Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pulling in 3 different directions...

Do you ever have 3 things going on at the same time that you kind of just want to scream or pull your hair off or something? Well, that just happened to me a couple of days ago. I made a phone call to ordered a pair of shoes for my friend's wedding (Rebekah) and at the same time got a text from her about a problem she was having at Office Max. If I haven't told you, I am helping Rebekah (I'm one of her bridesmaids too) with her wedding postcards. While that's all going on, Peter wanted me to take him to the rest room. Another thing, yes, I'm potty-training my 2 year old and he's doing a great job after two weeks of training!  I'm so proud of him! Okay, back to my phone call story, I had to tell the person on the phone to hold because my son wanted me to go to the restroom with him, then the next thing I know was that Peter fell down the floor and on his face! I screamed, "Nooo.. noooo noooo! And rocked and held him tight. I was scared of him breaking his nose or hurting his face. Thankfully and praise God that he's alright!  Thank you, Lord!  How did that happened you must wondered? Peter fell off the stepping stool.   Then off I rushed back to the kitchen where I was sitting to take care of Rebekah's postcards. She was waiting for me to send her a missing file. I tried to hurry and her and the OfficcMax person a copy. Well, bad thing, my file didn't go through because it it was too big for their email attachment. I then switched to my phone call and gave out my mailing address and credit card information. Thankfully, she didn't hanged up on me and was very patience with me. I really needed to ordered these shoes because I have like 45 days left.  I can't waste no time especially finding out that they take about 5-6 weeks to arrive. Then I rushed back to Peter and got him cleaned and dressed.  Whoooo weeeee! See what I mean??  What a day!!

Good thing, I got my shoes ordered and got Rebekah's files in time.

About my shoes, let me just say... it is difficult finding a nice formal purple dress shoes in size 6 at  just any stores.  Did I tell you that my shoes takes about 5-6 weeks to get here?!  As crazy as it sounds, Rebekah's wedding is on June 20th! That's right... my shoes should arrive here in about a week or two before I head to Michigan! I'm kind of nervous! I'm hoping they come in time.  If not, I will have to find a pair of shoes and spray paint them purple or something. That's going to be my backup plan.  I'm serious!! If all else fails since I've already have a hard time finding purple shoes, this will have to do!! I hope that is not the case. BUT then again, who knows??!

Breathe in, Breathe out.... (repeat)

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