Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just trying to keep Joanna from crying

We went to Walmart to get necessities. Before I know it, it was time for lunch. Joanna was getting fussy. My poor child, she's hungry and getting sleepy. Because she was fussy, I had to think fast. I decided to pull up into the toys section. Grab something that'll keep her from crying and continued on with my shopping.

She did good until daddy and I met up. Peter fell asleep and Matt had to pick him up because his head was falling to the side. I'd wish I'd captured that on video!  (next time, if he does it again)  I moved Joanna in the other cart because all the groceries was put there. That was not a good idea because she has started behaving badly.  Crying, not wanting to walk and all.  Daddy had to take her and Peter to the truck and wait until I finish shopping.  Once they left, I'd picked up a few items before checking out.

Anyway, I wanted to share this cute video of her hugging a stuff doggie.  I love it when she'd smiled at the video. She knew I was videotaping her hence her sporting a smile. What a smart little girl!  You can tell that she's tired.

Remember this video is posted temporary on my Photobuck link.  I will delete it there once I upgrade my computer. I usually post my videos on Youtube and will continue to. So you'll see this video on Youtube.

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