Monday, October 1, 2012

VIDEO- Happy 2nd Birthday, Joanna!

We were able to celebrate Joanna's 2nd birthday in Snellville, GA. It was just our family. I went and got her a little cake and decorated our home so it feels like an actual birthday party for her. I can't wait until she is interested in a specific theme... I guess it is because I like to look for things to decorate just for her. You know what I mean?

Her grandparents called to wish her a Happy Birthday. She's been spoiled! Our wonderful friends in Indiana: Pastor Keppel and his family gave her an early birthday gift. And on her birthday, she's gotten more gifts from grandpa and grandma Guerra. The next day, the church we are going to work on, got her a birthday gift basket. Not only that, her other grandma Aurora, will give her birthday presents when we come down to visit in December! Can you say... spoiled??

sagalynn's Joanna 2nd Birthday album on Photobucket

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