Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dangerous tool

Joanna with a DANGEROUS TOOL

Of course, I was nervous when Tom (leader of our group) told me to take a picture of Joanna holding that sharp thingy! I know Matt will not let Joanna hurt herself in any ways.

It all happened when I was visiting the new church building where everyone was working. Matt and Tom were working on a table counter. I'd happened to take pictures of the work they did. This crazy idea of taking a picture of Joanna with such tool all started out by visiting the work site...
Can't you see how sharp that tool is?
I think it's a box cutter or something.
Pastor Prater and Matt with Joanna...

I've told myself to never let this happen again even if someone wants me to take a picture of Joanna holding something like this! Anything dangerous, that is! I don't know what I was thinking, I should have stopped it right then and there. I need to stand up for something I am not comfortable with and to not allow. It was all for joke but I didn't find it entertaining because I was scared for baby to cut herself, you know? Guys!!! I know that this work tool is pretty dangerous to give a child, especially a baby under one year old and it's Joanna first time ever holding one! Never again until she's old enough to handle one.

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