Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wants her momma

Well Joanna is becoming more aware of things around her. I've noticed that when I was changing her diaper, I took the clean diaper she found laying next to her away from her... and she cried. Boy, was she mad?! I know she was just looking over the diaper but she sure didn't like it when I took it away from her. *sighs* This has recently happened. Another occasion, I put her down on the space saver high chair... she didn't want to be there and sure enough.. she got mad again. Wow!

Also, it is interesting... she's at that stage where she wants her momma. When she's tired she'll turn and look for me. Today I was sitting down next to Matt and I handed Joanna over to him but wow that didn't even last a minute! Yep, she'd cried... leaned toward reaching out to me and then grab my shirt. What's next?

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