Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's true! I'm pregnant!!

Two pink stripes = positive!
Positive means I am pregnant!
Yes, again! Praise the Lord!
I have been teased about having another baby. (clears throat) It's happening! Last week, someone said I'd looked pregnant. Really?! I wasn't sure then but I sure was hoping. I'd ended up telling her to stop when she was taking a look at my abdomen area and touching it. I'd walked away and said "I'm just fat!" Hmph. How did she knew?! It is that obvious?!

Anyway, Matt and I are excited! Well, to be honest... I am nervous, excited and scared! I must say this, I give God all the glory for allowing me to have another baby! Joanna is going to be a big sister. I'm happy for her to have a sibling. If you'd asked me what I wanted... well this time it isn't hard. I really don't care. I've thought about it. If I have another girl, it'll be neat to see two little girls hopefully becomes close when they grow up. They get to share a lot of things together and all that. Now if I have a boy, I'll have one of each. A girl and a boy! And he'll be my little man and daddy's helper in the ministry. Plus the Guerra's last name will carry on. Soo... you see? They both have a good result if I have either! Matt really wants another girl! I was shocked to hear him say that. For sure, I'd thought he'll want a son. The outcome, it doesn't matter. Whatever God gives us we'll love that baby just as we love Joanna!

It's funny how I happened to find out about this news on the same day Rachael Buchanan had her son! It's craziness. I went to the Dollar Tree to buy a pregnancy kit. It works just fine! I didn't have the courage to buy one before because people were behind me in line as I was holding Joanna and I'd sort of felt embarrassed a little for some reason exposing that big printed Pregnancy kit but I had to get it over with. So I bought it today and walked out. It wasn't until I got home around 5pm that I decided to test it out. It may be a cheap pregnancy test and that's okay! It should be accurate. I know it is. I have skipped my period anyway. I have been thirsty lately and I think that's one of my symptoms. I was like this when I was pregnant with Joanna. Thirsty, that is. Another thing, as I looked at the test I was happy and cried. Joanna was sitting on the bed and crying so I had to go over and soothe her. I'd picked her up and said "Joanna, you're going to be a big sister" and kissed her gently.

Last, I'd prayed that this will be God's will. That is all that matters. I did seek the Lord about it. I know that this baby will be close of age to Joanna. God is in control about this situation and makes no mistakes. A lot of things has been running through my head, for one, know that my time is ticking. I am not in my 20s anymore. Some women often wondered, what if... what if I can't have anymore children? These statements did cross my mind. That's why I had to seek the Lord about it and not my own. I told myself if I get pregnant or not, it is totally up to Him to allow me to have another child. I have a job to do. I want to raise my children to love the Lord. To me, that is very important!


Martha said...

How exciting! Children are such a blessing! Congratulations! :)

Sandra Guerra said...

Thank you Martha! And I couldn't agree with you more that children are indeed a blessing!
Miss you!