Thursday, May 10, 2012

This story of a mother and her son is truly inspiring!

Please take the time to watch this inspirational video.  You'll see why... it is truly inspiring!

Click on the link below:
The Right Choice from laceybuchanan on GodTube

Lacey, if you ever come across my blog.  Please know that I had to share your story with my families and friends.  I wanted to let them know how I was touched watching your video of you and your son Christian.

Okay, how did I know about her and Christian?  It was posted on a few of my friends' Facebook page. I decided to watch the video because I was curious and was also trying to kill time uploading pictures.   Anyway, she's a beautiful young lady!  Her name is Lacey Buchanan.    She now have over 1 millions viewers!    Her blog is www.


candee2007 said...

This is so sweet!!! She is definitely inspirational!!!

Sandra Guerra said...

I know right?! :)