Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brotherly & Sisterly love

So I didn't get to post these pictures until 2 in the morning!!  It really took me a loooooong time to download these pictures!

Anyway, in several of these photos, you'll see how much Joanna loves her little brother Peter!  I love watching them get along with each other.

The only way for me to get Joanna to take pictures with baby Peter is when I don't force her to sit next to him. If I just lay baby Peter on the floor or sit him down in his boppy pillow, she'll come to him and play with him but if I put her next to him... it's the opposite!! What I am trying to say is that it really seems like she doesn't want anything to do with him when I have her sit next to him to take pictures.  But once in a blue moon... she'll cooperate!  How strange is that?!

In these pictures:
Joanna is 19 months
Peter is 4 months, week 3

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