Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update on Andrew

Andrew seems to be doing good. Today, he went in for his 4 month check-up. Now, he's at 9 lb., 8 oz. Also, he range below the normal growth on the chart but a good thing is that he is following the growth curves. His GI test came back normal. If he pass another GI test, he doesn't have to go back. So far, with his Endo test, it has been coming back normal. Praise the Lord! But he still needs follow-up visits to check his hormones level. His Endo follow-up visits are important because it affects his growth... well, basically everything. I will have to reschedule another appointment after missing this month's.

I also found out that we need to take him to physical therapy. The physical therapist will help work on his motor skills. We will also be seeing a specialist for his left eye to find out why he isn't opening one eye as much as the other. Whew! That is all I can think of besides all of his other future follow-ups.
Thank you everyone for thinking and praying for him!

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