal here is weak. I may not be able to update as much unless I use Matt's phone. He also have wi-fi and I'm currently using his because it seems to work unlike mine. Strange. I knew this would happen... blame small towns! That's one of the downside. BUT I do like looking at the old barns here! Noticed that I have something positive to say?! For some reasons, I really want to take pictures having an old barn as my background. I think that'll make a great family photo! I just hope I can muster up the courage to ask someone's permission to take pictures at their home that have barns. Problem? Time. We'll see if I ever ended up taking pictures.

Oh you won't believe this! I can't believe a cop came knocking on our trailer!! SERIOUSLY? It's 11:30pm and he's knocking?? What's all this racket about? If you're wondering how I heard it, I had my hearing-aids on and I felt my trailer shake, (exaggerating now) rattle and roll. I don't know why I got up and look outside my window (left it open to get fresh air) with a flashlight beaming right at my face. I heard a voice talking but figured it was Tom's (our group leader). Matt went and opened the door to see what's going on. Then he closed the door and I asked him what was wrong. He said the cop was just checking to see if everything was alright because he saw the lights were on inside the elementary school. Yes, we are parked at an elementary school and parked next to it. What are we doing here? This elementary school is going to turn into a church! How crazy is that?! Tom and Matt are working are working in the cafeteria area to transform it into an auditorium. (Pictures to follow.)

I was washing dishes and notice the water wasn't running like it should. Greaaaaat! Another added problem. Who would have thought that we were using water coming from a well? Really?? We are hooked up to use water at the school that runs through a well and it is barely coming out through our trailer. Just wonderful! How did I ever got the patience to take showers with little water running?? I don't know but I sure miss taking a good massage-able shower! I did try using the water pressure to take a shower but then it did a whip slap move on me! Goodness! I was glad I just started it without getting into it. The water pressure was just too strong. Matt had to turn off the water pressure. He told me that it was set at 90%. I don't know all the details but I'm guessing that's a pretty high percentage to be set on and it doesn't sounds good either way. There's so much to this story but I'll bore you. Moving on.

Guess what? I sat Peter down and now he's able to sit up with no support around him! Ain't that cool? My baby boy is growing up fast! But then so is Joanna. *sighs* The difference? Peter does everything sooner than Joanna. What I mean is that he's been rolling over, sitting up and moving around a lot more sooner than when Joanna was his age (at 5 months). It took Joanna a lot time to roll over, more like at 6 months but with Peter... it was like 2 months! Big differences!

I'll try and see if I can upload pictures of when grandma and grandpa Guerra came to visit us last month. It was a much needed visit and Joanna got spoiled! It's all about the grand-babies!! Okay so we were spoiled too BUT something tells me.. it's about the grand-babies. ;)

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